show 英 [ʃəʊ]   美 [ʃoʊ]


show  英 [ʃəʊ] 美 [ʃoʊ]

v. 显示;演出;展出  n. 显示;表演; 

进行时:showing  过去式:showed  过去分词:shown  第三人称单数:shows  名词复数:shows 

show your card 出示你的卡片
You have to show your ticket as you go in. 进场必须出示门票。

  • Remember show and tell? To show something is to display something, to share it, or to put on a little show about it.
  • 请先登录
  • v. 显示;演出;展出
  • n. 显示;表演;
  • 1. show your card


  • 2. You have to show your ticket as you go in.


  • 3. a one-woman/-man show


  • 4. to show great courage


  • 5. Fear showed in his eyes.


  • 6. Show me which picture you drew.


  • 7. The movie is being shown now.


  • 8. I'll go first and show you the way.


  • 9. Can you show me how to do it?


  • 10. The figures clearly show that her claims are false.


  • show (n.) c. 1300, "act of exhibiting to view," from show (v.). Sense of "appearance put on with intention to deceive" is recorded from 1520s. Meaning "display, spectacle" is first recorded 1560s; that of "ostentatious display" is from 1713 (showy is from 1712). Sense of "entertainment program on radio or TV" is first recorded 1932. Meaning "third place in a horse race" is from 1925, American English (see the verb).
  • show (v.) Old English sceawian "to look at, see, gaze, behold, observe; inspect, examine; look for, choose," from Proto-Germanic *skauwojan (source also of Old Saxon skauwon "to look at," Old Frisian skawia, Dutch schouwen, Old High German scouwon "to look at"), from Proto-Germanic root *skau- "behold, look at," from PIE *skou-, variant of root *keu- "to see, observe, perceive."
show / ʃəʊ ; NAmE ʃoʊ / verb , noun show shows showed showing verb ( showed , shown / ʃəʊn ; NAmE ʃoʊn / or, rarely, 有时或作 showed ) make clear 表明 1 [transitive ] to make sth clear; to prove sth 表明;证明 show(that)… The figures clearly show that her claims are false. 这些数字清楚地表明,她的说法是错误的。 showsb that… Market research has shown us that people want quality, not just low prices. 市场研究告诉我们,人们需要的是高质量,而不仅仅是低价格。 showsth a report showing the company's current situation 表明公司当前状况的一份报告 showsb/sth to be/have sth His new book shows him to be a first-rate storyteller. 他的新著表明他讲故事的本领是一流的。 show(sb) how, what, etc… This shows how people are influenced by TV advertisements. 这表明电视广告对人们的影响。 language bank at illustrate let sb see sth 给人看 2 [transitive ] to let sb see sth 给…看;出示;展示 showsth You have to show your ticket as you go in. 进场必须出示门票。 showsth to sb If there's a letter from France please show it to me. 如有法国来的信,请拿给我看看。 Have you shown your work to anyone? 你有没有把你做的活儿给谁看过? showsb sth Have you shown anyone your work? 你有没有给谁看过你做的活儿? teach 3 [transitive ] to help sb to do sth by letting them watch you do it or by explaining it (通过示范)教,解说;演示 showsth to sb She showed the technique to her students. 她向学生演示了那个技巧。 showsb sth She showed her students the technique. 她向学生演示了那个技巧。 Can you show me how to do it? 你能教我怎么做吗? point 4 [transitive ] showsb sth to point to sth so that sb can see where or what it is 指给某人看;指出 He showed me our location on the map. 他在地图上指出我们所处的方位。 showsb which, what, etc… Show me which picture you drew. 指给我看哪张画是你画的。 guide 引导 5 [transitive ] to lead or guide sb to a place 引;带;领 showsb + adv./prep. The attendant showed us to our seats. 服务员把我们带到我们的座位。 We were shown into the waiting room. 我们被领进等候室。 showsb sth I'll go first and showyou the way. 我先走,给你带路。 synonyms at take quality/behaviour/feeling 品质;行为;感情 6 [transitive ] to make it clear that you have a particular quality 表现;体现 showsth to show great courage 表现出极大的勇气 showyourself + adj. She had shown herself unable to deal with money. 她所做的事已表明她不善理财。 showyourself to be/have sth He has shown himself to be ready to make compromises. 他表现出自己愿意妥协。 showthat… He has shown that he is ready to make compromises. 他表现出愿意妥协。 7 [transitive ] to behave in a particular way towards sb (对某人)表现出;对待;表示 showsth (for/to sb) They showed no respect for their parents. 他们毫不尊敬自己的父母。 showsb sth They showed their parents no respect. 他们毫不尊敬自己的父母。 8 [intransitive ,  transitive ] if a feeling or quality shows,or if you showit, people can see it 显示出;流露出 Fear showed in his eyes. 他眼里显出了害怕的神色。 She tried not to let her disappointment show. 她极力掩饰自己的失望情绪。 She's nearly forty now. And it shows (= it's obvious). 她年近四十,一望便知。 showsth Her expression showed her disappointment. 从她的表情可以看出她很失望。 James began to show signs ofimpatience. 詹姆斯开始显得不耐烦。 showhow, what, etc… She tried not to show how disappointed she was. 她极力掩饰她是多么失望。 be visible 看得见 9 [intransitive ,  transitive ] if sth shows,people can see it. If sth showsa mark, dirt, etc, the mark can be seen. 露出;显出 She had a warm woollen hat and scarf on that left only her eyes and nose showing. 她戴着保暖呢帽和围巾,只露出了眼睛和鼻子。 showsth Their new white carpet showed every mark. 他们新铺的白地毯有一点脏都看得见。 information 信息 10 [transitive ] ( not usually used in the progressive tenses 通常不用于进行时 ) showsth to give particular information, or a time or measurement 标示,表明(信息、时间、计量) The map shows the principal towns and rivers. 这张地图标出了主要城镇和河流。 The clock showed midnight. 时钟显示已是午夜。 The end-of-year accounts show a loss. 年终账面显示出现了亏损。 of picture/photograph 图画;照片 11 [transitive ] showsth | showsb/sth (as sth) | showsb/sth doing sth to be of sb/sth; to represent sb/sth 描绘,描述,表现(为) She had objected to a photo showing her in a bikini. 她曾反对给自己拍穿比基尼泳装的照片。 for public to see 让公众看 12 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to be or make sth available for the public to see 展览;陈列;上映;演出 The movie is now showing at all major movie theaters. 这部影片目前正在各大影院上映。 showsth The movie is being shown now. 这部影片目前正在上映。 She plans to show her paintings early next year. 她计划明年初展出自己的绘画作品。 prove 证明 13 [transitive ,  no passive ] ( informal) to prove that you can do sth or are sth 证明;表明 showsb (sth) They think I can't do it, but I'll show them! 他们以为我做不了,我却要做给他们看看! showyourself to be/have sth He has shown himself to be a caring father. 他已经证明了自己是个有爱心的父亲。 arrive 到来 14 [intransitive ] ( informal) ( especially NAmE) to arrive where you have arranged to meet sb or do sth 如约赶到;出现;露面 I waited an hour but he didn't show. 我等了一个小时,可他一直没露面。 see also show up animal 动物 15 [transitive ] showsth to enter an animal in a competition 替(动物)报名参加比赛 IDIOMS it goes to ˈshow used to say that sth proves sth 证明;表明 It just goes to show what you can do when you really try. 这就表明,一个人只要真下功夫,就能做成什么事情。 show sb the ˈdoor to ask sb to leave, because they are no longer welcome 要某人离开;下逐客令 show your ˈface to appear among your friends or in public 露面;公开见人 She stayed at home, afraid to show her face. 她待在家里,不敢露面。 show your ˈhand/ˈcards ( BrE) ( NAmE tip your ˈhand ) to make your plans or intentions known 摊牌;让对手摸着底细;公开自己的意图 show sb who's ˈboss to make it clear to sb that you have more power and authority than they have 让某人知道谁说了算 show the ˈway to do sth first so that other people can follow 示范 show ˈwilling ( BrE) to show that you are ready to help, work hard, etc. if necessary 表示愿意;有乐于…的意思 (have) something, nothing, etc. to ˈshow for sth (to have) something, nothing, etc. as a result of sth 在…方面有(或没有等)成绩;在…方面有(或没有等)结果 All those years of hard work, and nothing to show for it! 苦干这么多年,却毫无成绩可言! more at flag n. , pace 1 n. , rope n. PHRASAL VERBS ˌshow sb aˈround/ˈround (sth) to be a guide for sb when they visit a place for the first time to show them what is interesting 领(某人)参观;带(某人)巡视 We were shown around the school by one of the students. 我们由一名学生领着参观了学校。 Has anyone shown you round yet? 有没有人带你四处走走? ˌshow ˈoff ( informal, disapproving) to try to impress others by talking about your abilities, possessions, etc. 炫耀自己;卖弄自己 He's just showing off because that girl he likes is here. 他不过是在表现自己,因为他喜欢的那个姑娘在场。 related noun show-off ˌshow sb/sth↔ˈoff to show people sb/sth that you are proud of 炫耀;卖弄;显示 She wanted to show off her new husband at the party. 她想在聚会上炫耀自己的新婚丈夫。 showhow, what, etc… He likes to show off how well he speaks French. 他喜欢向人展示他法语讲得有多好。 ˌshow sth↔ˈoff (of clothing 服装 ) to make sb look attractive, by showing their best features 使显得漂亮;使夺目;衬托 a dress that shows off her figure 衬托出她优美身材的连衣裙 ˌshow ˈthrough | ˌshow ˈthrough sth to be able to be seen behind or under sth else (从某物)透出;(从某事)显露 The writing on the other side of the page shows through. 写在纸背面的字透了过来。 ( figurative) When he spoke, his bitterness showed through. 他说话时流露出内心的辛酸。 Veins showed through her pale skin. 她苍白的皮肤下一条条血管清晰可见。 ˌshow ˈup ( informal) to arrive where you have arranged to meet sb or do sth 如约赶到;出现;露面 It was getting late when she finally showed up. 天色已晚,她终于赶到了。 ˌshow ˈup | ˌshow sth↔ˈup to become visible; to make sth become visible (使)看得见,变得明显,显现出来 a broken bone showed up on the X-ray 在 X 光照片上显示出的一根断骨 The harsh light showed up the lines on her face. 在耀眼的光线下,她脸上的皱纹清晰可见。 ˌshow sb↔ˈup 1 ( BrE) ( informal) to make sb feel embarrassed by behaving badly (因举止不妥而)使人难堪,使人尴尬,使人丢脸 He showed me up by snoring during the concert. 他在音乐会上呼呼大睡,真给我丢脸。 2 to make sb feel embarrassed by doing sth better than them (做得比别人好而)使人难堪,使人尴尬,使人丢脸 noun entertainment 娱乐 1 [countable ] a theatre performance, especially one that includes singing and dancing 演出;歌舞表演 to go to a show 去看演出 a one-woman/-man show 女╱男演员单人表演 to put on/stage a show 上演╱演出节目 She's the star of the show! 她是这台演出的明星! see also floor show , roadshow 2 [countable ] a programme on television or the radio (电视或广播)节目 to host a show 主持节目 a TV/radio show 电视╱广播节目 a quiz show 知识问答节目 collocationsat television see also chat show , game show , roadshow , talk show 3 [countable ] ( NAmE) ( informal) a concert, especially of rock music (尤指摇滚)音乐会 of collection of things 收藏品 4 [countable ,  uncountable ] an occasion when a collection of things are brought together for people to look at 展览;展览会 an agricultural show 农业展览会 The latest computers will be on showat the exhibition. 最新型的计算机将在展览会上展出。 see also fashion show , peep show of feeling 感受 5 [countable ] an action or a way of behaving that shows how you feel (体现内心感受的)动作,行为,样子 SYN display a show of emotion 激动的样子 a show of support 表示支持 a show of force/strengthby the army 军队显示的武力╱实力 insincere act 不真诚的行为 6 [uncountable ,  singular ] something that is done only to give a good impression, but is not sincere 装出的样子;虚假的外观;假象 He may seem charming, but it's all show! 他看起来可能很有魅力,但那都是表面的! She pretends to be interested in opera, but it's only for show. 她做出一副对歌剧感兴趣的样子,但这不过是装门面而已。 He made a great show ofaffection, but I knew he didn't mean it. 他大表爱慕之情,但我知道他不是真心的。 colourful sight 色彩缤纷的景象 7 [countable ,  uncountable ] a brightly coloured or pleasing sight 色彩缤纷的景象 SYN display a lovely show of spring flowers 春天百花争艳的美景 event/situation 事情;场面 8 [singular ] ( informal) an event, a business or a situation where sth is being done or organized 事情;机构;场面 She runs the whole show. 整个这一摊儿都由她管。 I won't interfere—it's your show. 我不想插手,这归你管。 good/poor show 好的╱不好的表现 9 [countable ,  usually singular ] ( informal) ( especially BrE) something that is done in a particular way 表现 The team put on a good showin the competition. 这支队伍在比赛中有上佳表现。 It's a poor show if he forgets your birthday. 要是他忘了你的生日,那可太差劲了。 IDIOMS for ˈshow intended to be seen but not used 供展览的;装门面的;中看不中用的 These items are just for show—they're not for sale. 这些物品仅供展览,不作售卖。 get the ˌshow on the ˈroad ( informal) to start an activity or a journey 开始;出发 Let's get this show on the road! 咱们这就开始吧! (jolly) good ˈshow! ( old-fashioned) ( BrE informal) used to show you like sth or to say that sb has done sth well (喝彩)好,真棒 a show of ˈhands a group of people each raising a hand to vote for or against sth 举手表决 more at dog n. , steal show / ʃəʊ ; NAmE ʃoʊ / shown / ʃəʊn ; NAmE ʃoʊn /
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