jump 英 [dʒʌmp]   美 [dʒʌmp]


jump  英 [dʒʌmp] 美 [dʒʌmp]

n. 跳跃;暴涨  vt. 跳跃;突升  vi. 跳跃;暴涨; 

进行时:jumping  过去式:jumped  过去分词:jumped  第三人称单数:jumps  名词复数:jumps 

to jump into the air/over a wall/into the water 跳到空中;跃过墙;跳进水里
You can jump this chapter. 你可以跳过这一章不读。

  • To jump is to hop or leap, straight up or over something. Frogs, amazingly, are able to jump up to twenty times the length of their body.
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  • n. 跳跃;暴涨
  • vt. 跳跃;突升
  • vi. 跳跃;暴涨;
  • 1. to jump into the air/over a wall/into the water


  • 2. You can jump this chapter.


  • 3. Can you jump that gate?


  • 4. Prices jumped by 60% last year.

    去年,物价暴涨 60%。

  • 5. Do you want a ride? Jump in.


  • 6. The children were jumping up and down with excitement.


  • 7. You seem to have jumped several steps .


  • jump (n.) 1550s, "an act of jumping," from jump (v.). Figurative meaning "sudden abrupt rise" is from 1650s. Meaning "abrupt transition from one point to another" is from 1670s. Sense of "a parachute descent" is from 1922. Meaning "jazz music with a strong beat" first recorded 1937, in Count Basie's "One O'Clock Jump." Jump suit "one-piece coverall modeled on those worn by paratroopers and skydivers" is from 1948. To get a jump on "get ahead, get moving" is from 1910, perhaps a figurative use from the jump-spark that ignites an engine.
  • jump (v.) 1520s, "make a spring from the ground" (intransitive), a word with no apparent source in Old or Middle English, perhaps imitative (compare bump (v.)); another theory derives it from words in Gallo-Roman dialects of southwestern France (such as jumba "to rock, to balance, swing," yumpa "to rock") and says it might have been picked up during the Hundred Years War. Similarities have been noted to Swedish dialectal gumpa "spring, jump," German dialectal gampen "jump, hop," but OED finds no basis for a relationship.
jump / dʒʌmp ; NAmE dʒʌmp / verb , noun jump jumps jumped jumping verb move off/to ground 1 [intransitive ] to move quickly off the ground or away from a surface by pushing yourself with your legs and feet 跳;跃;跳跃 ‘Quick, jump!’ he shouted. “赶快,跳!”他大声叫道。 + adv./prep. to jump into the air/over a wall/into the water 跳到空中;跃过墙;跳进水里 The children were jumping up and down with excitement. 孩子们兴奋得跳来跳去。 She jumped down from the chair. 她从椅子上跳了下来。 The pilot jumped from the burning plane (= with a parachute). 飞行员从着火的飞机跳伞了。 + noun She has jumped 2.2 metres. 她跳了 2.2 米。 pass over sth 跨跃 2 [transitive ] to pass over sth by jumping 跳过;跃过;跨越 jumpsth Can you jump that gate? 你能跳过那篱笆门吗? His horse fell as it jumped the last hurdle. 他的马在跨跃最后一个栏时跌倒了。 jumpsth + adv./prep. I jumped my horse over all the fences. 我纵马跃过了所有的栅栏。 SYN leap move quickly 快速移动 3 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to move quickly and suddenly 突然快速移动 He jumped to his feetwhen they called his name. 他们叫到他的名字时他一下子就站了起来。 She jumped up and ran out of the room. 她蓦地跳起来跑出房间。 Do you want a ride? Jump in. 你想搭车吗?快上来吧。 4 [intransitive ] to make a sudden movement because of surprise, fear or excitement (因吃惊、害怕或激动而)猛地一动,突然一跳 A loud bang made me jump. 砰的一声巨响吓我一跳。 Her heart jumped when she heard the news. 听到那消息她的心猛地一跳。 increase 增加 5 [intransitive ] to rise suddenly by a large amount 突升;猛涨;激增 SYN leap jumpby… Prices jumped by 60% last year. 去年,物价暴涨 60%。 jump(from…) (to…) Sales jumped from $2.7 billion to $3.5 billion. 销售额从 27 亿元猛增到 35 亿元。 change suddenly 突然改变 6 [intransitive ] jump(about) (from sth to sth) to change suddenly from one subject to another 突然改变,突然转换(话题、题目) I couldn't follow the talk because he kept jumping about from one topic to another. 我听不明白他的讲话,因为他老是转换话题。 The story then jumps from her childhood in New York to her first visit to London. 故事接着从她在纽约的童年一下子转到她第一次去伦敦。 leave out 略去 7 [transitive ] jumpsth to leave out sth and pass to a further point or stage 略去;略过;跳过 You seem to have jumped several steps in the argument. 你在论证中似乎略去了好几个步骤。 of machine/device 机器;器具 8 [intransitive ] (+ adv./prep.) to move suddenly and unexpectedly, especially out of the correct position 突然跳出正常位置;意外地离开正常位置 The needle jumped across the dial. 指针突然从刻度盘的一端跳到另一端。 The film jumped during projection. 电影放映时跳了片。 attack 袭击 9 [transitive ,  intransitive ] jump(on) sb ( informal) to attack sb suddenly 突然袭击(某人);猛地扑向(某人) The thieves jumped him in a dark alleyway. 一伙盗贼在一条漆黑的小巷里突然扑向他。 vehicle 车辆 10 [transitive ] jumpsth ( NAmE) to get on a vehicle very quickly 跳上(车辆等) to jump a bus 跳上公共汽车 11 ( NAmE) = jump-start be lively 活泼 12 be jumping [intransitive ] ( informal) to be very lively 欢跃;雀跃 The bar's jumping tonight. 今晚酒吧里气氛活跃。 IDIOMS be ˈjumping up and down ( informal) to be very angry or excited about sth 暴跳如雷;欢欣雀跃 jump down sb's ˈthroat ( informal) to react very angrily to sb 愤怒地反驳;猛烈回击某人 jump the ˈgun to do sth too soon, before the right time 抢跑;过早行动 jump the ˈlights ( BrE) ( also run a (red) ˈlight , run the ˈlights NAmE, BrE ) ( informal) to fail to stop at a red traffic light 闯红灯 jump out of your ˈskin ( informal) to move violently because of a sudden shock 大吃一惊;吓一大跳 jump the ˈqueue ( BrE) ( US jump the ˈline ) to go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn 插队;加塞儿;不按次序排队 jump the ˈrails (of a train 火车 ) to leave the rails suddenly 出轨 jump ˈship 1 to leave the ship on which you are serving, without permission 擅自弃职离船 2 to leave an organization that you belong to, suddenly and unexpectedly 擅自离队;擅离职守 jump through ˈhoops to do sth difficult or complicated in order to achieve sth (为达到目的而)经受磨难 jump ˈto it ( NAmE also hop ˈto it ) ( informal) used to tell sb to hurry and do something quickly 赶快;加油;快点干 more at bandwagon , conclusion , deep adj. PHRASAL VERBS ˈjump at sb ( NAmE) = jump on sb ˈjump at sth to accept an opportunity, offer, etc. with enthusiasm 迫不及待地接受,欣然接受(机会、建议等) SYN leap at PHRASAL VERBS ˌjump ˈin 1 to interrupt a conversation 打断谈话 Before she could reply Peter jumped in with an objection. 她还没来得及回答,彼得就迫不及待地表示反对。 2 to start to do sth very quickly without spending a long time thinking first 匆忙行动;急于从事 ˈjump on sb ( NAmE also ˈjump at sb ) ( informal) to criticize sb 批评,责备(某人) ˌjump ˈout at sb to be very obvious and easily noticed 极易引起某人的注意 SYN leap out at The mistake in the figures jumped out at me. 我一眼就看出数字上有错误。 noun movement 运动 1 an act of jumping 跳;跃;跳跃 a jump of over six metres 六米多的一跳 The story takes a jump back in time. 这故事一转又回到以前发生的事情。 Somehow he survived the jump from the third floor of the building. 不知怎么的,他从四楼跳下来竟然没摔死。 to do a parachute jump 跳伞 a ski jump champion 跳台滑雪冠军 I sat up with a jump (= quickly and suddenly). 我霍地坐起身来。 The negotiations took a jump forward yesterday (= they made progress). 谈判昨天取得进展。 see also high jump , long jump , ski jump , triple jump barrier 障碍物 2 a barrier like a narrow fence that a horse or a runner has to jump over in a race or competition (比赛中需跳过的)障碍物 The horse fell at the last jump. 那匹马在跨越最后一个障碍物时跌倒了。 increase 增加 3 jump(in sth) a sudden increase in amount, price or value 突升;猛涨;激增 a 20 per cent jump in pre-tax profits 税前利润 20% 的大幅增长 unusually large price jumps 非同寻常的大幅度涨价 IDIOM to keep, etc. one jump ahead (of sb) to keep your advantage over sb, especially your competitors,by taking action before they do or by making sure you know more than they do (尤指竞争中)保持优于(某人)的地位,(比某人)优先一步,(比某人)略胜一筹 more at high jump , running adj. jump / dʒʌmp ; NAmE dʒʌmp /
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