there 英 [ðeə(r)]   美 [ðer]


there  英 [ðeə(r)] 美 [ðer]

adv. 在那里;在那边;在那点上  n. 那个地方 


Don't sit there! 别坐那!
There are two people waiting outside. 有两个人正在外面等候。

  • There is a noun meaning "another place." So if you're not here, you can only be there.
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  • adv. 在那里;在那边;在那点上
  • n. 那个地方
  • 1. Don't sit there!


  • 2. There are two people waiting outside.


  • 3. It's there, right in front of you!


  • 4. I went to see if my old school was still there.


  • there (adv., conj.) Old English þær "in or at that place, so far as, provided that, in that respect," from Proto-Germanic *thær (source also of Old Saxon thar, Old Frisian ther, Middle Low German dar, Middle Dutch daer, Dutch daar, Old High German dar, German da, Gothic þar, Old Norse þar), from PIE *tar- "there" (source also of Sanskrit tar-hi "then"), from root *to- (see the) + adverbial suffix -r.
there / ðeə(r) ; NAmE ðer / adverb , exclamation adverb 1 there is, are, was, were, etc. used to show that sth exists or happens (表示存在或发生) There's a restaurant around the corner. 拐角处有一家餐馆。 There are two people waiting outside. 有两个人正在外面等候。 Has there been an accident? 出过事故吗? I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. 我不希望有任何误解。 There seemed to be no doubt about it. 此事似乎毫无疑问。 There comes a point where you give up. 有时候你总得放弃。 There remains the problem of finance. 财政问题仍然存在。 Suddenly there was a loud bang. 突然发出砰的一声巨响。 ( informal) There's only four days left. 只剩下四天了。 ( literary) There once wasa poor farmer who had four sons. 从前有一个贫苦的农夫,他有四个儿子。 2 in, at or to that place or position 在那里;到那里;往那里 We went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days. 我们接着去了巴黎,在那里停留了十一天。 I hope we get there in time. 我希望我们及时到达那里。 It's there, right in front of you! 在那儿,就在你前面! There it is—just behind the chair. 可找到它了,就在椅子后面。 ‘Have you seen my pen?’ ‘Yes, it's over there. “你看见我的笔了吗?”“看见了,就在那儿。” There are a lot of people back there (= behind)waiting to get in. 后面有许多人等着进来。 I'm not going in there—it's freezing! 我不打算到那里面去,太冷了! We're almost there (= we have almost arrived). 我们差不多快到了。 Can I get there and backin a day? 我去那里一天内能打来回吗? I left in 2008 and I haven't been back theresince. 我于 2008 年离开那里,从那以后再也没有回去过。 Hello, is Bob there please? (= used when calling sb on the phone) 喂,请问鲍勃在吗? I took one look at the car and offered to buy it there and then/then and there (= immediately). 我只看了那辆汽车一眼,便当即表示要买下来。 3 existing or available 存在的;现有的;可得到的 I went to see if my old school was still there. 我去看过母校是否依然存在。 The money's there if you need it. 你若需要用钱就来取好了。 4 at that point (in a story, an argument, etc.) (故事、辩论等)在那一点上 ‘I feel…’ There she stopped. “我觉得…”她说到那儿停了下来。 I don't agree with you there. 在那一点上,我不敢与你苟同。 5 used to attract sb's attention (用以引起注意) Hello, there! 喂,你好! You there! Come back! 说你呢!回来! There you are!I've been looking for you everywhere. 原来你在这儿!我到处都把你找遍了。 6 used to attract sb's attention to a particular person, thing or fact (用以引起对某人、事物或事实的注意) There's the statue I was telling you about. 那就是我跟你们讲过的塑像。 That woman there is the boss's wife. 那边那个女人是老板的太太。 There goesthe last bus (= we've just missed it). 最后一班公共汽车刚开走了。 There goesthe phone (= it's ringing). 听,电话铃响了。 ( humorous) There goesmy career! (= my career is ruined) 我的前程就这么给毁了! So, there you have it:that's how it all started. 就这样,你瞧:这就是整个事件的起因。 7 thereto do sth used to show the role of a person or thing in a situation (表示人或事物在某一情况中的作用) The fact is, they're there to make money. 真实的情况是,他们去那儿是为了赚钱。 IDIOMS ˌbeen ˈthere, ˌdone ˈthat ( informal) used to show that you think a place or an activity is not very interesting or impressive because you have already experienced it (表示已去过某地或做过某事而不再感兴趣)没意思,没劲,乏味 Not Spain again! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. 别再去西班牙了!去过那儿了,连纪念 T 恤都买了,没劲。 be ˈthere for sb to be available if sb wants to talk to you or if they need help 随叫随到;不离…左右 You know I'll always be there for you. 你知道我将永远在你左右。 by ˈthere ( WelshE) there; to there 在那里;到那里;往那里 He's over by there. 他在那儿。 have been there beˈfore ( informal) to know all about a situation because you have experienced it 全都知道;亲身经历过 not all ˈthere ( informal) not very intelligent, especially because of mental illness 傻傻乎乎;呆头呆脑 ˌso ˈthere! ( informal) used to show that you are determined not to change your attitude or opinion 就是这样;我主意已定;没什么可商量的 Well, you can't have it, so there! 好啦,不给你了,就是这样! ˌthere it ˈis ( informal) that is the situation 情况就是这样 It's crazy, I know, but there it is. 我知道,那很疯狂,不过情况就是如此。 ˈthere's a good boy, girl, dog, etc. ( informal) used to praise or encourage small children or animals (用以夸奖或勉励幼儿、动物)乖,乖孩子 Finish your lunch, there's a good boy. 把午饭吃完,乖孩子。 there's lovely, nice, etc. ( WelshE) used to say that sth has a particular quality (表示有某种特性)真可爱,太好了 ˌthere's ˈsth for you ( informal) used to say that sth is a very good example of sth 这才叫;这才称得上 She visited him every day he was in the hospital. There's devotion for you. 他住医院时,她每天都去探望他。这才叫做尽心尽力。 ( ironic) He didn't even say thank you. There's gratitude for you! 他连个谢字都没说。瞧,这就是对你的感激! ˌthere or thereaˈbouts ( BrE) ( informal) used to say that sth is very good, even if it is not perfect (表示即使不完美也很好)差不多 At the end of the tournament, he'll be there or thereabouts (= he may not win, but he will be one of the best players). 锦标赛结束时,他不拔头筹也差不到哪里去。 ˌthere, ˈthere! ( informal) used to persuade a small child to stop crying or being upset (劝说小孩不要啼哭或沮丧)好了,好了 There, there! Never mind, you'll soon feel better. 好了,好了!不要紧,你很快就会感到好一些了。 ˌthere you ˈare ( also ˌthere you ˈgo ) ( informal) 1 used when giving sb a thing they want or have asked for 给你;这就是你要的;拿去吧 There you are—that'll be £3.80, please. 喏,给您,请付 3 英镑 80 便士。 OK, there you go. 好,给你。 2 used when explaining or showing sth to sb (解释或示范时用)这就行了,就是这样 You switch on, push in the DVD and there you are! 你打开开关,把 DVD 推进去就行了! There you are! I told you it was easy! 瞧,就是这样!我跟你说过这很容易! 3 used when you are talking about sth that happens in a typical way or about a situation that cannot be changed (某事的发生方式)一贯如此;(某状况)无可更改 There you go—that's what they're like. 瞧,他们就是这个样子。 I know it's not ideal but there you go… 我知道这并不理想,但只好这样啦… ˌthere you go aˈgain ( informal) used to criticize sb when they behave in a way that is typical of them (批评对方的一贯作风)你又来这一套了 There you go again—jumping to conclusions. 你又犯老毛病了,太快下结论了。 more at here adv. exclamation used to express satisfaction that you were right about sth or to show that sth annoys you (表示因说中某事而感到满意或表示烦恼)你瞧,好啦,得啦 There now! What did I tell you? (= you can see that I was right) 你瞧!我跟你说什么来着? There! That didn't hurt too much, did it? 怎么样,那不太痛吧? There! You've gone and woken the baby! 瞧!你一去就把孩子弄醒了! there / ðeə(r) ; NAmE ðer /
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