gear 英 [gɪə(r)]   美 [gɪr]


gear  英 [gɪə(r)] 美 [gɪr]

n. 齿轮;装置;传动装置  v. 适合; 

进行时:gearing  过去式:geared  过去分词:geared  第三人称单数:gears  名词复数:gears 

The first gear engages with the second. 第一齿轮与第二齿轮啮合。
When she put the car in gear it began to buck wildly. 当她把汽车搭上齿轮时,汽车便开始颠簸地行进。

  • The noun gear refers to several things. First, it’s the equipment we need for a sport or event. A gear is also a wheel with teeth that interlocks with another gear to transmit motion in a machine.
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  • n. 齿轮;装置;传动装置
  • v. 适合;
  • 1. The first gear engages with the second.


  • 2. When she put the car in gear it began to buck wildly.


  • 3. This large gear turns the small one to rotate the cylinder.


  • gear (adj.) "stylish, excellent," British slang, 1951 (popularized c. 1963 by the Beatles), said to be from earlier that's the gear, an expression of approval (1925), from gear (n.).
  • gear (n.) c. 1200, "fighting equipment, armor and weapons," probably from Old Norse gørvi (plural gørvar) "apparel, gear," related to görr, gørr, gerr "skilled, accomplished; ready, willing," and to gøra, gørva "to make, construct, build; set in order, prepare," a very frequent verb in Old Norse, used in a wide range of situations from writing a book to dressing meat. This is from Proto-Germanic *garwjan "to make, prepare, equip" (source also of Old English gearwe "clothing, equipment, ornament," which may be the source of some uses; Old Saxon garwei; Dutch gaar "done, dressed;" Old High German garo "ready, prepared, complete," garawi "clothing, dress," garawen "to make ready;" German gerben "to tan").
  • gear (v.) c. 1200, "to equip oneself for fighting; to dress," probably from gear (n.) or from the verb in Old Norse. Mechanical meaning "put (machinery) in gear" is from 1851. Related: Geared; gearing.
gear / ɡɪə(r) ; NAmE ɡɪr / noun , verb gear gears geared gearing noun in vehicle 车辆 1 [countable ,  usually plural ] machinery in a vehicle that turns engine power (or power on a bicycle) into movement forwards or backwards 排挡;齿轮;传动装置 Careless use of the clutch may damage the gears. 离合器使用不慎可能会损坏传动装置。 2 [uncountable ,  countable ] a particular position of the gearsin a vehicle that gives a particular range of speed and power first/second, etc. gear 一挡、二挡等 reverse gear 倒挡 low/high gear 低速╱高速挡 ( BrE) bottom/top gear 最低╱最高挡 ( BrE) to change gear 换挡 ( NAmE) to shift gear 换挡 When parking on a hill, leave the car in gear. 在斜坡停车时把汽车挂上挡。 What gear are you in? 你挂的是几挡? He drove wildly, crashing through the gears like a maniac. 他开车很野,发疯似的啪啦啪啦地换挡。 collocationsat driving equipment/clothes 设备;衣服 3 [uncountable ] the equipment or clothing needed for a particular activity (某种活动的)设备,用具,衣服 climbing/fishing/sports, etc. gear 爬山、钓鱼、运动等用具 see also headgear , riot gear synonyms at equipment 4 [uncountable ] ( informal) clothes 衣服 wearing the latest gear 穿着最新款式的衣服 synonyms at clothes possessions 所有物 5 [uncountable ] ( informal) the things that a person owns 所有物;财物 I've left all my gear at Dave's house. 我把我所有的东西都留在戴夫家了。 machinery 机器 6 [uncountable ] ( often in compounds 常构成复合词 ) a piece of machinery used for a particular purpose (特定用途的)器械,装置 lifting/towing/winding, etc. gear 起重、牵引、卷扬等装置 see also landing gear speed/effort 速度╱努力 7 [uncountable ,  countable ] used to talk about the speed or effort involved in doing sth (做事的)速度,努力 ( BrE) The party organization is moving into top gearas the election approaches. 随着选举的临近,这个政党的组织工作正在紧锣密鼓地进行。 ( NAmE) to move into high gear 进入高速发展 Coming out of the final bend, the runner stepped up a gearto overtake the rest of the pack. 那名赛跑选手绕过最后一个弯道后开始加速,以图超越同组的其他选手。 drugs 毒品 8 [uncountable ] ( slang) illegal drugs 毒品 IDIOMS get into ˈgear | get sth into ˈgear to start working, or to start sth working, in an efficient way (使)开始工作,进入有效工作状态 (slip/be thrown) out of ˈgear (of emotions or situations 情绪或形势 ) (to become) out of control 失去控制 She said nothing in case her temper slipped out of gear. 她什么都没说,免得按捺不住情绪。 IDIOMsee ass verb PHRASAL VERBS ˈgear sth to/towards sth [usually passive ] to make, change or prepare sth so that it is suitable for a particular purpose 使与…相适应;使适合于 The course had been geared towards the specific needs of its members. 课程已作调整,以满足学员的特别需要。 ˌgear ˈup (for/to sth) | ˌgear sb/sth↔ˈup (for/to sth) to prepare yourself/sb/sth to do sth (使)为…做好准备 Cycle organizations are gearing up for National Bike Week. 自行车组织正在为全国自行车周活动做准备。 see also geared gear / ɡɪə(r) ; NAmE ɡɪr /
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