yes 英 [jes]   美 [jɛs]


yes  英 [jes] 美 [jɛs]

adv. 是, 是的  n. 是(表示肯定) 


yes, I know.  是的,我知道,
Are you coming? Yes or no?’ “你来吗?来还是不来?”

  • Yes is a confirmation or an affirmative — a positive reply. When you say yes to a friend's invitation to a party, it means you'll be there.
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  • adv. 是, 是的
  • n. 是(表示肯定)
  • 1. yes, I know.


  • 2. Are you coming? Yes or no?’


  • 3. Would you like a drink?’ ‘ Yes, please/thanks.’


yes / jes ; NAmE jes / exclamation , noun yes yeses exclamation 1 used to answer a question and say that sth is correct or true (答话时表示正确或真实) ‘Is this your car?’ ‘Yes, it is.’ “这是你的车吗?”“对,是的。” ‘Are you coming? Yes or no?’ “你来吗?来还是不来?” 2 used to show that you agree with what has been said (表示同意所说的话) ‘I enjoyed her latest novel.’ ‘Yes, me too.’ “我喜欢她这本最新的小说。”“对,我也是。” ‘It's an excellent hotel.’ ‘ Yes, but (= I don't completely agree)it's too expensive.’ “这家旅馆好极了。”“是啊,但就是太贵了。” 3 used to disagree with sth negative that sb has just said (反驳否定的话) ‘I've never met her before.’ ‘Yes, you have.’ “我以前从没见过她。”“不,你见过。” 4 used to agree to a request or to give permission (表示答应或许可) ‘Dad, can I borrow the car?’ ‘Yes, but be careful.’ “爸爸,我借用一下车好吗?”“可以,不过要小心。” We're hoping that they will say yes toour proposals. 我们希望他们会同意我们的提议。 5 used to accept an offer or invitation (接受提议或邀请) ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘ Yes, please/thanks. “喝一杯好吗?”“好吧,谢谢。” 6 used for asking sb what they want (询问某人所需) Yes? How can I help you? 有事吗?我能帮你什么忙? 7 used for replying politely when sb calls you (礼貌地应答呼唤) ‘Waiter!’ ‘Yes, sir?’ “服务员!”“什么事,先生?” 8 used to show that you have just remembered sth (表示刚想起某事)哦,对了 Where did I put the keys? Oh, yes—in my pocket! 我把钥匙放在哪儿了?哦,对了,在我口袋里! 9 used to encourage sb to continue speaking (鼓励某人继续讲)往下说 ‘I'm going to Paris this weekend.’ ‘Yes…’ “我这周末要去巴黎。”“接着说。” 10 used to show that you do not believe what sb has said (表示不相信某人所言)真的 ‘Sorry I'm late—the bus didn't come.’ ‘Oh yes?’ “对不起,我迟到了,巴士脱班。”“哦,是吗?” 11 used to emphasize what you have just said (强调所说的话)一点不假 Mrs Smith has just won £2 million—yes!—£2 million! 史密斯夫人刚刚赢了 200 万英镑!一点没假,整整 200 万英镑! 12 used to show that you are excited or extremely pleased about sth that you have done or sth that has happened (感到兴奋或高兴时说)好啊 ‘They've scored another goal.’ ‘Yes!!’ “他们又进了一球。”“太棒了!!” 13 yes, yes used to show that you are impatient or irritated about sth (表示不耐烦或气恼)得,得 ‘Hurry up—it's late.’ ‘Yes, yes—I'm coming.’ “快点,来不及了。”“行了,行了,我就来。” IDIOM ˌyes and ˈno used when you cannot give a clear answer to a question 说不准;也是也不是 ‘Are you enjoying it?’ ‘Yes and no.’ “你喜欢这个吗?”“不好说。” noun ( plural yes·ses or yeses / ˈjesɪz ; NAmE ˈjesɪz / ) an answer that shows that you agree with an idea, a statement, etc; a person who says ‘yes’ 表示同意的答覆;表示同意的人 I need a simple yes or no to my questions. 我的问题只需要简单地回答是或不是。 There will be two ballot boxes—one for yesses and one for noes. 将设两个投票箱:一个放赞成票,一个放反对票。 I'll put you down as a yes. 我把你看作赞同者。 yes / jes ; NAmE jes / yeses / ˈjesɪz ; NAmE ˈjesɪz /
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