look 英 [lʊk]   美 [lʊk]


look  英 [lʊk] 美 [lʊk]

vt. 看;  vi. 看;  n. 看;样子;面容 

进行时:looking  过去式:looked  过去分词:looked  第三人称单数:looks  名词复数:looks 

look pale/happy/tired 显得苍白╱高兴╱疲倦
That looks an interesting book. 那好像是本有趣的书。

  • When you look, you focus your vision on someone or something. If you get to the movie late, you'll have to look for your friends in the darkened theater.
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  • vt. 看;
  • vi. 看;
  • n. 看;样子;面容
  • 1. look pale/happy/tired


  • 2. That looks an interesting book.


  • 3. He is looking for a job.


  • 4. She looked at me and smiled.


  • 5. I can't find my book—I've looked everywhere.


  • 6. Look, I think we should go now.


  • 7. That photograph doesn't look like her at all.


  • 8. Look at the time! We're going to be late.


  • 9. Here, have a look at this.


  • 10. a look of surprise


  • 11. I don't like the look of that guy.


  • 12. Looks can be deceptive.


  • look (n.) late Old English, "act or action of looking," from look (v.). Meaning "a particular instance of looking, a glance," especially one which conveys a certain feeling is from early 14c. Meaning "appearance of a person, visual or facial expression" is from late 14c. Looks with the same sense as the singular is from 1560s. Expression if looks could kill ..., of one seething silently, is attested by 1827 (if looks could bite is attested from 1747). Fashion sense "totality of appearance" is from 1938.
  • look (v.) Old English locian "use the eyes for seeing, gaze, look, behold, spy," from West Germanic *lokjan (source also of Old Saxon lokon "see, look, spy," Middle Dutch loeken "to look," Old High German luogen, German dialectal lugen "to look out"), a word of unknown origin. Breton lagud "eye" has been suggested as a possible cognate.
look / lʊk ; NAmE lʊk / verb , noun , exclamation look looks looked looking verb use eyes 用眼睛 1 [intransitive ] to turn your eyes in a particular direction 看;瞧 If you look carefully you can just see our house from here. 你要是仔细看,从这里就可以看见我们的房子。 look(at sb/sth) She looked at me and smiled. 她看了看我,笑了。 ‘Has the mail come yet?’ ‘I'll look and see. “邮件来了吗?”“我看看。” Look! I'm sure that's Brad Pitt! 看!那一定是布拉德 · 皮特! Don't look now, but there's someone staring at you! 你现在别看,有人正盯着你呢! see also forward-looking search 搜寻 2 [intransitive ] to try to find sb/sth 寻找;寻求 I can't find my book—I've looked everywhere. 我找不到我的书,我到处都找遍了。 lookfor sb/sth Where have you been? We've been looking for you. 你上哪儿去了?我们一直在找你。 Are you still looking for a job? 你还在找工作吗? pay attention 注意 3 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to pay attention to sth 注意;留心;留神 look(at sth) Look at the time! We're going to be late. 注意一下时间!我们要迟到了。 lookwhere, what, etc… Can't you look where you're going? 你走路可不可以小心点? appear/seem 显得;似乎 4 linking verb to seem; to appear 看来好像;似乎;显得 + adj. to look pale/happy/tired 显得苍白╱高兴╱疲倦 That book looks interesting. 那本书好像很有趣。 look(to sb) like sb/sth That looks like an interesting book. 那好像是本有趣的书。 + noun That looks an interesting book. 那好像是本有趣的书。 You made me look a complete fool! 你弄得我完全像个傻瓜! see also good-looking 5 [intransitive ] ( not usually used in the progressive tenses 通常不用于进行时 ) to have a similar appearance to sb/sth; to have an appearance that suggests that sth is true or will happen 与…外表相似;好像;仿佛 look(to sb) like sb/sth That photograph doesn't look like her at all. 那张照片看上去一点也不像她。 It looks like rain (= it looks as if it's going to rain). 像是要下雨的样子。 look(to sb) as if…/as though… You look as though you slept badly. 你好像没睡好觉。 HELP  In spoken English people often use likeinstead of as ifor as thoughin this meaning, especially in NAmE. 英语口语中,尤其是美式英语,常用 like 代替 as if 或 as though 表示此义 You look like you slept badly. This is not considered correct in written BrE. 书面英式英语中,此用法被视为不正确。 6 [intransitive ] to seem likely 看起来好像;似乎有可能 look(to sb) as if…/as though… It doesn't look as if we'll be moving after all. 看样子我们还是不搬了。 look(to sb) like… ( informal) It doesn't look like we'll be moving after all. 看样子我们还是不搬了。 HELP  This use of likeinstead of as ifor as thoughis not considered correct in written BrE. 用 like 代替 as if 或 as though,此用法在书面英式英语中被视为不正确。 face 面向 7 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to face a particular direction 面向;正对;朝向 The house looks east. 这房子朝东。 The hotel looks out over the harbour. 从这家旅馆朝外看可俯视港湾。 IDIOMS Most idioms containing lookare at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example look daggers at sbis at dagger. 大多数含 look 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 look daggers at sb 在词条 dagger 下。 be just ˈlooking used in a shop/store to say that you are not ready to buy sth (在商店中表示无意购买某物)只是看一看 ‘Can I help you?’ ‘I'm just looking, thank you.’ “请问您要买什么?”“谢谢,我只是看看。” be looking to do sth to try to find ways of doing sth 试图找到做某事的方法 The government is looking to reduce inflation. 政府正在力求降低通货膨胀。 look ˈbad | not look ˈgood to be considered bad behaviour or bad manners 被视为举止不佳;失礼;不得体 It looks bad not going to your own brother's wedding. 连亲兄弟的婚礼都不参加,这太不像话了。 look ˈbad (for sb) to show that sth bad might happen 显示不好的事可能发生;看来不利于 He's had another heart attack; things are looking bad for him, I'm afraid. 他又犯了一次心脏病,恐怕他情况不妙。 look ˈgood to show success or that sth good might happen 显现成功(或好事可能发生);看来充满希望 This year's sales figures are looking good. 今年的销售数字情况看好。 look ˈhere ( old-fashioned) used to protest about sth (表示抗议)喂,听着 Now look here, it wasn't my fault. 喂,那不是我的错! look how/what/who… used to give an example that proves what you are saying or makes it clearer (用于举例证实或说明)瞧 Look how lazy we've become. 瞧我们变得有多懒。 Be careful climbing that ladder. Look what happened last time. 爬那梯子时小心点儿。上次不就出事了么。 look sb ˌup and ˈdown to look at sb in a careful or critical way 上下仔细打量,苛求地审视(某人) (not) look yourˈself to not have your normal healthy appearance 气色不像往常那样好 You're not looking yourself today (= you look tired or ill/sick). 今天你看上去气色不太好。 never/not look ˈback ( informal) to become more and more successful 一帆风顺;蒸蒸日上 Her first novel was published in 2007 and since then she hasn't looked back. 她于 2007 年发表了第一部小说,自此她的写作生涯一帆风顺。 not much to ˈlook at ( informal) not attractive 相貌平平;不起眼 to ˈlook at sb/sth judging by the appearance of sb/sth 由外表判断 To look at him you'd never think he was nearly fifty. 看他的外表,谁也想不到他年近五十了。 PHRASAL VERBS ˌlook ˈafter yourself/sb/sth ( especially BrE) 1 to be responsible for or to take care of sb/sth 对…负责;照料;照顾 Who's going to look after the children while you're away? 你不在时谁来照料小孩? I'm looking after his affairs while he's in hospital. 他住院时由我处理他的事务。 Don't worry about me—I can look after myself (= I don't need any help). 别担心我,我能照顾好自己。 note at care 2 to make sure that things happen to sb's advantage 确保有利于 He's good at looking after his own interests. 他善于照顾自己的利益。 ˌlook aˈhead (to sth) to think about what is going to happen in the future 展望未来;为将来设想 ˌlook aˈround/ˈround to turn your head so that you can see sth 环视;环顾;四下察看 People came out of their houses and looked around. 人们走出家门四处察看。 ˌlook aˈround/ˈround (sth) to visit a place or building, walking around it to see what is there 游览;参观 Let's look round the town this afternoon. 咱们今天下午游览市区吧。 ˌlook aˈround/ˈround for sth to search for sth in a number of different places 到处寻找;搜寻 We're looking around for a house in this area. 我们正在这个地区四处找住房。 ˈlook at sth 1 to examine sth closely (仔细)察看,检查 Your ankle's swollen—I think the doctor ought to look at it. 你的脚踝肿了,我认为得找医生检查一下。 I haven't had time to look at (= read)the papers yet. 我还没来得及看这些论文。 2 to think about, consider or study sth 思考;考虑;研究 The implications of the new law will need to be looked at. 新法规可能造成的影响需要仔细研究一下。 3 to view or consider sth in a particular way (用某种方式)看待,考虑 Looked at from that point of view, his decision is easier to understand. 从那个角度来看,他的决定比较容易理解。 ˌlook ˈback (on sth) to think about sth in your past 回首(往事);回忆;回顾 SYN reflect on to look back on your childhood 回顾自己的童年 ˌlook ˈdown on sb/sth to think that you are better than sb/sth 蔑视;轻视;瞧不起 She looks down on people who haven't been to college. 她瞧不起没上过大学的人。 ˈlook for sth to hope for sth; to expect sth 期望;期待;盼望 We shall be looking for an improvement in your work this term. 我们期待你这学期功课有进步。 ˌlook ˈforward to sth to be thinking with pleasure about sth that is going to happen (because you expect to enjoy it) (高兴地)盼望,期待 I'm looking forward to the weekend. 我盼着过周末呢。 lookdoing sth We're really looking forward to seeing you again. 我们非常盼望能再见到你。 ˌlook ˈin (on sb) to make a short visit to a place, especially sb's house when they are ill/sick or need help (尤指当某人生病或需要帮助时到其住处)短暂探访 She looks in on her elderly neighbour every evening. 她每天晚上都要看望一下年长的邻居。 Why don't you look in on me next time you're in town? 你下次进城顺便来看看我好吗? ˌlook ˈinto sth to examine sth 调查;审查 A working party has been set up to look into the problem. 已成立一个工作小组来调查这个问题。 ˌlook ˈon to watch sth without becoming involved in it yourself 旁观 Passers-by simply looked on as he was attacked. 他遭人袭击,路人只在一边袖手旁观。 related noun onlooker ˈlook on sb/sth as sb/sth to consider sb/sth to be sb/sth 把…看作;把…视为 She's looked on as the leading authority on the subject. 她被视为这门学科的主要权威。 ˈlook on sb/sth with sth to consider sb/sth in a particular way (以某种方式)看待 SYN regard They looked on his behaviour with contempt. 他们对他的行为不屑一顾。 ˌlook ˈout used to warn sb to be careful, especially when there is danger (表示警告,尤指有危险)小心,当心,留神 SYN watch out Look out! There's a car coming. 当心!有车来了。 ˌlook ˈout for sb to take care of sb and make sure nothing bad happens to them 关顾某人 ˌlook ˈout for sb/sth 1 to try to avoid sth bad happening or doing sth bad 当心;提防;留心防备 SYN watch out You should look out for pickpockets. 你应当提防扒手。 Do look out for spelling mistakes in your work. 一定要避免你作业中的拼写错误。 2 to keep trying to find sth or meet sb 留心寻觅 I'll look out for you at the conference. 我会在开会时来找你。 related noun lookout ˌlook ˈout for sb/yourself to think only of sb's/your own advantage, without worrying about other people 只考虑某人╱自己的利益 You should look out for yourself from now on. 从现在起你应该多为自己着想。 ˌlook sth↔ˈout (for sb/sth) ( BrE) to search for sth from among your possessions 把…找出来 I'll look out those old photographs you wanted to see. 我会找出你想看的那些旧照片的。 ˌlook sth↔ˈover to examine sth to see how good, big, etc. it is 查看;检查 We looked over the house again before we decided we would rent it. 那房子我们再看了一次才决定租下来。 ˌlook ˈround ( BrE) to turn your head to see sb/sth behind you 转过头看;回头看 She looked round when she heard the noise. 她听到响声,就回过头去看。 ˌlook ˈthrough sb [no passive ] to ignore sb by pretending not to see them 佯装没有看见而不理会某人 She just looked straight through me. 她竟然假装没看见我。 ˈlook through sth [no passive ] to examine or read sth quickly 快速查看;浏览 She looked through her notes before the exam. 她考试前匆匆看了一下笔记。 ˈlook to sb for sth | ˈlook to sb to do sth ( formal) to rely on or expect sb to provide sth or do sth 依赖,期待,指望(某人提供某物或做某事) We are looking to you for help. 我们指望得到你的帮助。 ˈlook to sth ( formal) to consider sth and think about how to make it better 注意,考虑(改进) We need to look to ways of improving our marketing. 我们得考虑改进营销方法。 ˌlook ˈup ( informal) (of business, sb's situation, etc. 生意、某人的情况等 ) to become better 好转;改善 SYN improve At last things were beginning to look up. 情况终于开始好转了。 ˌlook ˈup (from sth) to raise your eyes when you are looking down at sth (在低头看某物时)抬头往上看 She looked up from her book as I entered the room. 我进房间时,她从书本上抬起头来看了看。 ˌlook sb↔ˈup [no passive ] ( informal) to visit or make contact with sb, especially when you have not seen them for a long time (尤指在久别之后)拜访,看望,联系 Do look me up the next time you're in London. 你下次到伦敦,一定要来看我。 ˌlook sth↔ˈup to look for information in a dictionary or reference book,or by using a computer (在词典、参考书中或通过电脑)查阅,查检 Can you look up the opening times on the website? 你可以在网站上查一下开放的时间吗? I looked it up in the dictionary. 我在词典里查过这个词。 ˌlook ˈup to sb to admire or respect sb 钦佩;仰慕;尊敬 SYNONYMS 同义词辨析 look watch see view observe These words all mean to turn your eyes in a particular direction. 以上各词均含看、观看之意。 look to turn your eyes in a particular direction 指看、瞧: If you look carefully you can just see our house from here. 你要是仔细看,从这里就可以看见我们的房子。 She looked atme and smiled. 她看了看我,笑了。 watch to look at sb/sth for a time, paying attention to what happens 指看、注视、观看、观察: to watch television 看电视 Watch what I do, then you try. 你注意看我的动作,然后试着做。 see to watch a game, television programme, performance, etc. 指观看(比赛、电视节目、演出等): In the evening we went to see a movie. 晚上我们去看了一场电影。 view ( formal) to look at sth, especially when you look carefully; to watch television, a film/movie, etc. 指看、观看(尤指仔细观察);看(电视、电影等): People came from all over the world to view her work. 观众从世界各地涌来欣赏她的作品。 watch, see or view? 用 watch、see 还是 view? You can see/view a film/movie/programme 可以说 see/view a film/movie/programme, but you cannot 但不能说 see/view television Viewis more formal than seeand is used especially in business contexts. *view 较 see 正式,尤用于商务语境。 observe ( formal) to watch sb/sth carefully, especially to learn more about them or it 指观察、注视、监视: The patients were observed over a period of several months. 这些病人给观察了数月之久。 PATTERNS to look/watch forsb/sth to watch/observe what / what to look/watch/view/observe (sb/sth) withamazement/surprise/disapproval, etc. to watch/see/view a film / film to watch/see a match / match to look (at sb/sth)/watch (sb/sth)/observe sb/sth carefully / carefully noun using eyes 用眼睛 1 [countable ,  usually singular ] look(at sb/sth) an act of looking at sb/sth 看;瞧 Here, have a lookat this. 来,看一看这个。 Take a lookat these figures! 看一下这些数字吧! Make sure you get a good lookat their faces. 你一定要仔细看清他们的面孔。 One lookat his face and Jenny stopped laughing. 珍妮一看见他那张脸,就止住不笑了。 A look passed between them (= they looked at each other). 他们互相看了一眼。 It's an interesting place. Do you want to take a look around? 这个地方很好玩,你要不要到处看看? We'll be taking a close lookat these proposals (= examining them carefully). 我们会仔细审查这些方案。 search 找寻 2 [countable ,  usually singular ] look(for sth/sb) an act of trying to find sth/sb 查找 I've had agood lookfor it, but I can't find it. 我仔细找过了,可是找不着。 expression 表情 3 [countable ] an expression in your eyes or face 眼神;表情;神情;脸色 a look ofsurprise 惊讶的表情 He didn't like the look in her eyes. 他不喜欢她的眼神。 She had a worried look on her face. 她一脸担忧的样子。 appearance 外貌 4 [countable ,  usually singular ] the way sb/sth looks; the appearance of sb/sth 样子;外观;相貌;外表 It's going to rain today by the look of it (= judging by appearances). 看样子今天要下雨了。 Looks can be deceptive. 外表有时是靠不住的。 I don't like the look ofthat guy (= I don't trust him, judging by his appearance). 看他那副样子,我不喜欢。 5 looks [plural ] a person's appearance, especially when the person is attractive (尤指吸引人的)相貌,容貌 She has her father's good looks. 她有父亲俊秀的容貌。 He lost his looks (= became less attractive)in later life. 他英俊的相貌在晚年已不复存在。 see also good-looking fashion 时尚 6 [singular ] a fashion; a style 时尚;式样;风格 The punk look is back in fashion. 鬅客式装扮又时兴起来了。 They've given the place a completely new look. 他们使得这地方的面貌焕然一新。 see also wet look IDIOM if looks could ˈkill… used to describe the very angry or unpleasant way sb is/was looking at you 眼神吓死人;一脸怒气;满脸不高兴 I don't know what I've done to upset him, but if looks could kill… 我不知道做了什么惹他生气了,但看他那吓人的样子… more at dirty adj. , long adj. exclamation used to make sb pay attention to what you are going to say, often when you are annoyed (常为不悦时唤起他人注意)喂,听我说 Look, I think we should go now. 喂,我想我们现在得走了。 Look, that's not fair. 嘿,那样不公平。 SYNONYMS 同义词辨析 look glance gaze stare glimpse glare These are all words for an act of looking, when you turn your eyes in a particular direction. 以上各词均表示看的动作。 look an act of looking at sb/sth 指看、瞧: Here, have a look at this. 来,看一看这个。 glance a quick look 指匆匆一看、一瞥、扫视: She stole a glance at her watch. 她偷偷看了看表。 gaze a long steady look at sb/sth 指凝视、注视: She felt embarrassed under his steady gaze. 她在他凝视的目光下感到很尴尬。 stare a long look at sb/sth, especially in a way that is unfriendly or that shows surprise 尤指不友善或吃惊的盯、凝视、注视: She gave the officer a blank stare and shrugged her shoulders. 她面无表情地看了那个军官一眼,耸了耸肩。 glimpse a look at sb/sth for a very short time, when you do not see the person or thing completely 指一瞥、一看: He caught a glimpse of her in the crowd. 他在人群里一眼瞥见了她。 glare a long angry look at sb/sth 指长久的怒视、瞪眼: She fixed her questioner with a hostile glare. 她带着敌意地瞪着向她提问的人。 PATTERNS a look/glance atsb/sth a penetrating / penetrating look/glance/gaze/stare a longlook/glance/stare a brieflook/glance/glimpse to have / have a look/glance/glimpse to avoidsb's glance/gaze/stare look / lʊk ; NAmE lʊk /
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