brown 英 [braʊn]   美 [braʊn]


brown  英 [braʊn] 美 [braʊn]

adj. 棕色的,褐色的;太阳晒黑的  vi. 变成褐色  n. 褐色,棕色 

进行时:browning  过去式:browned  过去分词:browned  第三人称单数:browns  名词复数:browns  比较级:browner  最高级:brownest 

brown bear 棕色的熊
brown eyes  褐色的眼睛

  • Brown is the color an artist gets by mixing yellow, red, and blue. Chocolate, dark wood, roasted coffee beans, and old-fashioned photographs are all various shades of brown.
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  • adj. 棕色的,褐色的;太阳晒黑的
  • vi. 变成褐色
  • n. 褐色,棕色
  • vt. 使变成褐色
  • 1. brown bear


  • 2. brown eyes


  • 3. Brown doesn't suit you.


  • brown (adj.) Old English brun "dark, dusky," developing a definite color sense only 13c., from Proto-Germanic *brunaz (source also of Old Norse brunn, Danish brun, Old Frisian and Old High German brun, Dutch bruin, German braun), from PIE root *bher- (2) "bright; brown."
  • brown (n.) c. 1300, "a brown thing or part of a thing;" c. 1600, "brown color;" from brown (adj.).
  • brown (v.) c. 1300, "to become brown," from brown (adj.). From 1560s as "to make brown." Related: Browned; browning.
brown / braʊn ; NAmE braʊn / adjective , noun , verb brown browns browned browning browner brownest adjective ( brown·er , brown·est ) 1 having the colour of earth or coffee 棕色的;褐色的 brown eyes 褐色的眼睛 brown bread 黑面包 dark brown shoe polish 深棕色鞋油 a package wrapped in brown paper 用牛皮纸包扎的包裹 2 having skin that is naturally brown or has been made brown by the sun (皮肤)棕色的,被晒黑的 ( BrE) I don't go brown very easily. 我不容易晒黑。 After the summer in Spain, the children were brown as berries. 在西班牙度过了一个夏天之后,孩子们被晒得黝黑。 IDIOM in a brown ˈstudy ( old-fashioned) ( BrE) thinking deeply so that you do not notice what is happening around you 出神;沉思默想(以致没注意到周围情况) noun [uncountable ,  countable ] the colour of earth or coffee 棕色;褐色 leaves of various shades of brown 深浅不一的棕色叶子 Brown doesn't (= brown clothes do not)suit you. 你不适合穿棕色衣服。 verb [intransitive ,  transitive ] to become brown; to make sth brown (使)变成棕色;成褐色 Heat the butter until it browns. 把黄油加热,使之呈棕色。 The grass was browning in patches. 草地一片片地变成褐色。 brownsth Brown the onions before adding the meat. 把洋葱炒成褐色,然后放进肉。 IDIOM ˌbrowned ˈoff (with sb/sth) ( BrE) ( informal) bored, unhappy and/or annoyed (对某人)厌倦,不快,烦恼 SYN fed up By now the passengers were getting browned off with the delay. 此时乘客们对延误已开始感到不满。 brown / braʊn ; NAmE braʊn /
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