clean 英 [kli:n]   美 [klin]


clean  英 [kli:n] 美 [klin]

adj. 清洁的,干净的  v. 打扫,清扫 

进行时:cleaning  过去式:cleaned  过去分词:cleaned  第三人称单数:cleans  名词复数:cleans  比较级:cleaner  最高级:cleanest 

clean drinking water 洁净的饮用水
clean the windows/bath/floor 擦窗户╱浴缸╱地板

  • The meaning of clean usually refers to removing something unwanted: you clean your hands by washing them, then you can clean some grapes.
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  • adj. 清洁的,干净的
  • v. 打扫,清扫
  • 1. clean drinking water


  • 2. clean the windows/bath/floor


  • 3. Are your hands clean?


  • 4. a clean sheet of paper


  • 5. Keep the jokes clean please!


  • 6. a clean driving licence/driver's license


  • 7. The plane made a clean take-off.


  • 8. The house needed a good clean.


  • clean (adj.) Old English clæne "free from dirt or filth, unmixed with foreign or extraneous matter; morally pure, chaste, innocent; open, in the open," of beasts, "not forbidden by ceremonial law to eat," from West Germanic *klainoz "clear, pure" (source also of Old Saxon kleni "dainty, delicate," Old Frisian klene "small," Old High German kleini "delicate, fine, small," German klein "small;" English preserves the original Germanic sense), from PIE root *gel- "bright, gleaming" (source also of Greek glene "eyeball," Old Irish gel "bright").
  • clean (adv.) Old English clæne "dirtlessly," also "clearly, fully, entirely;" see clean (adj.). Compare similar use of German rein "clean."
  • clean (v.) mid-15c., "make clean," from clean (adj.). Related: Cleaned; cleaning. From clean out "clean by emptying" comes sense of "to leave bare" (1844); cleaned-out "left penniless by losses" is from 1812.
clean / kliːn ; NAmE kliːn / adjective , verb , adverb , noun clean cleans cleaned cleaning cleaner cleanest adjective ( clean·er , clean·est ) not dirty 清洁 1 not dirty 洁净的;干净的 Are your hands clean? 你的手干净吗? to wipe sth clean 把某物擦干净 The hotel was spotlessly (= extremely) clean. 这家旅馆干净得一尘不染。 ( BrE) It is your responsibility to keepthe room clean and tidy. 保持房间整洁是你的职责。 ( NAmE) Keepyour room neat and clean. 保持房间整洁。 I can't find a clean shirt (= one I haven't worn since it was washed). 我找不到一件干净的衬衫。 2 having a cleanappearance and cleansurroundings 爱干净的;爱整洁的 Cats are very clean animals. 猫是很爱干净的动物。 not harmful 无害 3 free from harmful or unpleasant substances 无有害物的;无污染的 clean drinking water 洁净的饮用水 clean air 清洁的空气 cleaner cars (= not producing so many harmful substances) 环保型汽车 paper 4 [usually before noun ] with nothing written on it 空白的;未写过的 a clean sheet of paper 一张空白纸 not offensive 文明 5 not offensive or referring to sex; not doing anything that is considered immoral or bad 文明的;无色情的;正派的 The entertainment was good clean funfor the whole family. 这种娱乐正派有趣,对全家老少都适合。 Keep the jokes clean please! 开玩笑请文明点! The sport has a very clean image. 这项运动享有很文明的声誉。 not illegal 合法 6 not showing or having any record of doing sth that is against the law 无犯罪记录的;守法的;清白的 a clean driving licence/driver's license 无违章记录的驾驶执照 a clean police record 无违警记录 7 ( informal) not owning or carrying anything illegal such as drugs or weapons 没有私藏(或携带)违禁品(如毒品、武器等)的 The police searched her but she was clean. 警察搜了她的身,但未发现她携带任何违禁品。 fair 公正 8 played or done in a fair way and within the rules 公平的;守规则的;不违例的 It was a tough but clean game. 这是一场打得艰苦但却是规规矩矩的比赛。 smooth/simple 平整;简洁 9 having a smooth edge, surface or shape; simple and regular 边缘平整的;表面平滑的;简洁规则的 A sharp knife makes a clean cut. 快刀切得整齐。 a modern design with clean lines and a bright appearance 线条流畅、外观明快的现代设计 accurate 准确 10 done in a skilful and accurate way 动作熟练而准确的;干净利落的 The plane made a clean take-off. 飞机起飞得干净利落。 taste/smell 味道;气味 11 tasting, smelling or looking pleasant and fresh 清醇的;清新的 The wine has a clean taste and a lovely golden colour. 这葡萄酒味道清醇,色泽金黄。 compare unclean IDIOMS as clean as a ˈwhistle ( informal) very clean 干干净净 a clean bill of ˈhealth a report that says sb is healthy or that sth is in good condition 健康证明;合格证明 a clean ˈbreak 1 a complete separation from a person, an organization, a way of life, etc. (与人、组织、生活方式等的)彻底决裂 She wanted to make a clean break with the past. 她想与过去完全断绝。 2 a break in a bone in one place 一处骨折 a clean ˈsheet/ˈslate a record of your work or behaviour that does not show any mistakes or bad things that you have done 无过错记录;清白的历史 No government operates with a completely clean sheet. 没有任何政府执政一点也不失误。 They kept a clean sheet in the match (= no goals were scored against them). 他们在比赛中保持了未失一分的纪录。 make a clean ˈbreast of sth to tell the truth about sth so that you no longer feel guilty 彻底坦白;如实供认;把…和盘托出 make a clean sweep (of sth) 1 to remove all the people or things from an organization that are thought to be unnecessary or need changing 全部撤换;彻底清除 2 to win all the prizes or parts of a game or competition; to win an election completely (比赛或竞赛中)大获全胜,包揽(所有奖项);获得选举全胜 China made a clean sweep of the medals in the gymnastics events. 中国队在体操比赛中包揽了所有的奖牌。 The opinion poll suggests a clean sweep for the Democrats. 民意测验表明民主党有可能大获全胜。 more at nose n. , wipe v. verb 1 [transitive ,  intransitive ] clean(sth) to make sth free from dirt or dust by washing or rubbing it 除去…的灰尘;使…干净;打扫 to clean the windows/bath/floor 擦窗户╱浴缸╱地板 to clean a wound 洗净伤口 Have you cleaned your teeth? 你刷牙了吗? The villa is cleaned twice a week. 这栋别墅一周打扫两次。 I spent all day cooking and cleaning. 我一整天都忙着做饭和打扫清洁。 see also dry-clean , spring-clean 2 [intransitive ] to become clean 变干净 This oven cleans easily (= is easy to clean). 这烤箱容易擦洗。 3 [transitive ] cleansth = dry-clean This coat is filthy. I'll have it cleaned. 这件大衣脏了,我得送去干洗。 4 [transitive ] cleansth to remove the inside parts of a fish, chicken, etc. before you cook it (烹调前给鱼、鸡等)清除内脏 IDIOMS clean ˈhouse ( NAmE) 1 to remove people or things that are not necessary or wanted 清除不必要的人(或事物);裁减 The new manager said he wanted to clean house. 新上任的经理说他要裁员。 2 to make your house clean 打扫房屋 clean up your ˈact ( informal) to start behaving in a moral or responsible way 改邪归正;重新做人 He cleaned up his act and came off drugs. 他已改邪归正戒掉了毒品。 PHRASAL VERBS ˌclean sth↔ˈdown to clean sth thoroughly 彻底打扫;使…彻底干净 All the equipment should be cleaned down regularly. 所有设备都应该定期彻底打扫。 ˈclean sth off/from sth | ˌclean sth↔ˈoff to remove sth from sth by brushing, rubbing, etc. 把…刷(或擦)掉 I cleaned the mud off my shoes. 我刷掉了鞋子上的泥土。 ˌclean sth↔ˈout to clean the inside of sth thoroughly 把(某物)内部彻底打扫干净 I must clean the fish tank out. 我必须把养鱼缸彻底清洗干净。 ˌclean sb ˈout ( informal) to use all of sb's money 耗尽(某人的)钱;用光(某人的)钱 Paying for all those drinks has cleaned me out. 购买那些饮料把我的钱花得一干二净。 ˌclean sb/sth ˈout ( informal) to steal everything from a person or place 洗劫 The burglars totally cleaned her out. 窃贼把她洗劫一空。 ˌclean ˈup ( informal) to win or make a lot of money 赢钱;赚大钱;发财 This film should clean up at the box offices. 这部电影在票房收入上应该能赚大钱。 ˌclean (yourself) ˈup ( informal) to make yourself clean, usually by washing 把(身体)洗干净 I need to change and clean up. 我需要换洗一下。 Go and clean yourself up. 去梳洗干净吧。 You'd better get cleaned up. 你最好去梳洗一下。 related noun clean-up ˌclean ˈup | ˌclean sth↔ˈup to remove dirt, etc. from somewhere 打扫(或清除)干净 He always expected other people to clean up afterhim (= when he had made the place dirty or untidy). 他总是指望别人来打扫他弄脏了的地方。 Who's going to clean up this mess? 这么又脏又乱的,谁来清理? to clean up beaches after an oil spillage 清理石油泄漏后被污染的海滩 related noun clean-up ˌclean sth↔ˈup to remove crime and immoral behaviour from a place or an activity 清除(某地或某活动中的)犯罪及不道德行为;清理;整顿 The new mayor is determined to clean up the city. 新上任的市长决心要整治好这座城市。 Soccer needs to clean up its image. 足球界的形象需要改善。 related noun clean-up adverb ( informal) used to emphasize that an action takes place completely (行动)彻底地,完全地 The thief got clean away. 那小偷已逃之夭夭。 I clean forgot about calling him. 我把给他打电话的事忘得一干二净。 IDIOM come clean (with sb) (about sth) to admit and explain sth that you have kept as a secret 全盘招供;和盘托出 Isn't it time the government came clean about their plans for education? 这难道不是政府彻底说明教育计划的时候了吗? noun [singular ] the act or process of cleaning sth 打扫;清扫 The house needed a good clean. 这房子需要彻底打扫。 SYNONYMS 同义词辨析 clean wash rinse cleanse dry-clean These words all mean to remove dirt from sth, especially by using water and/or soap. 以上各词均含打扫、洗净之意,尤指用水、肥皂等。 clean to remove dirt or dust from sth, especially by using water or chemicals 指除去灰尘、打扫,尤指用水或化学品洗净、擦净: The villa is cleaned twice a week. 这栋别墅一周打扫两次。 Have you cleaned your teeth? 你刷牙了吗? This coat is filthy. I'll have it cleaned (= dry-cleaned). 这件大衣脏了,我得送去干洗。 wash to remove dirt from sth using water and usually soap 指洗、洗涤: He quickly washed his hands and face. 他很快把手和脸洗了。 These jeans need washing. 这条牛仔裤该洗了。 rinse to remove dirt, etc. from sth using clean water only, not soap; to remove the soap from sth with clean water after washing it 指用清水冲洗、清洗、冲掉皂液: Make sure you rinse all the soap out. 一定要把皂液冲洗干净。 cleanse to clean your skin or a wound 指清洁(皮肤)、清洗(伤口) dry-clean to clean clothes using chemicals instead of water 指干洗 PATTERNS to clean/wash/rinse/cleanse sth in / in sth to clean/wash/rinse sth fromsth to clean/wash/cleanse a wound to clean/wash the car / car to wash/rinse your hair to have sthcleaned/washed/dry-cleaned clean / kliːn ; NAmE kliːn /
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