with 英 [wɪð]   美 [wɪθ]


with  英 [wɪð] 美 [wɪθ]

prep. 随着;和…在一起; 用 

to fight with sb 与某人打架
I will go with you. 我改变主意了,我决定跟你一起去。

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  • prep. 随着;和…在一起; 用
  • 1. to fight with sb


  • 2. I will go with you.


  • 3. She lives with her parents.


  • 4. Cut it with a knife.


  • 5. to play tennis with sb


  • 6. Don't be angry with her.


  • 7. She sleeps with the window open.


  • 8. I have something to talk with you.


  • 9. a girl with (= who has)red hair


  • with (prep.) Old English wið "against, opposite, from, toward, by, near," a shortened form related to wiðer, from Proto-Germanic *withro- "against" (source also of Old Saxon withar "against," Old Norse viðr "against, with, toward, at," Middle Dutch, Dutch weder, Dutch weer "again," Gothic wiþra "against, opposite"), from PIE *wi-tero-, literally "more apart," suffixed form of root *wi- "separation" (source also of Sanskrit vi, Avestan vi- "asunder," Sanskrit vitaram "further, farther," Old Church Slavonic vutoru "other, second").
with / wɪð ; NAmE wɪð / / wɪθ ; NAmE wɪθ / preposition HELP  For the special uses of within phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example bear with sb/sthis in the phrasal verb section at bear. *with 在短语动词中的特殊用法见有关动词词条。如 bear with sb/sth 在词条 bear 的短语动词部份。 1 in the company or presence of sb/sth 和…在一起;和;同;跟 She lives with her parents. 她同父母住在一起。 I have a client with me right now. 我现在有个客户。 a nice steak with a bottle of red wine 一份美味牛排再加上一瓶红葡萄酒 2 having or carrying sth 有;具有;带有 a girl with (= who has)red hair 一位红发女郎 a jacket with a hood 带风帽的短上衣 He looked at her with a hurt expression. 他带着受伤害的神情看着她。 They're both in bed with flu. 他们双双患流感卧病在床。 a man with a suitcase 提衣箱的男子 3 using sth 用;使用;以;藉 Cut it with a knife. 用刀把它切开。 It is treated with acid before being analysed. 对它先用酸处理再进行分析。 4 used to say what fills, covers, etc. sth (表示以某物填充、覆盖等) The bag was stuffed with dirty clothes. 袋子里塞满了脏衣服。 Sprinkle the dish with salt. 在这盘菜上撒上盐。 5 in opposition to sb/sth; against sb/sth 与…对立;反对 to fight with sb 与某人打架 to play tennis with sb 与某人打网球 at war with a neighbouring country 与邻国交战 I had an argument with my boss. 我跟老板吵了一架。 6 concerning; in the case of 关于;对于;对…来说 Be careful with the glasses. 小心这些玻璃杯。 Are you pleased with the result? 你对结果满意吗? Don't be angry with her. 别生她的气。 With these students it's pronunciation that's the problem. 对这些学生来说,成问题的是发音。 7 used when considering one fact in relation to another (涉及一事与另一事的关系) She won't be able to help us with all the family commitments she has. 她有这么多家务事,帮不了我们。 It's much easier compared with last time. 这与上次相比容易得多。 8 including 包括;还有 The meal with wine came to $20 each. 包括酒这顿饭每人 20 块钱。 With all the lesson preparation I have to do I work 12 hours a day. 加上必须的备课在内,我每天工作 12 个小时。 9 used to show the way in which sb does sth (表示行为方式) He behaved with great dignity. 他举止庄重威严。 She sleeps with the window open. 她爱开着窗户睡觉。 Don't stand with your hands in your pockets. 站着的时候别把双手插在口袋里。 10 because of; as a result of 因为;由于;作为…的结果 She blushed with embarrassment. 她难为情得脸红了。 His fingers were numb with cold. 他的手指冻麻了。 11 because of sth and as it happens 由于;随着 The shadows lengthened with the approach of sunset. 随着太阳西沉,影子越来越长。 Skill comes with practice. 熟能生巧。 12 in the same direction as sth 与…方向一致;顺着 Marine mammals generally swim with the current. 海洋哺乳动物一般顺水而游。 13 used to show who has possession of or responsibility for sth 由…持有;由…负责 The keys are with reception. 钥匙在服务枱。 Leave it with me. 把这交给我吧。 14 employed by; using the services of 为…工作;受雇于;利用…的服务 She acted with a touring company for three years. 她在一巡回剧团里演出了三年。 I bank with HSBC. 我的钱存在汇丰银行里。 15 showing separation from sth/sb (表示分离) I could never part with this ring. 我永远也不摘掉这枚戒指。 Can we dispense with the formalities? 我们可以免去这些客套吗? 16 despite sth 虽然;尽管 With all her faults I still love her. 尽管她有种种缺点,我依然爱着她。 17 used in exclamations (用于感叹) Off to bed with you! 你给我睡觉去! Down with school! 取缔学校! IDIOMS be ˈwith me/you ( informal) to be able to understand what sb is talking about 能理解…讲的话 Are you with me? 你明白我说的话吗? I'm afraid I'm not quite with you. 对不起,我不太懂你的意思。 be ˈwith sb (on sth) to support sb and agree with what they say 支持;与…站在一起;同意…说的话 We're all with you on this one. 在这个问题上我们都支持你。 ˈwith it ( informal) 1 knowing about current fashions and ideas 时新;时髦 SYN trendy Don't you have anything more with it to wear? 难道你没有更时髦一点儿的衣服穿? 2 understanding what is happening around you 明白周围情况;敏感 SYN alert You don't seem very with it today. 你今天脑瓜子似乎不太管用。 with ˈthat straight after that; then 紧接着;随即;然后 He muttered a few words of apology and with that he left. 他低声叽咕了几句道歉的话,然后就走了。 with / wɪð ; NAmE wɪð /
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