ride 英 [raɪd]   美 [raɪd]


ride  英 [raɪd] 美 [raɪd]

v. 骑马;乘车;  n. 骑;乘坐;乘骑; 

进行时:riding  过去式:rode  过去分词:ridden  第三人称单数:rides  名词复数:rides 

I ride this street every day. 我每天骑自行车走过这条大街。
How often do you go riding? 你多长时间骑一次马?

  • To ride is to be carried in a car, on a bike, or on an animal. When you ride a horse for the first time, it's often surprising how far off the ground you are.
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  • v. 骑马;乘车;
  • n. 骑;乘坐;乘骑;
  • 1. I ride this street every day.


  • 2. How often do you go riding?


  • 3. You can't ride this horse. It scours.


  • 4. She had never ridden a horse before.


  • 5. It's a ten-minute bus ride from here to town.


  • ride (n.) 1759, "journey on the back of a horse or in a vehicle," from ride (v.); slang meaning "a motor vehicle" is recorded from 1930; sense of "amusement park device" is from 1934. Meaning "act of sexual intercourse" is from 1937. To take (someone) for a ride "tease, mislead, cheat," is first attested 1925, American English, possibly from underworld sense of "take on a car trip with intent to kill" (1927). Phrase go along for the ride in the figurative sense "join in passively" is from 1956. A ride cymbal (1956) is used by jazz drummers for keeping up continuous rhythm, as opposed to a crash cymbal (ride as "rhythm" in jazz slang is recorded from 1936).
  • ride (v.) Old English ridan "sit or be carried on" (as on horseback), "move forward; rock; float, sail" (class I strong verb; past tense rad, past participle riden), from Proto-Germanic *ridan (source also of Old Norse riða, Old Saxon ridan, Old Frisian rida "to ride," Middle Dutch riden, Dutch rijden, Old High Germn ritan, German reiten), from PIE *reidh- "to ride" (source also of Old Irish riadaim "I travel," Old Gaulish reda "chariot"). Common to Celtic and Germanic, perhaps a loan word from one to the other.
ride / raɪd ; NAmE raɪd / verb , noun ride rides rode riding ridden verb ( rode / rəʊd ; NAmE roʊd / rid·den / ˈrɪdn ; NAmE ˈrɪdn / ) horse 1 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to sit on a horse, etc. and control it as it moves 驾驭马匹;骑马 I learnt to ride as a child. 我小时候就学会了骑马。 + adv./prep. They rode along narrow country lanes. 他们骑马走在狭窄的乡村小路上。 He was riding on a large black horse. 他骑在一匹高大的黑马上。 ridesth She had never ridden a horse before. 她以前从没骑过马。 He's ridden six winners so far this year (= in horse racing). 他今年到目前为止已六次在赛马中夺标。 2 go riding ( BrE) ( NAmE go ˈhorseback riding ) [intransitive ] to spend time riding a horse for pleasure 骑马(消遣) How often do you go riding? 你多长时间骑一次马? bicycle/motorcycle 自行车;摩托车 3 [transitive ,  intransitive ] to sit on and control a bicycle, motorcycle, etc. 骑;驾驶 ridesth (+ adv./prep.) The boys were riding their bikes around the streets. 男孩子们骑着自行车在街上兜风。 He rode a Harley Davidson. 他骑着一辆哈雷 · 戴维森摩托车。 (+ adv./prep.) The ground there is too rough to ride over. 那里地面高低不平,无法骑车。 in vehicle 车辆 4 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to travel in a vehicle, especially as a passenger 搭乘;乘坐 (+ adv./prep.) I walked back while the others rode in the car. 别人都乘车,而我是走回来的。 ridesth (+ adv./prep.) ( NAmE) to ride the subway/an elevator, etc. 乘地铁、电梯等 She rode the bus to school every day. 她每天乘公共汽车去上学。 on water/air 在水面╱空中 5 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to float or be supported on water or air 漂浮;飘浮 (+ adv./prep.) We watched the balloon riding high above the fields. 我们看着气球高高地飘浮在田野上空。 ridesth surfers riding the waves 踏浪而行的冲浪者 go through area 穿越 6 [transitive ] ridesth to go through or over an area on a horse, bicycle, etc. (骑马、自行车等)穿越,翻越 We rode the mountain trails. 我们骑着马走在山里的小路上。 criticize 批评 7 [transitive ] ridesb ( NAmE) to criticize or teasesb in an annoying way 数落;嘲弄 Why is everybody riding me today? 怎么今天大家都拿我取笑? IDIOMS be riding for a ˈfall to be doing sth that involves risks and that may end in disaster 做事莽撞;做招致风险的事 be riding ˈhigh to be successful or very confident 获得成功;信心十足 let sth ˈride to decide to do nothing about a problem that you know you may have to deal with later 决定对…不立即采取行动 ride the crest of sth to enjoy great success or support because of a particular situation or event (因某种情况)处于鼎盛时期 The band is riding the crest of its last tour. 乐队正处于最近这次巡回演出后的顶峰状态。 ride ˈherd on sb/sth ( NAmE) ( informal) to keep watch or control over sb/sth 监视;对某人╱某物严加控制 police riding herd on crowds of youths on the streets 警方监视着街上成群结队的年轻人 ride ˈshotgun ( NAmE) ( informal) to ride in the front passenger seat of a car or truck 坐在车的前排座位上 ride a/the wave of sth to enjoy or be supported by the particular situation or quality mentioned 受益于某事;乘…之势 Schools are riding a wave of renewed public interest. 各校重新受益于公众的关注。 more at wish n. PHRASAL VERBS ˈride on sth ( usually used in the progressive tenses 通常用于进行时 ) to depend on sth 依赖于;依靠 My whole future is riding on this interview. 我的未来全靠这次面试了。 ˌride sth↔ˈout to manage to survive a difficult situation or time without having to make great changes 安然渡过(难关);经受得住 ˌride ˈup (of clothing 衣服 ) to move gradually upwards, out of position 慢慢向上移动;渐渐缩上去 Short skirts tend to ride up when you sit down. 坐下来的时候,短裙就会往上收。 noun in vehicle 车辆 1 a short journey in a vehicle, on a bicycle, etc. (乘车或骑车的)短途旅程 a train ride through beautiful countryside 乘火车穿越美丽乡村的旅程 It's a ten-minute bus ride from here to town. 从这里到镇上乘公共汽车要花十分钟。 Steve gave me a rideon his motorbike. 史蒂夫用摩托车捎了我一程。 We went for a rideon our bikes. 我们骑自行车出去兜了一圈。 a bike ride 骑自行车出行 2 ( NAmE) ( BrE lift ) a free ride in a car, etc. to a place you want to get to 免费搭车;搭便车 She hitched a ride to the station. 她搭便车去车站。 We managed to get a ride into town when we missed the bus. 我们没赶上公共汽车,就设法搭了一辆便车去城里。 3 the kind of journey you make in a car, etc. (乘坐汽车等的)旅行 a smooth/comfortable/bumpy, etc. ride 顺利、舒适、颠簸等的旅途 ( figurative) The new legislation faces a bumpy ride (= will meet with opposition and difficulties). 新的法规前路崎岖。 on horse 4 a short journey on a horse, etc. (骑马等的)短途旅程 a pony ride 骑一会儿小马 The kids had a ride on an elephant at the zoo. 在动物园里,孩子们骑着大象走了一圈。 He goes for a ride most mornings. 他上午经常骑马出去兜一圈。 at funfair 游乐场 5 a large machine at a funfairor amusement parkthat you ride on for fun or excitement; an occasion when you go on one of these 供乘骑的游乐设施;乘坐(游乐设施) The rides are free. 免费乘坐。 a roller coaster ride 坐一趟过山车 IDIOMS come/go along for the ˈride ( informal) to join in an activity for pleasure but without being seriously interested in it 随大溜;凑凑热闹;逢场作戏 have a rough/an easy ˈride | give sb a rough/an easy ˈride ( informal) to experience/not experience difficulties when you are doing sth; to make things difficult/easy for sb (使)举步维艰(或一帆风顺) He will be given a rough ride at the party conference. 在党员大会上他会很难过这一关。 take sb for a ˈride ( informal) to cheat or trick sb 欺骗;愚弄 It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a ride by someone you trusted. 发现被你信任的人骗了,心里很不是滋味。 more at free adj. ride / raɪd ; NAmE raɪd / rode / rəʊd ; NAmE roʊd / rid·den / ˈrɪdn ; NAmE ˈrɪdn /
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