away 英 [əˈweɪ]   美 [əˈwe]


away  英 [əˈweɪ] 美 [əˈwe]

adv. 离去,离开;在远处 

Sorry, he's away. 抱欠,她不在。
The beach is a mile away. 海滩在一英里外。

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  • adv. 离去,离开;在远处
  • 1. Sorry, he's away.


  • 2. The beach is a mile away.


  • 3. Christmas is still months away.


  • 4. The music faded away.


  • 5. Go away!


  • away (adv.) late Old English aweg, earlier on weg "on from this (that) place;" see a- (1) + way (n.).
away / əˈweɪ ; NAmE əˈweɪ / adverb HELP  For the special uses of awayin phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example get away with sthis in the phrasal verb section at get. *away 在短语动词中的特殊用法见有关动词词条。如 get away with sth 在词条 get 的短语动词部份。 1 to or at a distance from sb/sth in space or time (时间或空间上)离开(某距离),在(某距离)处 The beach is a mile away. 海滩在一英里外。 Christmas is still months away. 离圣诞节还有几个月。 awayfrom sb/sth The station is a few minutes' walk away from here. 车站离这里有步行几分钟的路程。 2 to a different place or in a different direction 去别处;朝另一个方向 Go away! 走开! Put your toys away. 把你的玩具收拾起来。 The bright light made her look away. 强光使她把视线转向别处。 3 not present 不在;离开 SYN absent There were ten children away yesterday. 昨天有十个孩子缺席。 Sorry, he's away. 对不起,他不在。 awayfrom sb/sth She was away from work for a week. 她有一个星期没来上班。 4 used after verbs to say that sth is done continuously or with a lot of energy (用于动词后)持续地,劲头十足地 She was still writing away furiously when the bell went. 铃声响时她还在不停地写着。 They were soon chatting away like old friends. 他们很快就像老朋友一样聊起天来。 5 until disappearing completely 直到完全消失 The water boiled away. 水烧干了。 The music faded away. 乐声逐渐消失。 They danced the night away (= all night). 他们跳舞跳了一个通宵。 6 ( sport ) at the opponent's ground or stadium 在客场 Chelsea are playing away this Saturday. 本星期六切尔西队要在客场比赛。 an away match/game 客场比赛 compare home adj.4 () IDIOM away with… ( literary) used to say that you would like to be rid of sb/sth 让(某人或事物)消失吧 Away with all these rules and regulations! 让所有这些规章制度见鬼去吧! more at cobwebs , dance v. , far adv. , right adv. , straight adv. away / əˈweɪ ; NAmE əˈweɪ /
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