who 英 [hu:]   美 [hu]


who  英 [hu:] 美 [hu]

pron. 谁;什么人 


Who is that woman? 那个女的是谁?
who govern this country? 谁统治这个国家?

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  • pron. 谁;什么人
  • 1. Who is that woman?


  • 2. who govern this country?


  • 3. Who are you calling to?


who / huː ; NAmE huː / pronoun 1 used in questions to ask about the name, identity or function of one or more people (询问姓名、身分或职务)谁,什么人 Who is that woman? 那个女的是谁? I wonder who that letter was from. 我不知道是谁来的信。 Who are you phoning? 你在给谁打电话? Who's the money for? 这是给谁的钱? 2 used to show which person or people you mean (表示所指的人) The people who called yesterday want to buy the house. 昨天打电话来的人想买这座房子。 The people (who) we met in France have sent us a card. 我们在法国结识的人给我们寄来了一张贺卡。 3 used to give more information about sb (进一步提供有关某人的信息) Mrs Smith, who has a lot of teaching experience at junior level, will be joining the school in September. 史密斯太太将在九月份加入这所学校,她在初级教育方面颇有经验。 And then Mary, who we had been talking about earlier, walked in. 随后玛丽走了进来,我们刚才还在谈论她呢。 compare whom IDIOMS who am ˈI, who are ˈyou, etc. to do sth? used to ask what right or authority sb has to do sth …凭什么;…有什么资格 Who are you to tell me I can't park here? 你凭什么不让我在这儿停车? who's ˈwho people's names, jobs, status, etc. 谁是谁;人们的情况(姓名、工作、身分等) You'll soon find out who's who in the office. 你很快就会了解办公室里每个人的情况。 see also who's who who / huː ; NAmE huː / WHO / ˌdʌbljuː eɪtʃ ˈəʊ ; NAmE ˈoʊ / abbreviation World Health Organization(an international organization that aims to fight and control disease) 世界卫生组织 WHO / ˌdʌbljuː eɪtʃ ˈəʊ ; NAmE ˈoʊ /
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