too 英 [tu:]   美 [tu]


too  英 [tu:] 美 [tu]

adv. 太;也;很; 

I love you ,too. 我也爱你。
Can I come too? 我也可以来吗?

  • Depending how you use it, too can mean two slightly different things: "excessively" ("Human beings are too weird") or "also" ("I think so too — let's go back to Mars.")
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  • adv. 太;也;很;
  • 1. I love you ,too.


  • 2. Can I come too?


  • 3. The dress was too tight for me.


too / tuː ; NAmE tuː / adverb 1 used before adjectives and adverbs to say that sth is more than is good, necessary, possible, etc. (用于形容词和副词前)太,过于,过度 He's far tooyoung to go on his own. 他年纪太小,不能独自一人去。 This is too large a helping for me/This helping is too large for me. 这一份太多,我吃不了。 Is it too much to ask for a little quiet? 请略微安静一点儿,这个要求过分吗? The dress was too tight for me. 这件连衣裙我穿太窄了。 It's too late to do anything about it now. 现在进行任何补救都为时太晚。 Accidents like this happen all too (= much too)often. 这类事故发生得太频繁了。 2 ( usually placed at the end of a clause 通常置于句末 ) also; as well 也;又;还 Can I come too? 我也可以来吗? When I've finished painting the bathroom, I'm going to do the kitchen too. 我油漆完浴室后,还要油漆厨房。 note at also see also me-too 3 used to comment on sth that makes a situation worse (评说某事物使情况更糟)而且,还 She broke her leg last week—and on her birthday too! 她上星期把腿摔断了,而且还是在她生日那一天! 4 very 很;非常 I'm not too sure if this is right. 这是否正确,我没有太大把握。 I'm just going out—I won't be too long. 我正要出去,用不了多长时间。 She's none too (= not very)clever. 她不很聪明。 5 used to emphasize sth, especially your anger, surprise or agreement with sth (用以强调生气、惊奇或同意等) ‘He did apologize eventually.’ ‘I should think so too!’ “他终于道歉了。”“我想他应该如此!” ‘She gave me the money.’ ‘About time too!’ “她把那钱给我了。”“早该这样!” IDIOM be too ˈmuch (for sb) to need more skill or strength than you have; to be more difficult, annoying, etc. than you can bear 非…力所能及;非…所能忍受 more at right adj. too / tuː ; NAmE tuː /
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