blue 英 [blu:]   美 [blu]


blue  英 [blu:] 美 [blu]

n. 蓝色;[the blue(s)]布鲁斯(歌曲)(一种伤感的音乐  adj. 蓝色的;沮丧的,忧郁的 

进行时:bluing  过去式:blued  过去分词:blued  第三人称单数:blues  名词复数:blues 

a blue shirt  一件蓝色衬衫
He'd been feeling blue all week. 他整个星期都郁郁不乐。

  • Among other things, blue is a color and a dreary mood. If the blue sky and ocean have turned gray and stormy, you might be blue because your day at the beach is ruined.
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  • n. 蓝色;[the blue(s)]布鲁斯(歌曲)(一种伤感的音乐
  • adj. 蓝色的;沮丧的,忧郁的
  • 1. a blue shirt


  • 2. He'd been feeling blue all week.


  • blue (adj.1) "of the color of the clear sky," c. 1300, bleu, blwe, etc., "sky-colored," also "livid, lead-colored," from Old French blo, bleu "pale, pallid, wan, light-colored; blond; discolored; blue, blue-gray," from Frankish *blao or some other Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *blæwaz (source also of Old English blaw, Old Saxon and Old High German blao, Danish blaa, Swedish blå, Old Frisian blau, Middle Dutch bla, Dutch blauw, German blau "blue").
  • blue (adj.2) "lewd, indecent" recorded from 1840 (in form blueness, in an essay of Carlyle's); the sense connection with the color name (see blue (adj.1)) is unclear, and is opposite to that in blue laws (q.v.). John Mactaggart's "Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia" (1824), containing odd words he had learned while growing up in Galloway and elsewhere in Scotland, has an entry for Thread o'Blue, "any little smutty touch in song-singing, chatting, or piece of writing." Farmer ["Slang and Its Analogues Past and Present," 1890] offers the theory that this meaning derives from the blue dress uniforms issued to harlots in houses of correction (from c. 1600), but he writes that the earlier slang authority John Camden Hotten "suggests it as coming from the French Bibliothèque Bleu, a series of books of very questionable character," and adds, from Hotten, that, "Books or conversation of an entirely opposite nature are said to be Brown or Quakerish, i.e., serious, grave, decent."
  • blue (n.) "the color of the clear sky," c. 1300, from blue (adj.1). From late 15c. as "blue clothing." The blue is from 1640s as "the sky" (hence bolt from the blue "lightning," 1837); from 1821 as "the sea." In reference to a particular party which has chosen blue for its color, by 1835. "In most parts of England the Conservative party" [OED], but in 17c. it often was the Whig color (opposed to royal red).
  • blue (v.) "to make blue," c. 1600, from blue (adj.1).
blue / bluː ; NAmE bluː / adjective , noun blue blues blued bluing blueing bluer bluest adjective ( bluer , blu·est ) 1 having the colour of a clear sky or the sea/ocean on a clear day 蓝色的;天蓝色的;蔚蓝色的 piercing blue eyes 锐利的蓝眼睛 a blue shirt 蓝色衬衫 2 (of a person or part of the body 人或身体部位 ) looking slightly blue in colour because the person is cold or cannot breathe easily (由于冷或呼吸困难)发青的,青紫的 Her hands were blue with cold. 她的双手冻得发青。 3 ( informal) sad 忧郁的;悲伤的 SYN depressed He'd been feeling blue all week. 他整个星期都郁郁不乐。 4 films/movies, jokes or stories that are blueare about sex (电影、玩笑或故事)色情的,黄色的 a blue movie 色情片 5 ( politics ) (of an area in the US) having more people who vote for the Democraticcandidate than the Republicanone (美国地区)蓝色的(支持民主党候选人多于支持共和党候选人) blue states/counties 蓝州;蓝县 OPP red see also true-blue blue·ness / ˈbluːnəs ; NAmE ˈbluːnəs / noun [uncountable ,  singular ] the blueness of the water 水的蔚蓝色 IDIOM do sth till you are blue in the ˈface ( informal) to try to do sth as hard and as long as you possibly can but without success 徒然拚命地干;徒劳无功 You can argue till you're blue in the face, but you won't change my mind. 你可以费尽口舌,但改变不了我的主意。 more at black adj. , devil , once adv. , scream v. noun see also blues 1 [countable ,  uncountable ] the colour of a clear sky or the sea/ocean on a clear day 蓝色;天蓝色;蔚蓝色 bright/dark/light/pale blue 明亮的╱深╱浅╱淡蓝色 The room was decorated in vibrant blues and yellows. 房间内部以鲜明的蓝色和黄色作为装饰。 She was dressed in blue. 她身着蓝色服装。 2 [countable ] ( BrE) a person who has played a particular sport for Oxford or Cambridge University; a title given to them 蓝色荣誉者(牛津或剑桥大学的校队运动员);蓝色荣誉的头衔 3 [countable ] ( AustralE, NZE) ( informal) a mistake 错误;失误 4 [countable ] ( AustralE, NZE) ( informal) a name for a person with red hair 红发人 5 [countable ] ( AustralE, NZE) ( informal) a fight 打架;打斗;斗殴 IDIOM out of the ˈblue unexpectedly; without warning 出乎意料;突然;晴天霹雳 The decision came out of the blue. 这个决定来得很突然。 more at bolt n. , boy n. blue / bluː ; NAmE bluː / blue·ness / ˈbluːnəs ; NAmE ˈbluːnəs /
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