red 英 [red]   美 [rɛd]


red  英 [red] 美 [rɛd]

n. 红色,  adj. 红色的; 

名词复数:reds  比较级:redder  最高级:reddest 

red wine 红酒
Her eyes were red from crying.  她的眼睛都哭红了。

  • The color red is a primary hue found at the end of the spectrum. You might turn red with embarrassment. It also represents financial loss, as in the term "red ink."
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  • n. 红色,
  • adj. 红色的;
  • 1. red wine


  • 2. Her eyes were red from crying.


  • 3. a red-haired girl


  • 4. a red car


  • 5. She often wears red.


red / red ; NAmE red / adjective , noun red reds redder reddest adjective ( red·der , red·dest ) 1 having the colour of blood or fire 红的;红色的 a red car 红色的汽车 The lights (= traffic lights)changed to red before I could get across. 我还没来得及通过,红灯又亮了。 2 (of the eyes 眼睛 ) bloodshot(= with thin lines of blood in them) or surrounded by red or very pink skin 充血的;布满血丝的;红肿的 Her eyes were red from crying. 她的眼睛都哭红了。 3 (of the face ) bright red or pink, especially because you are angry, embarrassed or ashamed 涨红的;通红的 He stammered something and went very red in the face. 他结结巴巴地说了些什么,脸涨得通红。 ( BrE) She went red as a beetroot. 她的脸涨得通红。 ( NAmE) She went red as a beet. 她的脸涨得通红。 4 (of hair or an animal's fur 头发或动物的毛皮 ) reddish-brown in colour 红褐色的 a red-haired girl 红发女孩 red deer 赤鹿 see also redhead 5 informal politics sometimes disapproving having very left-wingpolitical opinions 激进的;革命的;左翼的 compare pink adj.  (3 ) 6 ( politics ) (of an area in the US) having more people who vote for the Republicancandidate than the Democraticone (美国地区)红色的(支持共和党候选人多于民主党候选人) red states/counties 红州;红县 OPP blue red·ness / rednəs ; NAmE rednəs / noun [uncountable ,  singular ] You may notice redness and swelling after the injection. 注射后会出现红肿。 IDIOMS red in ˌtooth and ˈclaw involving opposition or competition that is violent and without pity 残酷无情;血淋淋;决不宽容 nature, red in tooth and claw 残酷无情的大自然 a red rag to a ˈbull ( BrE) ( NAmE like waving a red flag in front of a ˈbull ) something that is likely to make sb very angry 斗牛的红布;激起人怒火的事物 more at paint v. noun 1 [countable ,  uncountable ] the colour of blood or fire 红色 She often wears red. 她经常穿红色的衣服。 the reds and browns of the woods in the fall (= of the leaves) 秋天树林呈现的红色和褐色 I've marked the corrections in red (= in red ink). 我已经用红笔把改正之处标出。 The traffic lights were on red. 当时是亮红灯。 2 [uncountable ,  countable ] red wine 红葡萄酒 Would you prefer red or white? 你喜欢喝红葡萄酒还是白葡萄酒? an Italian red 一杯意大利红葡萄酒 3 [countable ] ( informal, disapproving) ( politics ) a person with very left-wingpolitical opinions 左翼人士;激进分子 compare pinko IDIOMS be in the ˈred ( informal) to owe money to your bank because you have spent more than you have in your account 负债;亏空 The company has plunged $37 million into the red. 公司负债已达 3 700 万元。 compare be in the black see ˈred ( informal) to become very angry 大发脾气;大怒 red / red ; NAmE red / red·ness / rednəs ; NAmE rednəs /
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