yellow 英 [ˈjeləʊ]   美 [ˈjeloʊ]


yellow  英 [ˈjeləʊ] 美 [ˈjeloʊ]

adj. 黄色的  n. 黄色; 

进行时:yellowing  过去式:yellowed  过去分词:yellowed  第三人称单数:yellows  名词复数:yellows  比较级:yellower  最高级:yellowest 

a yellow pear 一个黄梨
She was dressed in yellow. 她穿了黄色衣服。

  • Yellow is the color you'll see in a rainbow, right between orange and green. Yellow is the color of daffodils, lemons, and the traffic light that is supposed to make cars slow down.
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  • adj. 黄色的
  • n. 黄色;
  • 1. a yellow pear


  • 2. She was dressed in yellow.


  • yellow (adj.) Old English geolu, geolwe, "yellow," from Proto-Germanic *gelwaz (source also of Old Saxon, Old High German gelo, Middle Dutch ghele, Dutch geel, Middle High German gel, German gelb, Old Norse gulr, Swedish gul "yellow"), from PIE root *ghel- (2) "to shine," with derivatives denoting "green" and "yellow" (such as Greek khloros "greenish-yellow," Latin helvus "yellowish, bay").
  • yellow (v.) Old English geoluwian "to become yellow," from the source of yellow (adj.). Transitive sense from 1590s. Related: Yellowed; yellowing.
yel·low / ˈjeləʊ ; NAmE ˈjeloʊ / adjective , noun , verb yellow yellows yellowed yellowing yellower yellowest adjective ( yel·lower , yel·lowest ) 1 having the colour of lemons or butter 黄的;黄色的 pale yellow flowers 淡黄色的花朵 a bright yellow waterproof jacket 鲜黄色的防水夹克 2 ( taboo) an offensive word used to describe the light brown skin of people from some E Asian countries (轻蔑语)黄皮肤的,黄色人种的 3 ( informal, disapproving) easily frightened 胆怯的 SYN cowardly yel·low·ness / ˈjeləʊnəs ; NAmE ˈjeloʊnəs / noun [uncountable ,  singular ] noun [uncountable ,  countable ] the colour of lemons or butter 黄;黄色 She was dressed in yellow. 她穿着黄衣服。 the reds and yellows of the trees 红色和黄色的树叶 verb [intransitive ,  transitive ] yellow(sth) to become yellow; to make sth become yellow (使)变黄 yel·low / ˈjeləʊ ; NAmE ˈjeloʊ / yel·low·ness / ˈjeləʊnəs ; NAmE ˈjeloʊnəs /
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