help 英 [help]   美 [hɛlp]


help  英 [help] 美 [hɛlp]

v. 帮助;  n. 帮助; 

进行时:helping  过去式:helped  过去分词:helped  第三人称单数:helps  名词复数:helps 

I thanked him for his help. 对他的帮助, 我向他致谢。
I try my best to help her. 我尽力帮她。

  • The verb help means to give aid or assistance to. You can help your friend organize a car wash at school by making posters and putting them up all over town.
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  • v. 帮助;
  • n. 帮助;
  • 1. I thanked him for his help.

    对他的帮助, 我向他致谢。

  • 2. I try my best to help her.


  • 3. Help, I'm stuck!


  • help (n.) Old English help (m.), helpe (f.) "assistance, succor," from help (v.). Most Germanic languages also have the noun form, such as Old Norse hjalp, Swedish hjälp, Old Frisian helpe, Dutch hulp, Old High German helfa, German Hilfe. Use of help as euphemism for "servant" is American English, 1640s, originally in New England. Bartlett (1848) describes it as "The common name in New England for servants, and for the operatives in a cotton or woollen factory."
  • help (v.) Old English helpan "help, support, succor; benefit, do good to; cure, amend" (transitive, class III strong verb; past tense healp, past participle holpen), from Proto-Germanic *helpan (source also of Old Norse hjalpa, Old Frisian helpa, Middle Dutch and Dutch helpen, Old High German helfan, German helfen), from PIE *kelb- "to help" (source also of Lithuanian šelpiu, šelpti "to support, help").
help / help ; NAmE help / verb , noun help helps helped helping verb make easier/better 使更容易╱更好 1 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to make it easier or possible for sb to do sth by doing sth for them or by giving them sth that they need 帮助;协助;援助 Help, I'm stuck! 救命,我被卡住了! helpwith sth He always helps with the housework. 他总是帮着做家务。 helpsb We must all try and help each other. 我们都必须努力互相帮助。 helpsb with sth Jo will help us with some of the organization. 乔将帮我们做一部份组织工作。 help(sb) in doing sth I need contacts that could help in finding a job. 我需要能帮我找到工作的社会关系。 helpsb (to) do sth The college's aim is to help students (to) achieve their aspirations. 大学的目标是帮助学生实现他们的抱负。 This charity aims to help people (to) help themselves. 这个慈善机构的宗旨是帮助人自力更生。 Come and help me lift this box. 来帮我抬这个箱子。 help(to) do sth She helped (to) organize the party. 她协助筹备了晚会。 HELP  In verb patterns with a toinfinitive, the ‘to’ is often left out, especially in informal or spoken English. 带 to 的不定式动词结构常省略 to,非正式英语和英语口语中尤其如此。 2 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to improve a situation; to make it easier for sth to happen 改善状况;促进;促使 It helpedbeing able to talk about it. 能谈谈这件事很有好处。 helpsth It doesn't really help mattersknowing that everyone is talking about us. 知道大家都在议论我们也于事无补。 help(to) do sth This should help (to) reduce the pain. 这个应有助于减轻痛楚。 sb to move 移动某人 3 [transitive ] helpsb + adv./prep. to help sb move by letting them lean on you, guiding them, etc. 搀扶;带领 She helped him to his feet. 她扶他站了起来。 We were helped ashore by local people. 我们被当地人救上岸。 give food/drink 给食物╱饮料 4 [transitive ] to give yourself/sb food, drinks, etc. 为(自己或某人)取用 helpyourself If you want another drink, just help yourself. 你要是想再喝一杯就请自便。 helpyourself/sb to sth Can I help you to some more salad? 再给你来点色拉好吗? steal 偷窃 5 [transitive ] helpyourself to sth ( informal, disapproving) to take sth without permission 擅自拿走;窃取 SYN steal He'd been helping himself to the money in the cash register. 他一直在偷现金出纳机中的钱。 IDIOMS sb can (not) help (doing) sth | sb can not help but do sth used to say that it is impossible to prevent or avoid sth 某人忍不住(或无法抑制)做某事;不可能避免某事 I can't help thinking he knows more than he has told us. 我总觉得他没把他知道的事全告诉我们。 She couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. 她不禁琢磨着他在想些什么。 It couldn't be helped (= there was no way of avoiding it and we must accept it). 这是不可避免的。 I always end up having an argument with her, I don't know why, I just can't help it. 我总是和她意见不合,闹得不欢而散,我不知道为什么,我就是忍不住。 I couldn't help it if the bus was late (= it wasn't my fault). 公共汽车晚点了,我没办法。 She burst out laughing—she couldn't help herself (= couldn't stop herself). 她突然大笑起来,无法自抑。 give/lend a ˌhelping ˈhand to help sb 帮助;伸出援助之手 God/Heaven ˈhelp sb ( informal) used to say that you are afraid sb will be in danger or that sth bad will happen to them (表示担心某人将有危险或有难) God help us if this doesn't work. 如果这个行不通,那就要靠上帝了。 HELP  Some people find this use offensive. 有人认为此用法含冒犯意。 so ˈhelp me (God) used to swear that what you are saying is true, especially in a court of law 我发誓,上帝作证(尤用于法庭) PHRASAL VERBS ˌhelp sb ˈoff/ˈon with sth to help sb take off/put on a piece of clothing 帮某人脱(或穿)衣服 Let me help you off with your coat. 我来帮你脱大衣吧。 ˌhelp ˈout | ˌhelp sb↔ˈout to help sb, especially in a difficult situation 帮助某人摆脱(困境) He's always willing to help out. 他总是急人之难。 When I bought the house, my sister helped me out with a loan. 我买这所房子时,我姐姐借给了我一笔钱解了急。 noun making easier/better 使较容易╱较好 1 [uncountable ] the act of helping sb to do sth 帮助;协助;援助 Thank you for all your help. 感谢你的一切帮助。 help(with sth) Do you need any help with that? 这事你需要帮忙吗? Can I be of any helpto you? 我能帮你什么忙吗? None of this would have been possible without their help. 如果没有他们的协助,这事没有一样能办成。 She stopped smoking with the helpof her family and friends. 她在家人和朋友的帮助下戒了烟。 advice/money 忠告;钱 2 [uncountable ] advice, money, etc. that is given to sb in order to solve their problems 有助益的东西(如忠告、钱等) to seek financial/legal/medical, etc. help 寻求经济、法律、医疗等援助 helpin doing sth The organization offers practical help in dealing with paperwork. 这个机构提供文件处理方面的实际帮助。 helpwith sth You should qualify for help with the costs of running a car. 你应该符合条件获取养车补助。 a help key/screen (= a function on a computer that provides information on how to use the computer) 帮助键╱屏幕(计算机中提供计算机使用信息的功能) being useful 有用 3 [uncountable ] the fact of being useful 有用 The map wasn't much help. 这张地图没多大用处。 With the help ofa ladder, neighbours were able to rescue the children from the blaze. 邻居们借助一把梯子把孩子们从大火中救了出来。 Just shouting at him isn't going to be a lot of help. 光是对他大喊大叫不会有多大用处。 for sb in danger 对处于危险中的人 4 [uncountable ] the act of helping sb who is in danger 救助 Quick, get help! 快,找人援救! She screamed for help. 她高声喊救命。 person/thing 人;事物 5 [singular ] a help(to sb) a person or thing that helps sb 有帮助的人(或事物) She was more of a hindrance than a help. 她非但没帮上忙,反而碍事。 Your advice was a big help. 你的建议很有帮助。 ( ironic) You're a great help, I must say! 我得说,你可没少帮忙! in house 住宅 6 the help [uncountable + singular or plural verb ] ( especially NAmE) the person or people who are employed by sb to clean their house, etc. 仆人 see also home help IDIOM there is no ˈhelp for it ( especially BrE) it is not possible to avoid doing sth that may harm sb in some way 没办法;别无选择 There's no help for it. We shall have to call the police. 没法子了。我们只得叫警察了。 help / help ; NAmE help /
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