together 英 [təˈgeðə(r)]   美 [təˈɡɛðɚ]


together  英 [təˈgeðə(r)] 美 [təˈɡɛðɚ]

adv. 一起;同时;相互;连续地;总共  adj. 新潮的;情绪稳定的,做事有效率的 

We grew up together. 我们是在一块儿长大的。
They both spoke together. 他们两人同时发言。

  • Cooperative and surrounded by friends, together is never alone. Together is an adverb indicating when two or more people or things that are with each other — assembled in a group or united in goals.
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  • adv. 一起;同时;相互;连续地;总共
  • adj. 新潮的;情绪稳定的,做事有效率的
  • 1. We grew up together.


  • 2. They both spoke together.


  • 3. I am together with you.


  • 4. Mix the sand and cement together.


  • together (adv.) Old English togædere "so as to be present in one place, in a group, in an accumulated mass," from to (see to) + gædere "together" (adv.), apparently a variant of the adverb geador "together," from Proto-Germanic *gaduri- "in a body," from PIE *ghedh- "to unite, join, fit" (see good, and compare gather).
to·gether / təˈɡeðə(r) ; NAmE təˈɡeðər / adverb , adjective adverb HELP  For the special uses of togetherin phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example pull yourself togetheris in the phrasal verb section at pull. *together 在短语动词中的特殊用法见有关动词词条。如 pull yourself together 在词条 pull 的短语动词部份。 1 with or near to sb/sth else; with each other 在一起;共同 We grew up together. 我们是在一块儿长大的。 Together they climbed the dark stairs. 他们一起登上黑洞洞的楼梯。 Get all the ingredients together before you start cooking. 把所有的材料放在一起再开始烹饪。 Stay close together—I don't want anyone to get lost. 紧紧靠在一起,我不想把谁给丢了。 2 so that two or more things touch or are joined to or combined with each other 以使接触(或相结合);到一起 He rubbed his hands together in satisfaction. 他满意地擦搓着双手。 She nailed the two boards together. 她把两块木板钉在了一起。 Mix the sand and cement together. 把沙子和水泥混合在一起。 Taken together,these factors are highly significant. 这些因素综合起来看就很重要了。 He has moremoney than the rest ofus put together. 他的钱比我们所有人的加在一起还多。 3 (of two people 两个人 ) in a close relationship, for example a marriage 关系密切;有婚姻关系 They split up after ten years together. 他们在一起生活了十年之后分手了。 4 in or into agreement 一致;协调 After the meeting the two sides in the dispute were no closer together. 会面之后,争论的双方立场差距依然如故。 5 at the same time 同时;一起;一齐 They both spoke together. 他们两人同时发言。 ( informal) All together now:‘Happy birthday to you…’ 现在大家一齐唱:“祝你生日快乐…” 6 for hours, days, etc. ~ ( formal) for hours, days, etc. without stopping 接连…地;连续…地;…不间断地 She sat for hours together just staring into space. 她连续几个小时坐在那里怔怔地望着前面。 IDIOM together with 1 including 包括…在内 Together with the Johnsons, there were 12 of us in the villa. 包括约翰逊一家在内,别墅里总共有我们 12 个人。 2 in addition to; as well as 加之;和;连同;同…一起 I sent my order, together with a cheque for £40. 我把订单连同一张 40 英镑的支票一起寄出去。 adjective ( informal, approving) (of a person ) well organized and confident 自信而妥实的 He's incredibly together for someone so young. 他这个人年纪轻轻,办事如此稳当,真是了不起。 to·gether / təˈɡeðə(r) ; NAmE təˈɡeðər /
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