round 英 [raʊnd]   美 [raʊnd]


round  英 [raʊnd] 美 [raʊnd]

n. 圆;循环;一回合;圆形物  adj. 圆的  adv. 在周围 

进行时:rounding  过去式:rounded  过去分词:rounded  第三人称单数:rounds  名词复数:rounds  比较级:rounder  最高级:roundest 

a round plate 圆盘子
The fruit are small and round. 这种水果小而圆。

  • Round things are either shaped like circles or have curves, like a baby's round belly or a round basketball.
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  • n. 圆;循环;一回合;圆形物
  • adj. 圆的
  • adv. 在周围
  • vt. 绕行;
  • prep. 附近;在…周围
  • 1. a round plate


  • 2. The fruit are small and round.


  • 3. I'll be round in an hour.


  • 4. People stood round waiting for something to happen.


  • 5. Well, in round figures,(= not giving the exact figures)two thousand .


  • 6. How do you make the wheels go round?


  • 7. Pass the biscuits round.


  • 8. Have we enough cups to go round?


  • 9. The earth moves round the sun.


  • 10. He has to organize his life round the kids.


  • round (adj.) late 13c., from Anglo-French rounde, Old French roont (12c., Modern French rond), probably originally *redond, from Vulgar Latin *retundus (source also of Provençal redon, Spanish redondo, Old Italian ritondo), from Latin rotundus "like a wheel, circular, round," related to rota "wheel" (see rotary).
  • round (n.) early 14c., "a spherical body," from round (adj.) and Old French roond. Compare Dutch rond, Danish and Swedish rund, German runde, all nouns from adjectives. Meaning "large round piece of beef" is recorded from 1650s. Theatrical sense (in phrase in the round) is recorded from 1944. Sense of "circuit performed by a sentinel" is from 1590s; that of "recurring course of time" is from 1710. Meaning "song sung by two or more, beginning at different times" is from 1520s. Golfing sense attested from 1775. Meaning "quantity of liquor served to a company at one time" is from 1630s; that of "single bout in a fight or boxing match" is from 1812; "single discharge of a firearm" is from 1725. Sense of "recurring session of meetings or negotiations" is from 1964.
  • round (v.) late 14c., "to make round," from round (adj.). Sense of "make a circuit round" is from 1590s. Sense of "bring to completeness" is from c. 1600; meaning "to approximate (a number)" is from 1934. Meaning "turn round and face, turn on and assault" is from 1882. Round out "fill up" is from 1856. Related: Rounded; rounding.
round / raʊnd ; NAmE raʊnd / adjective , adverb , preposition , noun , verb round rounds rounded rounding adjective ( round·er , round·est ) 1 shaped like a circle or a ball 圆形的;环形的;球形的 a round plate 圆盘子 These glasses suit people with round faces. 这款眼镜适合圆脸的人。 The fruit are small and round. 这种水果小而圆。 Rugby isn't played with a round ball. 橄榄球比赛用的不是圆球。 the discovery that the world is round 地球是圆的这一发现 The child was watching it all with big round eyes (= showing interest). 这孩子睁着又大又圆的眼睛看着这一切。 a T-shirt with a round neck 圆领 T 恤衫 see also round-eyed , round-table 2 having a curved shape 弧形的;圆弧的 the round green hills of Donegal 多尼戈尔那些圆圆的绿山冈 round brackets (= in writing) 圆括号 She had a small mouth and round pink cheeks. 她的嘴小小的,圆脸蛋红红的。 3 [only before noun ] a roundfigure or amount is one that is given as a whole number, usually one ending in 0 or 5 整数的;尾数是 0 (或 5)的 Make it a round figure—say forty dollars. 凑个整数,就四十块钱吧。 Two thousand is a nice round number—put that down. 两千是个不错的整数,记下吧。 Well, in round figures (= not giving the exact figures)we've spent twenty thousand so far. 嗯,说个约数吧,我们至今花了有两万了。 round·ness / raʊndnəs ; NAmE raʊndnəs / noun [uncountable ] His face had lost its boyish roundness. 他的脸已不是小时候那副圆圆的娃娃脸了。 adverb ( especially BrE) ( NAmE usually around ) For the special uses of roundin phrasal verbs, look at the verb entries. For example, the meaning of come round to sthis given in the phrasal verb section of the entry for come. 关于 round 在短语动词中的特殊用法,见有关动词词条。如 come round to sth 在词条 come 的短语动词部份。 1 moving in a circle 旋转;环绕;兜圈子 Everybody joins hands and dances round. 大家手拉着手,围成一圈跳舞。 How do you make the wheels go round? 你是怎么让轮子转起来的? The children were spinning round and round. 孩子们一个劲地转呀转。 ( figurative) The thought kept going round and round in her head. 这个想法一直萦绕在她的心头。 2 measuring or marking the edge or outside of sth 周长;周围;绕一整圈 a young tree measuring only 18 inches round 周长只有 18 英寸的小树 They've built a high fence all roundto keep intruders out. 他们在周围竖起了高高的篱笆,以防外人进入。 3 on all sides of sb/sth 在周围;围绕 A large crowd had gathered round to watch. 一大群人聚在周围观看。 4 at various places in an area 到处;四处 People stood round waiting for something to happen. 人们在各处站着,等待着发生什么事情。 5 in a circle or curve to face another way or the opposite way 调转方向;转过来 He turned the car round and drove back again. 他调转车头,又开了回来。 She looked round at the sound of his voice. 听到他的声音,她扭头看了看。 6 to the other side of sth 绕弯;迂回;向另一侧 We walked round to the back of the house. 我们绕到房子的后面。 The road's blocked—you'll have to drive the long way round. 这条路被堵了,你们得开车绕着走了。 7 from one place, person, etc. to another 依次;挨个 They've moved all the furniture round. 他们把所有的家具搬动了一遍。 He went round interviewing people about local traditions. 他到处找人访谈,了解当地的传统。 Pass the biscuits round. 把饼干传给大家。 Have we enoughcups to go round? 我们的杯子够大家用吗? 8 ( informal) to or at a particular place, especially where sb lives 到某地,在某地(尤指居住地) I'll be round in an hour. 我过一个小时就到。 We've invited the Frasers round this evening. 我们已经邀请了弗雷泽一家今晚过来。 note at around IDIOM ˌround aˈbout 1 approximately 大约 We're leaving round about ten. 我们十点钟左右要离开。 A new roof will cost round about £3 000. 换新房顶大约要花 3 000 英镑。 2 in the area near a place 在附近 in Oxford and the villages round about 在牛津及其附近的村庄 more at time n. preposition ( especially BrE) ( NAmE usually around ) 1 in a circle 环绕;围绕 the first woman to sail round the world 第一位环球航行的女性 The earth moves round the sun. 地球绕着太阳转。 2 on, to or from the other side of sth 绕过;在另一侧 Our house is round the next bend. 前面一拐弯就是我们家。 There she is, coming round the corner. 她来了,绕过拐角过来了。 There must be a way roundthe problem. 这个问题一定有办法解决。 3 on all sides of sb/sth; surrounding sb/sth 在…周围;包围 She put her arms round him. 她张开双臂搂住他。 He had a scarf round his neck. 他脖子上围着围巾。 They were all sitting round the table. 他们围着桌子坐着。 4 in or to many parts of sth 在…各处;到…各部份 She looked all round the room. 她将房间四下打量了一下。 5 to fit in with particular people, ideas, etc. 适应;围绕(人、思想等) He has to organize his life round the kids. 他不得不以孩子们为中心来安排自己的生活。 note at around IDIOM ˌround ˈhere near where you are now or where you live 在附近 There are no decent schools round here. 附近没有什么像样的学校。 more at millstone noun stage in process 进程 1 a set of events which form part of a longer process 阶段;轮次 the next round of peace talks 下一轮和谈 the final round of voting in the election 选举的最后一轮投票 in sport 体育运动 2 a stage in a sports competition 比赛阶段;轮次;局;场 the qualifying rounds of the National Championships 全国锦标赛的资格赛 Hewitt was knocked out of the tournament in the third round. 休伊特在锦标赛的第三轮被淘汰出局。 3 a stage in a boxingor wrestlingmatch (拳击或摔跤比赛的)回合 The fight only lasted five rounds. 比赛只持续了五个回合。 4 a complete game of golf;a complete way around the course in some other sports, such as showjumping (高尔夫球、骑马障碍赛等的)一轮比赛,一局 We played a round of golf. 我们打了一场高尔夫球。 the first horse to jump a clear round 干净利落地完成整套跳跃表演的第一匹马 regular activities/route 惯常的活动╱路线 5 a regular series of activities 一系列常规活动;惯常的活动 the daily roundof school life 学校的日常生活 Her life is one long round of parties and fun. 她的生活就是没完没了的聚会娱乐。 6 a regular route that sb takes when delivering or collecting sth; a regular series of visits that sb makes (收发信函等的)固定路线;照例要出去做的事情 Dr Green was on herdaily ward rounds. 格林医生在进行每日一次的巡查病房。 ( BrE) a postman on his delivery round 正在投递邮件的邮递员 see also milk round  (1 ) , paper round drinks 饮料 7 a number of drinks bought by one person for all the others in a group (由一人给大家买的)一巡饮料 a round of drinks 一巡饮料 It's my round (= it is my turn to pay for the next set of drinks). 这一巡轮到我了。 bread 面包 8 ( BrE) a whole slice of bread; sandwichesmade from two whole slices of bread 一整片面包;(两整片面包做的)三明治 Who's for another round of toast? 谁还要烤面包片? two rounds of beef sandwiches 两份牛肉三明治 circle 9 a roundobject or piece of sth 圆形物体;圆块 Cut the pastry into rounds. 将油酥面团分成一个个圆块。 of applause/cheers 掌声;欢呼声 10 ~ of applause/cheers a short period during which people show their approval of sb/sth by clapping, etc. 一阵 There was a great round of applause when the dance ended. 舞蹈结束的时候,爆发出了一阵热烈的掌声。 shot 射击 11 a single shot from a gun; a bullet for one shot 一次射击;一发子弹 They fired several rounds at the crowd. 他们朝人群开了几枪。 We only have three rounds of ammunition left. 我们只剩下三发子弹了。 song 歌曲 12 ( music ) a song for two or more voices in which each sings the same tune but starts at a different time 轮唱曲 IDIOMS do/go the ˈrounds (of sth) 1 ( BrE) ( NAmE make the ˈrounds ) if news or a joke does the rounds,it is passed on quickly from one person to another 迅速传开;迅速流传 2 ( BrE) ( also make the ˈrounds NAmE, BrE ) to go around from place to place, especially when looking for work or support for a political campaign,etc. 到各处去,巡回(找工作或寻求对政治运动的支持等) in the ˈround 1 (of a work of art 艺术品 ) made so that it can be seen from all sides 圆雕的;可全方位观看的;立体的 an opportunity to see Canova's work in the round 观看卡诺瓦的圆雕艺术作品的机会 2 (of a theatre or play 剧院或戏剧 ) with the people watching all around a central stage 舞台设在中央的 verb 1 [transitive ] roundsth to go around a corner of a building, a bend in the road, etc. 绕行;绕过 The boat rounded the tip of the island. 小船绕过岛的尖端。 We rounded the bend at high speed. 我们高速驶过这段弯路。 2 [transitive ,  intransitive ] round(sth) to make sth into a round shape; to form into a round shape (使)成圆形;变圆 She rounded her lips and whistled. 她撮起嘴唇吹口哨。 His eyes rounded with horror. 他吓得两眼圆睁。 3 [transitive ] roundsth (up/down) (to sth) to increase or decrease a number to the next highest or lowest whole number (将数字调高或调低)使成为整数;把(数字)四舍五入 PHRASAL VERBS ˌround sth↔ˈoff (with sth) 1 ( NAmE also ˌround sth↔ˈout ) to finish an activity or complete sth in a good or suitable way 圆满结束;圆满完成 She rounded off the tour with a concert at Carnegie Hall. 她在卡内基大厅举行一场音乐会,以此圆满结束了她的巡回演出。 2 to take the sharp or rough edges off sth 去除…的棱角;使…的边缘光滑 You can round off the corners with sandpaper. 你可以用砂纸把棱角打磨光滑。 ˈround on sb to suddenly speak angrily to sb and criticize or attack them 突然责骂(或指责) SYN turn on He rounded on journalists, calling them ‘a pack of vultures’. 他突然对记者大发雷霆,称他们是一帮乘人之危的家伙。 ˌround sb/sth↔ˈup 1 to find and gather together people, animals or things 将…聚拢起来;使聚集 I rounded up a few friends for a party. 我找了几个朋友聚了聚。 The cattle are rounded up in the evenings. 到了晚上,牛都要圈起来。 2 if police or soldiers round upa group of people, they find them and arrest or capture them 围捕;围剿 related noun round-up  (2 ) round / raʊnd ; NAmE raʊnd / round·ness / raʊndnəs ; NAmE raʊndnəs /
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