fall 英 [fɔ:l]   美 [fɔl]


fall  英 [fɔ:l] 美 [fɔl]

vi. 落下;变成;来临;减弱  n. 下降;秋天;瀑布  vt. 砍倒;击倒 

进行时:falling  过去式:fell  过去分词:fallen  第三人称单数:falls  名词复数:falls 

A sudden silence fell. 突然一片鸦雀无声。
leaves were starting to fall. 已到九月了,树叶开始凋落。

  • Looking at the multitude of meanings for the word fall, one thing comes clear: the word is most often associated with a drop or descent of some kind, whether that be a physical fall from a high place or a metaphorical fall from power or grace.
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  • vi. 落下;变成;来临;减弱
  • n. 下降;秋天;瀑布
  • vt. 砍倒;击倒
  • adj. 秋天的
  • 1. A sudden silence fell.


  • 2. leaves were starting to fall.


  • 3. The rain was falling steadily.


  • 4. in the fall of 2009

    在 2009 年的秋天

  • 5. a heavy fall of snow


  • 6. a steep fall in profits


  • 7. The house had fallen into disrepair.


  • 8. The temperature fell sharply in the night.


  • 9. She slipped on the ice and fell.


  • 10. He had fallen asleep on the sofa.


  • fall (n.) c. 1200, "a falling to the ground; a dropping from a height, a descent from a higher to a lower position (as by gravity); a collapsing of a building," from the source of fall (n.). (Old English noun fealle meant "snare, trap.") Meaning "a sinking down, subsidence" Of the coming of night from 1650s. Meaning "downward direction of a surface" is from 1560s, of a value from 1550s. Theological sense, "a succumbing to sin or temptation" (especially of Adam and Eve) is from early 13c.
  • fall (v.) Old English feallan (class VII strong verb; past tense feoll, past participle feallen) "to drop from a height; fail, decay, die," from Proto-Germanic *fallan (source also of Old Frisian falla, Old Saxon fallan, Dutch vallen, Old Norse falla, Old High German fallan, German fallen, absent in Gothic).
fall / fɔːl ; NAmE fɔːl / verb , noun fall falls fell falling fallen verb ( fell / fel ; NAmE fel / fall·en / ˈfɔːlən ; NAmE ˈfɔːlən / ) drop down 落下 1 [intransitive ] to drop down from a higher level to a lower level 落下;下落;掉落;跌落 September had come and the leaves were starting to fall. 已到九月了,树叶开始凋落。 They were injured by falling rocks. 他们被落石砸伤了。 + adv./prep. Several of the books had fallen onto the floor. 这些书有几本掉到了地上。 One of the kids fell into the river. 小孩中有一个掉进了河里。 The handle had fallen off the drawer. 抽屉的拉手掉了。 He fell 20 metres onto the rocks below. 他掉到下面 20 米处的岩石上。 The rain was falling steadily. 雨不停地下着。 stop standing 倒下 2 [intransitive ] to suddenly stop standing 突然倒下;跌倒;倒塌 She slipped on the ice and fell. 她在冰上滑了一跤。 + adv./prep. I fell overand cut my knee. 我摔倒了,划破了膝盖。 The house looked as if it was about to fall down. 房子看起来好像就要倒塌似的。 see also fallen of hair/material 毛发;材料 3 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to hang down 下垂;低垂 Her hair fell over her shoulders in a mass of curls. 她的鬈发披肩。 slope downwards 向下倾斜 4 [intransitive ] fall(away/off) to slope downwards 向下倾斜 The land falls away sharply towards the river. 地势向河边陡然倾斜。 decrease 减少 5 [intransitive ] to decrease in amount, number or strength (数量)减少,下降;(强度)减小 Their profits have fallen by 30 per cent. 他们的利润减少了 30%。 Prices continued to fall on the stock market today. 今天股票市场价格继续下跌。 The temperature fell sharply in the night. 夜间温度陡降。 falling birth rates 下降的出生率 Her voice fell to a whisper. 她的声音变小,成了耳语。 + noun Share prices fell 30p. 股价下跌了 30 便士。 OPP rise be defeated 被打败 6 [intransitive ] to be defeated or captured 被打败;沦陷;失守 The coup failed but the government fell shortly afterwards. 政变虽然流产,但是不久以后政府便垮台了。 fallto sb Troy finally fell to the Greeks. 特洛伊城最终被希腊人攻陷。 die in battle 阵亡 7 [intransitive ] ( literary) to die in battle; to be shot 阵亡;被击毙 a memorial to those who fell in the two world wars 两次世界大战阵亡将士纪念碑 become 变成 8 [intransitive ] to pass into a particular state; to begin to be sth 进入(某状态);开始变成(某事物) + adj. He had fallen asleep on the sofa. 他在沙发上睡着了。 The book fell open at a page of illustrations. 书翻开在有插图的那一页。 The room had fallen silent. 整个房间都变得静悄悄的。 She fell ill soon after and did not recover. 不久后她就病倒了,而且未能痊愈。 fallinto sth I had fallen into conversation with a man on the train. 在火车上我和一个男人攀谈起来。 The house had fallen into disrepair. 这栋房子已年久失修。 + noun She knew she must not fall prey to his charm. 她清楚自己绝不可以被他迷住。 happen/occur 发生 9 [intransitive ] ( literary) to come quickly and suddenly 突然来到;突然出现 SYN descend A sudden silence fell. 突然一片鸦雀无声。 Darkness falls quickly in the tropics. 在热带地区夜幕降临迅速。 fallon sb/sth An expectant hush fell on the guests. 客人们即时安静了下来,期待着将要发生的事。 10 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to happen or take place 发生 My birthday falls on a Monday this year. 今年我的生日适逢星期一。 11 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to move in a particular direction or come in a particular position (向某方向)移动;落(在某位置上) My eye fell on (= I suddenly saw)a curious object. 我突然见到了一样奇怪的东西。 Which syllable does the stress fall on? 重音在哪个音节? A shadow fell across her face. 一片阴影掠过她的脸庞。 belong to group 属于群体 12 [intransitive ] + adv./prep. to belong to a particular class, group or area of responsibility 属于(某类、群体、责任范围) Out of over 400 staff there are just 7 that fall into this category. *400 多个职员中只有 7 人属于这一类。 This case falls outside my jurisdiction. 这个案件不属于我的管辖范围。 This falls under the heading of scientific research. 这一项属于科研类目。 IDIOM Idioms containing fallare at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example fall by the waysideis at wayside. 含 fall 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 fall by the wayside 在词条 wayside 下。 PHRASAL VERBS ˌfall aˈbout ( BrE) ( informal) to laugh a lot 捧腹大笑;笑得前仰后合 falldoing sth We all fell about laughing. 我们都笑得前仰后合。 ˌfall aˈpart 1 to be in very bad condition so that parts are breaking off 破碎;破裂 My car is falling apart. 我的汽车要散架了。 2 to have so many problems that it is no longer possible to exist or function 破裂;崩溃 Their marriage finally fell apart. 他们的婚姻终于破裂了。 The deal fell apart when we failed to agree on a price. 我们在价格上未能达成一致意见,生意吹了。 ˌfall aˈway to become gradually fewer or smaller; to disappear (逐渐)减少;减小;消失;消散 His supporters fell away as his popularity declined. 随着他的名望下降,他的支持者渐渐离他而去。 The market for their products fell away to almost nothing. 他们产品的市场几乎萎缩到零。 All our doubts fell away. 我们的一切疑虑都烟消云散。 The houses fell away as we left the city. 随着我们离城市越来越远,房屋也逐渐在视线中消失了。 ˌfall ˈback 1 to move or turn back 后退;撤退;退却 SYN retreat The enemy fell back as our troops advanced. 我军部队挺进,敌军向后撤退。 2 to decrease in value or amount (价值)降低;(数量)减少 ˌfall ˈback on sb/sth [no passive ] to go to sb for support; to have sth to use when you are in difficulty 求助于;借助于;转而依靠 I have a little money in the bank to fall back on. 我在银行还有一点钱,需要时可以动用。 She fell back on her usual excuse of having no time. 她以惯用的借口推说没有时间。 related noun fallback ˌfall beˈhind (sb/sth) to fail to keep level with sb/sth 落后;落在…后面 She soon fell behind the leaders. 她很快就落在领头者的后面。 ˌfall beˈhind with sth ( also ˌfall beˈhind on sth especially in NAmE ) to not pay or do sth at the right time 拖欠(付款);没有及时做 They had fallen behind on their mortgage repayments. 他们拖欠了按揭还款。 He's fallen behind with his school work again. 他又没有按时做学校作业了。 ˌfall ˈdown to be shown to be not true or not good enough 不实;不能令人满意;不够好 And that's where the theory falls down. 这就是该理论的不足之处。 see also fall v.  (2 ) ˈfall for sb [no passive ] ( informal) to be strongly attracted to sb; to fall in love with sb 爱上;倾心于 They fell for each other instantly. 他俩一见钟情。 ˈfall for sth [no passive ] ( informal) to be tricked into believing sth that is not true 信以为真 I'm surprised you fell for that trick. 我感到惊奇,你竟中了那个诡计。 ˌfall ˈin if soldiers fall in,they form lines 集合;列队 The sergeant ordered his men to fall in. 中士命令士兵集合。 ˌfall ˈin with sb/sth [no passive ] ( BrE) to agree to sth 同意;赞成 She fell in with my idea at once. 她立刻同意了我的主意。 ˈfall into sth to be able to be divided into sth 可以分为;能够分成 My talk falls naturally into three parts. 我的讲话可以自然分成三个部份。 ˌfall ˈoff to decrease in quantity or quality 数量减少;质量下降 Attendance at my lectures has fallen off considerably. 听我讲课的学生大大减少了。 OPP rise ˈfall on/upon sb/sth [no passive ] ( especially BrE) 1 to attack or take hold of sb/sth with a lot of energy and enthusiasm 袭击;向…进攻;扑向;抓住 They fell on him with sticks. 他们用棍棒袭击他。 The children fell on the food and ate it greedily. 孩子们扑向食物,狼吞虎咽地吃起来。 2 to be the responsibility of sb (责任)落在…身上;由…负担 The full cost of the wedding fell on us. 整个婚礼费用由我们负担了。 ˌfall ˈout 1 to become loose and drop 掉落;脱落 His hair is falling out. 他的头发在脱落。 2 if soldiers fall out,they leave their lines and move away 原地解散;离开队列 ˌfall ˈout (with sb) ( BrE) to have an argument with sb so that you are no longer friendly with them (与某人)吵翻,闹翻 ˌfall ˈover ( informal) (of a computer or program 计算机或程序 ) to stop working suddenly (突然)发生故障,不运转,死机 My spreadsheet keeps falling over. 我的电子表格程序不断出故障。 ˌfall ˈover sb/sth [no passive ] to hit your foot against sth when you are walking and fall, or almost fall 被…绊倒;几乎被…绊倒 SYN trip over I rushed for the door and fell over the cat in the hallway. 我冲向门口,在过道被猫绊了一跤。 see also fall v.  (2 ) ˌfall ˈover yourself to do sth ( informal) to try very hard or want very much to do sth 特别卖力;迫不及待;煞费苦心;不遗余力 He was falling over himself to be nice to me. 他尽力对我友好。 ˌfall ˈthrough to not be completed, or not happen 落空;失败;成为泡影 Our plans fell through because of lack of money. 我们的计划由于缺钱而落空了。 ˈfall to sb to become the duty or responsibility of sb (职责、责任)落在…身上;应由…做 With his partner away, all the work now fell to him. 他的搭档走了以后,工作现在全落在他的身上。 it falls to sb to do sth It fell to me to inform her of her son's death. 把她儿子死讯通知她的差事落在了我的头上。 ˈfall to sth ( literary) to begin to do sth 开始做;干起来 falldoing sth She fell to brooding about what had happened to her. 她开始愤愤地思忖着自己的遭遇。 noun act of falling 落下 1 [countable ] an act of falling 落下;下落;跌落;掉落 I had a bad fall and broke my arm. 我重重地跌了一跤,摔断了手臂。 She was killed in a fall from a horse. 她从马背上掉下来摔死了。 of snow/rocks 雪;岩石 2 [countable ] fall(of sth) an amount of snow, rocks, etc. that falls or has fallen (雪、岩石等的)降落 a heavy fall of snow 一场大雪 a rock fall 岩崩 way sth falls/happens 下落;发生 3 [singular ] fallof sth the way in which sth falls or happens 下落;发生 the fall of the dice 骰子的掷出 the dark fall of her hair (= the way her hair hangs down) 她那垂泻的黑发 of water 4 falls [plural ] ( especially in names 尤用于名称 ) a large amount of water falling down from a height 瀑布 SYN waterfall The falls upstream are full of salmon. 瀑布的上游一带盛产鲑鱼。 Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉瀑布 autumn 5 [countable ] ( NAmE) = autumn in the fall of 2009 在 2009 年的秋天 last fall 去年秋天 fall weather 秋季天气 decrease 减少 6 [countable ] fall(in sth) a decrease in size, number, rate or level (大小)减小;(数量)减少;(比率、水平)降低 a steep fall in profits 利润的骤降 a big fall in unemployment 失业人数的大大减少 OPP rise defeat 失败 7 [singular ] fall(of sth) a loss of political, economic, etc. power or success; the loss or defeat of a city, country, etc. in war (政权的)垮台;(经济的)崩溃;(城市、国家的)沦陷,灭亡 the fall of the Roman Empire 罗马帝国的灭亡 the rise and fallof British industry 英国工业的兴衰 the fall of Berlin 柏林的沦陷 loss of respect 丧失尊敬 8 [singular ] a situation in which a person, an organization, etc. loses the respect of other people because they have done sth wrong (威信的)骤降 the TV preacher's spectacular fall from grace 电视布道者威信的遽降 in Bible 《圣经》 9 the Fall [singular ] the occasion when Adam and Eve did not obey God and had to leave the Garden of Eden 人类堕落(指亚当和夏娃违背上帝意旨而被迫离开伊甸园) IDIOMS break sb's ˈfall to stop sb from falling onto sth hard 缓和某人的跌势;防止某人跌得很重 Luckily, a bush broke his fall. 幸亏有灌木接着,他摔得不重。 take the ˈfall (for sb/sth) ( informal) ( especially NAmE) to accept responsibility or punishment for sth that you did not do, or did not do alone 替…承担责任;成为…的替罪羊 He took the fall for his boss and resigned. 他成了老板的替罪羊,辞职了。 more at pride n. , ride v. LANGUAGE BANK 用语库 fall Describing a decrease 描述下降 Car crime in Oxford fell significantlylast year. 去年牛津的汽车犯罪显著下降。 Car crime fellby about a quarter over a 12-month period. *12 个月内汽车犯罪下降了约四分之一。 The number of stolen vehicles droppedfrom 1 013 to 780, a fall of26 per cent. 被盗汽车数量从 1 013 辆减少到 780 辆,下降了 26%。 According to this data, 780 vehicles were stolen, 26% downon the previous year. 根据这份数据,780 辆车被盗,比去年下降了 26%。 There was an 11% dropin reported thefts from motor vehicles, from 1 871 to 1 737. 机动车财物盗窃案件数量下降了 11%,从 1 871 下降到 1 737。 These figures show that, as far as car crime is concerned, the main trend is downwards. 这些数据表明,就汽车犯罪而言,大趋势是下降的。 ➱ Language Banks at expect, illustrate, increase, proportion fall / fɔːl ; NAmE fɔːl / fell / fel ; NAmE fel / fall·en / ˈfɔːlən ; NAmE ˈfɔːlən /
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