you 英 [ju]   美 [jə]


you  英 [ju] 美 [jə]

pron. 你;你们 

It's you! Objection! 是你干的! 反对!
Are you against it or for it? 你对此事是反对呢还是赞成?

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  • pron. 你;你们
  • 1. It's you! Objection!

    是你干的! 反对!

  • 2. Are you against it or for it?


  • 3. You have to consider what to do next.


  • 4. Do what I tell you.


you / ju ; NAmE / / strong form juː strong form juː / pronoun 1 used as the subject or object of a verb or after a preposition to refer to the person or people being spoken or written to 你;您;你们 You said you knew the way. 你说过你知道路的。 I thought she told you. 我以为她告诉你了。 Can I sit next to you? 我可以坐在你旁边吗? I don't think that hairstyle is you (= it doesn't suit your appearance or personality). 我觉得那种发型不适合你。 2 used with nouns and adjectives to speak to sb directly (与名词及形容词连用,直接称呼某人) You girls, stop talking! 你们这些女孩子,别说话了! You stupid idiot! 你这个白痴! 3 used for referring to people in general (泛指任何人) You learn a language better if you visit the country where it is spoken. 如果到说某种语言的国家去,就会把这种语言学得更好。 It's a friendly place—people come up to you in the street and start talking. 这个地方的人很友好,在街上走着就有人上来跟你攀谈。 you / ju ; NAmE /
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