light 英 [laɪt]   美 [laɪt]


light  英 [laɪt] 美 [laɪt]

n. 光;光线;灯;  adj. 轻的;浅色的;明亮的  vi. 点着;变亮; 

进行时:lighting  过去式:lit  过去分词:lit  第三人称单数:lights  名词复数:lights  比较级:lighter  最高级:lightest 

light blue eyes 浅蓝色的眼睛
some light housework 一些轻松的家务活

  • It's pitch black in your room so you switch on the lamp, and your room is filled with light. Light is a source of illumination, whether a natural one (like the sun) or an artificial one (like your lamp).
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  • n. 光;光线;灯;
  • adj. 轻的;浅色的;明亮的
  • vi. 点着;变亮;
  • vt. 照亮;点燃
  • adv. 轻地;轻便地
  • 1. light blue eyes


  • 2. some light housework


  • 3. a beam/ray of light


  • 4. turn out the light(s)


  • 5. light a cigarette.


  • 6. Have you got a light?


  • 7. a room with good natural light


  • 8. It gets light at about 5 o'clock.

    大约 5 点钟天就亮了。

  • 9. The little girl was as light as a feather.


  • light (adj.1) "not heavy, having little actual weight," from Old English leoht (West Saxon), leht (Anglian), "not heavy, light in weight; lightly constructed; easy to do, trifling; quick, agile," also of food, sleep, etc., from Proto-Germanic *lingkhtaz (source also of Old Norse lettr, Swedish lätt, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch licht, German leicht, Gothic leihts), from PIE root *legwh- "not heavy, having little weight." The adverb is Old English leohte, from the adjective.
  • light (adj.2) "not dark," Old English leoht (West Saxon), leht (Anglian), "luminous, bright, beautiful, shining; having much light," common Germanic (cognates: Old Saxon and Old High German lioht, Old Frisian liacht, German licht "bright"), from the source of Old English leoht (see light (n.)). Meaning "pale-hued" is from 1540s; prefixed to other color adjectives from early 15c. In earlier Middle English in reference to colors it meant "bright, vivid" (early 14c.).
  • light (n.) "brightness, radiant energy, that which makes things visible," Old English leht (Anglian), leoht (West Saxon), "light, daylight; spiritual illumination," from Proto-Germanic *leukhtam (source also of Old Saxon lioht, Old Frisian liacht, Middle Dutch lucht, Dutch licht, Old High German lioht, German Licht, Gothic liuhaþ "light"), from PIE root *leuk- "light, brightness."
  • light (v.1) "to touch down," as a bird from flight, "get down or descend," as a person from horseback, from Old English lihtan "to alight; to alleviate, make less heavy," from Proto-Germanic *linkhtijan, literally "to make light," from *lingkhtaz "not heavy" (see light (adj.1)). Apparently the etymological sense is "to dismount" (a horse, etc.), and thus relieve it of one's weight."
  • light (v.2) "to shed light; to set on fire," late Old English lihtan (Anglian), liehtan (West Saxon), originally transitive, "to ignite, set on fire," also in a spiritual sense, "to illuminate, fill with brightness." It is common Germanic (cognates: Old Saxon liohtian, Old High German liuhtan, German leuchten, Gothic liuhtjan "to light"), from the source of light (n.).
light / laɪt ; NAmE laɪt / noun , adjective , verb , adverb light lights lit lighted lighting noun from sun/lamps 太阳;灯 1 [uncountable ] the energy from the sun, a lamp, etc. that makes it possible to see things 光;光线;光亮 bright/dim light 明亮╱暗淡的光线 a room with good natural light 采光好的房间 in the fading light of a summer's evening 在夏天渐渐暗淡的暮色中 The light was beginning to fail (= it was beginning to get dark). 天色渐暗。 She could just see by the light ofthe candle. 她藉着烛光勉强能看见。 Bring it into the lightso I can see it. 把它拿到亮的地方,好让我看见。 a beam/ray of light 一束╱一缕光线 The knife gleamed as it caught the light (= as the light shone on it). 刀子被光线一照闪闪发亮。 see also first light 2 [countable ] a particular type of lightwith its own colour and qualities (具有某种颜色和特性的)光 A cold grey light crept under the curtains. 一丝幽暗阴冷的光从窗帘下面透过来。 see also the Northern Lights lamp 3 [countable ] a thing that produces light, especially an electric light 发光体;光源;(尤指)电灯 to turn/switch the lights on/off 开╱关灯 to turn out the light(s) 把灯关掉 Suddenly all the lights went out. 突然间所有的灯都灭了。 It was an hour before the lights came onagain. 一个小时后灯才再亮了。 to turn down/dim the lights 把灯光调暗 A light was still burning in the bedroom. 卧室里依然亮着灯。 ceiling/wall lights 顶灯;壁灯 Keep going—the lights (= traffic lights)are green. 不用停车,是绿灯。 Check your car before you drive to make sure that your lights are working. 开车前要检查一下,灯一定都要运作正常 。 see also brake light , green light , headlight , leading light , red light for cigarette 香烟 4 [singular ] a match or device with which you can light a cigarette 火柴;打火机;点火器 ( BrE) Have you got a light? 你有火儿吗? ( NAmE, BrE) Do you have a light? 你有火儿吗? expression in eyes 眼神 5 [singular ] an expression in sb's eyes which shows what they are thinking or feeling 眼神 There was a soft light in her eyes as she looked at him. 她望着他,眼神很温柔。 in picture 图画 6 [uncountable ] light colours in a picture, which contrast with darker ones (图画中和暗色对比的)亮色,浅色 the artist's use of light and shade 画家对明暗对比手法的运用 window 窗户 7 [countable ] ( architecture ) a window or an opening to allow light in 窗;窗户;光线进口;采光孔 leaded lights 花饰铅条窗 see also skylight IDIOMS according to sb's/sth's ˈlights ( formal) according to the standards which sb sets for himself or herself 根据…的标准;在…看来 be/go out like a ˈlight ( informal) to go to sleep very quickly 很快入睡 be in sb's ˈlight to be between sb and a source of light 挡住某人的光线 Could you move—you're in my light. 挪动一下好吗?你挡住我的光线了。 bring sth to ˈlight to make new information known to people 揭露;披露;暴露;揭发 These facts have only just been brought to light. 这些事实刚刚才被披露出来。 cast/shed/throw ˈlight on sth to make a problem, etc. easier to understand 使(问题等)较容易理解 Recent research has thrown new light on the causes of the disease. 最近的研究可以使人进一步了解导致这种疾病的原因。 come to ˈlight to become known to people 为人所知;变得众所周知;暴露 New evidence has recently come to light. 新的证据最近已披露出来。 in ˌa good, bad, favourable, etc. ˈlight if you see sth or put sth in a good, bad, etc. light,it seems good, bad, etc. 从好(或坏、有利等)的角度 You must not view what happened in a negative light. 你切切不要从负面的角度来看待所发生的事。 They want to present their policies in the best possible light. 他们想尽可能从好的方面来介绍他们的政策。 in the light of sth ( BrE) ( NAmE in light of sth ) after considering sth 考虑到;鉴于 He rewrote the book in the light of further research. 他根据进一步的研究重写了那部书。 the lights are ˈon but nobody's ˈhome ( saying, humorous) used to describe sb who is stupid, not thinking clearly or not paying attention 稀里糊涂;没头脑;心不在焉 light at the end of the ˈtunnel something that shows you are nearly at the end of a long and difficult time or situation 快要熬出头了;曙光在即 (the) light ˈdawned (on sb) somebody suddenly understood or began to understand sth 豁然开朗;恍然大悟 I puzzled over the problem for ages before the light suddenly dawned. 我对这个问题冥思苦想了很久才豁然开朗。 the light of sb's ˈlife the person sb loves more than any other 心爱的人;心肝宝贝 run a (red) ˈlight | run the ˈlights ( both especially NAmE) ( BrE also jump the ˈlights ) ( informal) to fail to stop at a red traffic light 闯红灯 see the ˈlight 1 to finally understand or accept sth, especially sth obvious 终于领悟,最终明白,最后接受(尤指显而易见的事) 2 to begin to believe in a religion 开始信教;皈依宗教 see the ˈlight (of ˈday) to begin to exist or to become publicly known about 开始存在;问世;开始为人所知 He's written a lot of good material that has never seen the light of day. 他写了许多鲜为人知的好材料。 set ˈlight to sth ( especially BrE) to make sth start burning 点燃;引火烧 SYN ignite A spark from the fire had set light to a rug. 从火炉迸出的火星点燃了地毯。 more at bright adj. , cold adj. , hide v. , jump v. , sweetness adjective ( light·er , light·est ) with natural light 自然光 1 full of light; having the natural light of day 充满亮光的;明亮的;有自然光的 We'll leave in the morning as soon as it's light. 明天早晨天一亮我们就出发。 It gets lightat about 5 o'clock. 大约 5 点钟天就亮了。 It was a light spacious apartment at the top of the building. 大楼顶层是一套宽敞明亮的房子。 OPP dark colours 颜色 2 pale in colour 浅色的;淡色的 light blue eyes 浅蓝色的眼睛 Lighter shades suit you best. 较浅色的衣服对你最合适。 People with pale complexions should avoid wearing light colours. 肤色白晰的人应当避免穿浅色衣服。 OPP dark weight 重量 3 easy to lift or move; not weighing very much 轻的;轻便的;不太重的 Modern video cameras are light and easy to carry. 新型的摄像机很轻,容易携带。 Carry this bag—it's the lightest. 你拿这个包,它最轻。 He's lost a lot of weight—he's three kilos lighter than he was. 他的体重减了许多,比以前轻了三公斤。 The little girl was as light as a feather. 那小女孩轻得很。 The aluminium body is 12% lighter than if built with steel. 用铝制作比用钢制作重量要轻 12%。 OPP heavy 4 [usually before noun ] of less than average or usual weight (比平均或平常重量)轻的 light summer clothes 轻薄的夏装 Only light vehicles are allowed over the old bridge. 只有轻型车辆才准许通过那座旧桥。 OPP heavy 5 used with a unit of weight to say that sth weighs less than it should do (与重量单位连用)分量不足的 The delivery of potatoes was several kilos light. 送货送来的土豆少了好几公斤。 gentle 轻柔 6 [usually before noun ] gentle or delicate; not using much force 轻柔的;柔和的;不太用力的 She felt a light tap on her shoulder. 她感到有人在她肩上轻轻地拍了一下。 the sound of quick light footsteps 轻快的脚步声 You only need to apply light pressure. 你只要轻轻地一压就行了。 As a boxer, he was always light on his feet (= quick and elegant in the way he moved). 身为拳击手,他的脚步总是十分轻盈。 OPP heavy work/exercise 工作;锻炼 7 [usually before noun ] easy to do; not making you tired 容易做的;轻松的;不使人疲劳的 After his accident he was moved to lighter work. 他出事故以后就改做轻活儿了。 some light housework 一些轻松的家务活 You are probably well enough to take a little light exercise. 你恢复得不错,大概可以做些轻微的运动了。 not great 不大 8 not great in amount, degree, etc. 少量的;程度低的 light traffic 来往车辆稀少 The forecast is for light showers. 天气预报有小阵雨。 light winds 微风 Trading on the stock exchange was light today. 证券交易今日交易量很少。 OPP heavy not severe/serious 不严厉;不严肃 9 not severe 不严厉的;轻的 He was convicted of assaulting a police officer but he got off with a light sentence. 他被定了殴打警察罪,然而却得到从轻判处。 10 entertaining rather than serious and not needing much mental effort 娱乐性的;消遣性的;轻松的 light readingfor the beach 海滩消遣读物 a concert of light classical music 古典轻音乐会 11 not serious 不严肃的 She kept her tone light. 她一直用温和的语气说话。 This programme looks at the lighter sideof politics. 这个节目着眼于政治较轻松的方面。 We all needed a little light reliefat the end of a long day (= something amusing or entertaining that comes after sth serious or boring). 在漫长的一天结束时我们都需要一点轻松的调剂。 On a lighter note,we end the news today with a story about a duck called Quackers. 为了轻松一下,我们最后讲一个名叫“嘎嘎”的鸭子的故事来结束今天的新闻报道。 cheerful 愉快 12 [usually before noun ] free from worry; cheerful 无忧无虑的;愉快的;快活的 I left the island with a light heart. 我怀着愉快的心情离开了那个小岛。 food 食物 13 (of a meal 一餐饭 ) small in quantity 少量的 a light supper/snack. 简单的晚餐;小吃 I just want something light for lunch. 我午饭稍微吃点就够了。 OPP heavy 14 not containing much fat or not having a strong flavour and therefore easy for the stomach to digest 不腻的;清淡的;易消化的 Stick to a light diet. 饮食要清淡。 see also lite 15 containing a lot of air 含有许多空气的;松软的 This pastry is so light. 这种酥皮糕点可真松软啊。 drink 饮料 16 low in alcohol 酒精含量低的;低度酒的 a light beer 低度啤酒 17 ( IndE) (of tea or coffee 茶或咖啡 ) containing a lot of water 淡味的 SYN weak I don't like my coffee too light. 我不喜欢喝太淡的咖啡。 OPP strong sleep 睡眠 18 [only before noun ] a person in a lightsleep is easy to wake 睡得不沉的;易醒的 She drifted into a light sleep. 她迷迷糊糊地睡得不沉。 I've always been a light sleeper. 我睡觉总是容易醒。 OPP deep light·ness noun [uncountable ] see also lightly IDIOMS be light on sth ( BrE) to not have enough of sth 不足;缺乏 We seem to be light on fuel. 我们好像燃料不多了。 a light touch the ability to deal with sth in a delicate and relaxed way 灵巧的处事能力 She handles this difficult subject with a light touch. 她处理起这种难题来得心应手。 make ˈlight of sth to treat sth as not being important and not serious 轻视;对…等闲视之 make light ˈwork of sth to do sth quickly and with little effort 轻而易举地做(某事) more at hand n. verb ( lit , lit / lɪt ; NAmE lɪt / ) HELP  Lightedis also used for the past tense and past participle, especially in front of nouns. 过去时和过去分词也用 lighted,尤置于名词前。 start to burn 开始燃烧 1 [transitive ] lightsth to make sth start to burn 点燃;点火 She lit a candle. 她点着了蜡烛。 The candles were lit. 蜡烛都点着了。 I put a lighted match to the letter and watched it burn. 我划了根火柴点着了那封信,然后看着它燃烧。 2 [intransitive ] to start to burn 开始燃烧;燃起来 The fire wouldn't light. 这火炉点不着。 give light 照亮 3 [transitive ,  usually passive ] lightsth to give light to sth or to a place 照亮;使明亮 The stage was lit by bright spotlights. 舞台上有明亮的聚光灯照亮着。 well/badly litstreets 灯光明亮的╱昏暗的街道 4 [transitive ] lightsth ( literary) to guide sb with a light 用光指引 Our way was lit by a full moon. 一轮明月照亮了我们的路。 PHRASAL VERBS ˈlight on/upon sth ( literary) to see or find sth by accident 偶然遇见;偶尔发现 His eye lit upon a small boat on the horizon. 他无意中看见地平线上有一条小船。 ˌlight ˈup | ˌlight sth↔ˈup 1 ( informal) to begin to smoke a cigarette 开始抽烟 They all lit up as soon as he left the room. 他一离开房间他们就都抽起烟来。 He sat back and lit up a cigarette. 他往椅背上一靠,点上烟吸了起来。 2 to become or to make sth become bright with light or colour (使)光亮,放光彩 There was an explosion and the whole sky lit up. 一声爆炸照亮了整个天空。 3 if sb's eyes or face light up,or sth lights them up,they show happiness or excitement 喜形于色;喜气洋洋 His eyes lit up when she walked into the room. 看见她走进房间,他两眼一亮。 A smile lit up her face. 她微微一笑,脸上露出了喜色。 adverb IDIOMsee travel v. WHICH WORD? 词语辨析 light / lighting The noun lighthas several different meanings and is used in many phrases. Lightingcan only be used to talk about the type of light in a place or how lights are used to achieve a particular effect. 名词 light 有几个不同的含义,可用于许多短语中。lighting 只用以指照明或照明技术: the lighting system 照明系统 the movie’s interesting lighting effects 这部电影精彩的灯光效果 The lighting at the disco was fantastic. 迪斯科舞厅里灯光奇幻。 light / laɪt ; NAmE laɪt / lit / lɪt ; NAmE lɪt /
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