green 英 [gri:n]   美 [ɡrin]


green  英 [gri:n] 美 [ɡrin]

adj. 绿色的;  n. 绿色; 

名词复数:greens  比较级:greener  最高级:greenest 

green beans 青豆
green tomatoes 青西红柿

  • Green is a color on the spectrum between blue and yellow, or made by mixing those colors. You might love the brilliant color of the green grass in the spring time.
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  • adj. 绿色的;
  • n. 绿色;
  • 1. green beans


  • 2. green tomatoes


  • 3. green vegetables


  • 4. the green of the countryside


  • green (adj.) Old English grene, Northumbrian groene "green, of the color of living plants," in reference to plants, "growing, living, vigorous," also figurative, of a plant, "freshly cut," of wood, "unseasoned" earlier groeni, from Proto-Germanic *gronja- (source also of Old Saxon grani, Old Frisian grene, Old Norse grænn, Danish grøn, Dutch groen, Old High German gruoni, German grün), from PIE root *ghre- "grow" (see grass), through sense of "color of growing plants."
  • green (n.) late Old English, "green color or pigment, spectral color between blue and yellow;" also "a field, grassy place; green garments; green foliage," from green (adj.). Specific sense "piece of grassland in a village belonging to the community" is by late 15c. In golf, "the putting portion of the links" by 1849. Symbolic of inconstancy since late 14c., perhaps because in nature it changes or fades. Also symbolic of envy and jealousy since Middle English. Shakespeare's green-eyed monster of "Othello" sees all through eyes tinged with jealousy. "Greensleeves," ballad of an inconstant lady-love, is from 1570s. The color of the cloth in royal counting houses from late 14c., later the color of the cloth on gambling tables.
  • green (v.) Old English grenian "to become green, flourish" (see green (adj.)). Compare Dutch groenen, German grünen, Old Norse grona. Meaning "to make green" is 1560s. Related: Greened; greening.
green / ɡriːn ; NAmE ɡriːn / adjective , noun , verb green greens greened greening greener greenest adjective ( green·er , green·est ) colour 颜色 1 having the colour of grass or the leaves of most plants and trees 绿色的;草绿色的 green beans 青豆 Wait for the light to turn green (= on traffic lights). 等绿灯亮了再走。 covered with grass 青草覆盖 2 covered with grass or other plants 长满青草的;绿油油的;青葱的 green fields/hills 绿油油的农田;青葱翠绿的山丘 After the rains, the land was green with new growth. 雨天过后,大地一片新绿。 fruit 果实 3 not yet ready to eat 未成熟的 green tomatoes 青西红柿 politics 政治 4 concerned with the protection of the environment; supporting the protection of the environment as a political principle 环境保护的;赞成环保的 green politics 主张环保的政见 Try to adopt a greener lifestyle. 尽量采取更环保的生活方式。 the Green Party 绿党 person 5 ( informal) (of a person ) young and lacking experience 不成熟的;缺乏经验的;幼稚的 The new trainees are still very green. 这些受培训的新学员还很不成熟。 6 (of a person or their skin 人或其皮肤 ) being a pale colour, as if the person is going to vomit 苍白的;发青的;无血色的 It was a rough crossing and most of the passengers looked distinctly green. 渡海时风浪很大,多数乘客看上去脸色发青。 green·ness / ; NAmE / noun [uncountable ] the greenness of the countryside 乡村的青葱翠绿 Supermarkets have started proclaiming the greenness of their products. 超市已开始宣传他们的产品是绿色环保的。 IDIOM ˌgreen with ˈenvy very jealous (十分)妒忌的,嫉妒的,眼红的 more at grass n. noun colour 颜色 1 [uncountable ,  countable ] the colour of grass and the leaves of most plants and trees 绿色;草绿色 the green of the countryside in spring 春天乡村的青葱翠绿 The room was decorated in a combination of greens and blues. 这房间是把不同的绿色和蓝色搭配起来装饰的。 She was dressed all in green. 她全身绿装。 vegetables 蔬菜 2 greens [plural ] ( especially BrE) green vegetables 绿色蔬菜;绿叶蔬菜 Eat up your greens. 把你那份青菜都吃了吧。 area of grass 草地 3 [countable ] ( BrE) an area of grass, especially in the middle of a town or village (尤指城镇或村庄中心的)草地,草坪,公共绿地 Children were playing on the village green. 孩子们在村中心的草地上玩耍。 4 [countable ] (in golf 高尔夫球 ) an area of grass cut short around a hole on a golf course 球穴区,果岭(高尔夫球洞口附近草修得很平整的地区) the 18th green 第 18 轻击区 Did the ball land on the green? 球落在果岭了吗? see also bowling green , putting green politics 政治 5 the Greens [plural ] the Green Party (= the party whose main aim is the protection of the environment) 绿党(以保护环境为主要目标) verb create parks 绿化 1 greensth to create parks and other areas with trees and plants in a city 绿化 projects for greening the cities 绿化城市的方案 politics 政治 2 greensb/sth to make sb more aware of issues connected with the environment; to make sth appear friendly towards the environment 使增强环境保护意识;使善待环境 an attempt to green industry bosses 使企业老板重视环境保护的努力 green·ing greening greenings / ˈɡriːnɪŋ ; NAmE ˈɡriːnɪŋ / noun [uncountable ] the greening of British politics 使英国政界增加环保意识的过程 green / ɡriːn ; NAmE ɡriːn / green·ness / ; NAmE / green·ing / ˈɡriːnɪŋ ; NAmE ˈɡriːnɪŋ /
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