little 英 [ˈlɪtl]   美 [ˈlɪtl]


little  英 [ˈlɪtl] 美 [ˈlɪtl]

adj. 小的;很少的;短暂的;小巧可爱的  adv. 完全不  n. 少许;没有多少;短时间 


a little old lady  个子小的老太太
The poor little thing! It's lost its mother. 这可怜的小家伙!没有了妈妈。

  • Anything small, brief, young, or unimportant can be described as little. If you live in a little cottage, it means your house is very small, and quite possibly adorable.
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  • adj. 小的;很少的;短暂的;小巧可爱的
  • adv. 完全不
  • n. 少许;没有多少;短时间
  • 1. a little old lady


  • 2. The poor little thing! It's lost its mother.


  • 3. She said little about her experience.


  • little (adj.) Old English lytel "not large, not much, small in size or number; short in distance or time; unimportant,"
  • little (n.) late Old English, "small piece, small quantity or amount; a short time; unimportant persons," from little (adj.). Little by little is from late 15c. (litylle be litille). Old English also had lytling "little one, infant child; unimportant person."
  • little (v.) Old English lytlian "to lessen, decrease, become little or less, diminish; shorten; fall out of use; belittle," from root of little (adj.).
lit·tle / ˈlɪtl ; NAmE ˈlɪtl / adjective , determiner , pronoun , adverb little littler littlest adjective [usually before noun ] HELP  The forms littler /ˈlɪtlə(r) / and littlest /ˈlɪtlɪst / are rare. It is more common to use smallerand smallest. *littler 和 littlest 都很少见,常用的是 smaller 和 smallest。 1 not big; small; smaller than others 小的;比较小的 a little house 小房子 a little group of tourists 一小群游客 a little old lady 个子小的老太太 the classic little black dress 典雅的黑色小连衣裙 ‘Which do you want?’ ‘I'll take the little one.’ “你要哪一个?”“我要那个小的。” She gave a little laugh. 她笑了一笑。 ( BrE) We should manage, with a little bitof luck. 我们只要有一点点运气就能应付过去。 Here's a little something (= a small present)for your birthday. 这是送给你的生日小礼物。 2 used after an adjective to show affection or dislike, especially in a patronizingway (= one that suggests that you think you are better than sb) (用在形容词的后面表示喜爱或厌恶,尤指屈尊俯就地)可爱的,可怜的,讨厌的 The poor little thing!It's lost its mother. 这可怜的小家伙!没有了妈妈。 What a nasty little man! 多么令人讨厌的家伙! She's a good little worker. 她是个讨人喜欢的工人。 He'd become quite the littlegentleman. 他成了颇有风度的绅士了。 3 young 年幼的;幼小的 a little boy/girl 小男孩╱女孩 my little brother/sister (= younger brother/sister) 我的弟弟╱妹妹 I lived in America when I was little. 我小时候生活在美国。 4 (of distance or time 距离或时间 ) short 短的;近的;短暂的 A little whilelater the phone rang. 过了一小会儿电话响了起来。 Shall we walk a little way? 我们走一小段路好吗? 5 not important; not serious 微不足道的;不严重的;不认真的 I can't remember every little detail. 我记不住每一个微小的细节。 You soon get used to the little difficulties. 你很快就会习惯这些小小的不便了。 little·ness / ˈlɪtlnəs ; NAmE ˈlɪtlnəs / noun [uncountable ] IDIOM a little ˈbird told me ( informal) used to say that sb told you sth but you do not want to say who it was (不想说出是谁告诉的)有人告诉我的,不告诉你我是怎么知道的 more at oak , wonder n. determiner , pronoun 1 used with uncountable nouns to mean ‘not much’ (与不可数名词连用)不多的 There was little doubt in my mind. 我心里几乎没有疑问。 Students have little or nochoice in the matter. 学生在这个问题上很少有或没有选择余地。 I understood little of what he said. 我几乎听不懂他所讲的。 She said little or nothing (= hardly anything)about her experience. 她对自己的经历几乎只字不提。 Tell him as little as possible. 尽量少告诉他。 2 a little used with uncountable nouns to mean ‘a small amount’, ‘some’ (与不可数名词连用)少量的,一些 a little milk/sugar/tea 少许牛奶╱糖╱茶 If you have any spare milk, could you give me a little? 你要是有多余的牛奶,给我一些好吗? I've only read a little of the book so far. 这本书我才读了一小部份。 ( formal) It caused not a little/no little (= a lot of)confusion. 这事引起了不小的混乱。 After a little (= a short time)he got up and left. 过了一会儿他站起来走了。 IDIOM ˌlittle by ˈlittle slowly; gradually 缓慢地;逐渐地;一点一点地 Little by little the snow disappeared. 雪渐渐融化了。 His English is improving little by little. 他的英语正在逐步提高。 adverb ( less , least ) 1 not much; only slightly 不多;稍许;略微 He is little known as an artist. 几乎没人知道他是个艺术家。 I slept very little last night. 昨晚我几乎没怎么睡。 Little did I knowthat this spelled the end of my career. 我一点也没想到这会断送了我的职业生涯。 2 a little (bit) to a small degree 少许;少量;一点 She seemed a little afraid of going inside. 她好像有点害怕进去。 These shoes are a little (bit) too big for me. 我穿这双鞋太大了一点。 ( informal) Everything has become just that little bitharder. 一切都变得更艰难了。 ( formal) She felt tired and more than a littleworried. 她感到既疲劳又非常担忧。 note at bit lit·tle / ˈlɪtl ; NAmE ˈlɪtl / little·ness / ˈlɪtlnəs ; NAmE ˈlɪtlnəs /
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