stop 英 [stɒp]   美 [stɑp]


stop  英 [stɒp] 美 [stɑp]

vt. 停止;堵塞;  vi. 停止;中止;逗留;  n. 停止;车站;逗留 

进行时:stopping  过去式:stopped  过去分词:stopped  第三人称单数:stops  名词复数:stops 

The car stopped at the policeman. 汽车在警察面前停了下来。
Can't you just stop? 你就不能暂停一下吗?

  • You know that red octagonal traffic sign that says STOP? It's telling you to stop moving and to stay put.
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  • vt. 停止;堵塞;
  • vi. 停止;中止;逗留;
  • n. 停止;车站;逗留
  • 1. The car stopped at the policeman.


  • 2. Can't you just stop?


  • 3. Drop me off at next stop.


  • 4. The bus service stops at midnight.


  • stop (n.) late 14c., "a plug;" mid-15c., "a cessation," from stop (v.). Of mechanisms of musical instruments from c. 1500, especially of organs, where opening them makes it produce more sound, hence figurative phrase pull out the stops (1909). From 1660s in phonetics, 1831 in photography. Meaning "a stopping place" is from 1889. To put a stop to some activity is from 1670s (earlier give a stop to, 1580s).
  • stop (v.) Old English -stoppian (in forstoppian "to stop up, stifle"), a general West Germanic word, cognate with Old Saxon stuppon, West Frisian stopje, Middle Low German stoppen, Old High German stopfon, German stopfen "to plug, stop up," Old Low Frankish (be)stuppon "to stop (the ears)."
stop / stɒp ; NAmE stɑːp / verb , noun stop stops stopped stopping verb ( -pp- ) not move 不动 1 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to no longer move; to make sb/sth no longer move (使)停止,停下 The car stopped at the traffic lights. 汽车在交通信号灯前停了下来。 We stopped for the night in Port Augusta. 我们中途在奥古斯塔港停留过夜。 stopsb/sth He was stopped by the police for speeding. 他因超速行驶被警察截住了。 not continue 不继续 2 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to no longer continue to do sth; to make sb/sth no longer do sth (使)中断,停止 stop(doing sth) That phone never stops ringing! 那个电话没有不响的时候! Please stop crying and tell me what's wrong. 快别哭了,告诉我出了什么事。 She criticizes everyone and the trouble is, she doesn't know when to stop. 她谁都批评;而且,问题是她批评起来就没个完。 Can't you just stop? 你就不能停一停吗? stopsb/sth Stop me (= make me stop talking)if I'm boring you. 你要是觉得我烦就打断我。 Stop it!You're hurting me. 住手!你把我弄疼了。 stopwhat… Mike immediately stopped what he was doing. 迈克立刻停下手头的事情。 HELP  Notice the difference between stop doing sthand stop to do sth. We stopped taking pictures means ‘We were no longer taking pictures.’; We stopped to take picturesmeans ‘We stopped what we were doing so that we could start taking pictures.’ 注意 stop doing sth 和 stop to do sth 之间的区别:We stopped taking pictures 意思是我们不再照相了;而 We stopped to take pictures 意思则是我们停下正在做的事而去照相。 end 结束 3 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to end or finish; to make sth end or finish (使)结束,终止 When is this fighting going to stop? 这场战斗要打到什么时候? The bus service stops at midnight. 公共汽车午夜停止服务。 stopdoing sth Has it stopped raining yet? 雨停了没有? stopsth Doctors couldn't stop the bleeding. 医生止不住血。 The referee was forced to stop the game because of heavy snow. 由于下大雪,裁判被迫终止了比赛。 prevent 阻止 4 [transitive ] to prevent sb from doing sth; to prevent sth from happening 阻止;阻碍;阻拦;防止 stopsb/sth I want to go and you can't stop me. 我要走,你拦不住我。 We need more laws to stop pollution. 我们需要制订更多法律来防止污染。 There's no stopping us now (= nothing can prevent us from achieving what we want to achieve). 现在什么都无法阻挡我们了。 stopsb/sth from doing sth There's nothing to stop youfrom accepting the offer. 你尽可以接受那个提议。 You can't stop people from saying what they think. 人们怎么想就会怎么说,你阻止不了。 ( BrE also) stopsb/sth doing sth You can't stop people saying what they think. 人们怎么想就会怎么说,你阻止不了。 for short time 短时间 [intransitive ] 5 to end an activity for a short time in order to do sth 暂停,暂时中断(以便做某事) stopfor sth I'm hungry. Let's stop for lunch. 我饿了。我们停下来吃午饭吧。 stopto do sth We stopped to admire the scenery. 我们中途停下来欣赏一下风景。 People just don't stop to thinkabout the consequences. 人们做事情就是不肯停下来想想后果。 HELP  In spoken English, stopcan be used with andplus another verb, instead of with toand the infinitive, to show purpose. 在英语口语中,stop 可以与 and 及另一动词连用,而不用带 to 的不定式表示目的 He stopped and bought some flowers. Let's stop and look at the map. not function 不工作 6 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to no longer work or function; to make sth no longer work or function (使)停止工作,停止运转 Why has the engine stopped? 发动机怎么停了? I felt as if my heart had stopped. 我觉得我的心好像都不跳了。 stopsth I stopped the tape and pressed rewind. 我停了磁带,按下倒回键。 stay 逗留 7 [intransitive ] ( BrE) ( informal) to stay somewhere for a short time, especially at sb's house 逗留,待,留下(做某事) I'm not stopping. I just came to give you this message. 我不待了。我就是来告诉你这件事。 stopfor sth Can you stop for tea? 你能留下来喝茶吗? money 8 [transitive ] to prevent money from being paid 止付;停付;扣除 stopsth to stop a cheque (= tell the bank not to pay it) 通知银行止付支票 stopsth from sth ( BrE) Dad threatened to stop £1 a week from our pocket money if we didn't clean our rooms. 父亲威胁说,我们要是不把自己的房间收拾干净,他就每星期扣我们 1 英镑的零花钱。 close hole 堵塞洞孔 9 [transitive ] stopsth (up) (with sth) to block, fill or close a hole, an opening, etc. 堵塞;塞住;阻塞 Stop up the other end of the tube, will you? 你把管子的另一头堵上好不好? I stopped my ears but still heard her cry out. 我捂上耳朵,但还能听见她大声喊叫。 IDIOMS stop at ˈnothing to be willing to do anything to get what you want, even if it is dishonest or wrong 不择手段 ˌstop the ˈclock to stop measuring time in a game or an activity that has a time limit (在计时比赛或活动中)停表 ˌstop ˈshort | ˌstop sb ˈshort to suddenly stop, or make sb suddenly stop, doing sth (使)突然停住 He stopped short when he heard his name. 听见有人喊他的名字,他突然停住了。 stop short of sth/of doing sth to be unwilling to do sth because it may involve a risk, but to nearly do it 差一点儿没做某事;险些做出某事 She stopped short of calling the president a liar. 她差一点儿没指责总统说谎。 more at buck n. , track n. PHRASAL VERBS ˌstop ˈby (sth) to make a short visit somewhere 过去坐坐;顺路造访 I'll stop by this evening for a chat. 今晚我想过去聊聊。 Could you stop by the store on the way home for some bread? 回家时你能不能顺路进那家店里买点面包? ˌstop ˈin ( BrE) ( informal) to stay at home rather than go out 待在家里(不外出) ˌstop ˈoff (at/in…) to make a short visit somewhere during a trip in order to do sth 中途停留(在某处) We stopped off at a hotel for the night. 我们中途停下来在一家旅馆住了一宿。 ˌstop ˈout ( BrE) ( informal) to stay out late at night 夜里很晚不回家 ˌstop ˈover (at/in…) to stay somewhere for a short time during a long journey (长途旅行在某处)中途停留 I wanted to stop over in India on the way to Australia. 在去澳大利亚的途中我想在印度稍作停留。 related noun stopover ˌstop ˈup ( BrE) ( informal) to stay up late 熬夜;迟睡 noun act of stopping 停止;阻止 1 an act of stopping or stopping sth; the state of being stopped 停止;终止;停留;阻止 The trip included an overnight stop in Brussels. 这次旅行需要在布鲁塞尔停留过夜。 She broughtthe car to a stop. 她停住汽车。 Work has temporarily come to a stopwhile the funding is reviewed. 资金审查期间工作暂停。 It is time to put a stop tothe violence. 现在是终止暴行的时候了。 Babies do not grow at a steady rate but in stops and starts. 婴儿成长的速度并非一成不变,而是长长停停,停停长长。 see also non-stop adj., adv. , whistle-stop adj. of bus/train 公共汽车;火车 2 a place where a bus or train stops regularly for passengers to get on or off 车站 I get off at the next stop. 我在下一站下车。 Is this your stop? 你在这一站下车吗? see also bus stop , pit stop , request stop punctuation 标点符号 3 ( BrE) = full stop music 音乐 4 a row of pipes on an organ that produce the different sounds (管风琴的)音管 5 a handle on an organ that the player pushes in or pulls out to control the sound produced by the pipes (管风琴的)音栓 phonetics 语音学 6 a speech sound made by stopping the flow of air coming out of the mouth and then suddenly releasing it, for example /p, k, t / 塞音 SYN plosive see also glottal stop IDIOMsee full stop n. , pull v. stop / stɒp ; NAmE stɑːp /
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