what 英 [wɒt]   美 [wɑt]


what  英 [wɒt] 美 [wɑt]

pron. 什么;  adj. 什么;  int. 什么; 

What are the cats thinking? 猫们在想啥?
What is your name? 你叫什么名字?

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  • pron. 什么;
  • adj. 什么;
  • int. 什么;
  • 1. What are the cats thinking?


  • 2. What is your name?


  • 3. What time is it?


  • 4. What will happen next.


  • 5. What a beautiful house!


  • 6. What can I do for you?


  • what (pron.) Old English hwæt, referring to things in abstraction; also "why, wherefore; indeed, surely, truly," from Proto-Germanic pronoun *hwat (source also of Old Saxon hwat, Old Norse hvat, Danish hvad, Old Frisian hwet, Dutch wat, Old High German hwaz, German was, Gothic hva "what"), from PIE *kwod, neuter singular of *kwos "who," from PIE root *kwo-, stem of relative and interrogative pronouns. Corresponding to Latin quid.
what / wɒt ; NAmE wɑːt ; wʌt / pronoun , determiner 1 used in questions to ask for particular information about sb/sth 什么 What is your name? 你叫什么名字? What (= what job)does he do? 他是做什么工作的? What time is it? 现在什么时候了? What kind of music do you like? 你喜欢什么音乐? compare which  (1 ) 2 the thing or things that; whatever …的事物;无论什么;凡是…的事物 What you need is a good meal. 你需要的是一顿美餐。 Nobody knows what will happen next. 没有人知道接下来将会发生什么事。 I spent what little time I had with my family. 我仅有的一点儿时间都和家人在一起度过了。 3 used to say that you think that sth is especially good, bad, etc. 多么;真;太 What awful weather! 天气太糟糕了! What a beautiful house! 多么漂亮的房子啊! IDIOMS and ˈwhat not | and what ˈhave you ( informal) and other things of the same type 以及其他同样的东西;诸如此类 It's full of old toys, books and what not. 这里全都是旧玩具、书籍,以及诸如此类的东西。 get/give sb what ˈfor ( BrE) ( informal) to be punished/punish sb severely (受到)严惩;(被)痛打一顿,申斥一顿 I'll give her what for if she does that again. 她若再这样做,看我怎么收拾她。 or ˈwhat ( informal) 1 used to emphasize your opinion (强调看法) Is he stupid or what? 他真是傻透了。 2 used when you are not sure about sth (表示不肯定)还是别的什么 I don't know if he's a teacher or what. 我不知道他是个教师还是别的什么。 Are we going now or what? 我们现在走还是不走? what? ( informal) 1 used when you have not heard or have not understood sth (没听见或没听懂时说)什么 What? I can't hear you. 什么?我听不见你说话。 2 used to show that you have heard sb and to ask what they want (听到对方的话并问他们要什么)什么事,要什么 ‘Mummy!’ ‘What?’ ‘I'm thirsty.’ “妈咪!”“什么事?”“我口渴。” 3 used to express surprise or anger (惊讶或愤怒时说)什么,竟有这种事,真的 ‘It will cost $500.’ ‘What?’ “这东西要花 500 元。”“真的?” ‘I asked her to marry me.’ ‘ You what? “我向她求婚了。”“你说什么?” ˈwhat about…? ( informal) 1 used to make a suggestion (提出建议)…怎么样 What about a trip to France? 到法国去旅游一趟如何? 2 used to introduce sb/sth into the conversation (用以引出话题)…怎么样 What about you, Joe? Do you like football? 你怎么样,乔?你喜欢足球吗? ˈwhat-d'you-call-him/-her/-it/-them | ˈwhat's-his/-her/-its/-their-name used instead of a name that you cannot remember (记不得名字时说)你叫他(或她、它、他们)什么来着 She's just gone out with old what-d'you-call-him. 她刚和老…,你叫他什么来着,一块出去的。 what for? for what purpose or reason? 为何目的;为何理由 What is this tool for? 这个工具是干什么用的? What did you do that for (= why did you do that)? 你为何做那事? ‘I need to see a doctor.’ ‘What for?’ “我得去看医生。”“看什么病?” what if…? what would happen if? 要是…会怎么样呢 What if the train is late? 火车要是晚点会怎么样呢? What if she forgets to bring it? 要是她忘记带来,会怎么样呢? what ˈof it? ( informal) used when admitting that sth is true, to ask why it should be considered important (承认某事属实,想知道为何重要)那又怎么样呢,那有什么关系呢 Yes, I wrote the article. What of it? 是的,文章是我写的。那又怎么样呢? what's ˌup with ˈthat? ( especially NAmE) used to suggest that sth you have heard is a stupid idea or does not make sense 那是什么回事(表示听到的话愚蠢或无聊) They dropped their best player. What's up with that? 他们把最佳队员弃用了。那是什么回事? what's ˈwhat ( informal) what things are useful, important, etc. 什么事物有用(或重要等) She certainly knows what's what. 她当然知道轻重缓急。 what's with sb? ( NAmE) ( informal) used to ask why sb is behaving in a strange way (询问某人为何行为古怪)…怎么啦 What's with you? You haven't said a word all morning. 你怎么啦?整个上午你一句话都没说。 what's with sth? ( NAmE) ( informal) used to ask the reason for sth (询问原因)为什么,怎么 What's with all this walking? Can't we take a cab? 怎么就这么一直走?难道我们就不能打辆出租车吗? what with sth used to list the various reasons for sth (列举各种理由)由于,因为 What with the cold weather and my bad leg, I haven't been out for weeks. 由于天气很冷,我的腿又不好,我已经好几个星期没有出门了。 what / wɒt ; NAmE wɑːt ; wʌt /
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