old 英 [əʊld]   美 [oʊld]


old  英 [əʊld] 美 [oʊld]

adj. 陈旧的,古老的;年老的  n. 古时 

名词复数:olds  比较级:older  最高级:oldest 

old habits 旧习惯
two fourteen-year-old boys 两个十四岁的男孩

  • Use the adjective old to describe someone who's been alive for a long time. When you're 30, 60 seems old, and when you're 60, 90 seems old. When you're 90, face it, you're old!
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  • adj. 陈旧的,古老的;年老的
  • n. 古时
  • 1. old habits


  • 2. two fourteen-year-old boys


  • 3. How old are you?


  • 4. an old man .


old / əʊld ; NAmE oʊld / adjective ( old·er , old·est ) age 年龄 1 be… years, months, etc. ~ of a particular age 具体年龄;(多少)岁;年纪 The baby was only a few hours old. 婴儿才出生几个小时。 In those days most people left school when they were only fifteen years old. 那时候,大多数人上学只上到十五岁。 At thirty years old, he was already earning £40 000 a year. 他三十岁时已拿到 4 万英镑的年薪了。 two fourteen-year-old boys 两个十四岁的男孩 a class for five-year-olds (= children who are five) 为五岁儿童开的班 I didn't think she was old enoughfor the responsibility. 我认为她尚年轻,不足以担当此任。 How oldis this building? 这座建筑已有多少年了? He's the oldest player in the team. 他是队里年龄最大的队员。 She's much older than me. 她的年龄比我大得多。 not young 不年轻 2 having lived for a long time; no longer young 老的;年纪大的;不年轻的 to get/grow old 变老 The old man lay propped up on cushions. 老人靠在垫子上躺着。 She was a woman grown old before her time (= who looked older than she was). 她显得未老先衰。 OPP young 3 the old noun [plural ] old people 老年人 The old feel the cold more than the young. 老年人比年轻人怕冷。 not new 4 having existed or been used for a long time 存在(或使用)时间长的;陈旧的;古老的 old habits 旧习惯 He always gives the same oldexcuses. 他总是找那些老掉牙的借口。 This carpet's getting pretty old now. 这块地毯现在已经很旧了。 OPP new 5 [only before noun ] former; belonging to past times or a past time in your life 过去的;从前的 Things were different in the old days. 从前的情况可不一样。 I went back to visit my old school. 我回去拜访了母校。 Old and Middle English 古英语和中古英语 6 [only before noun ] used to refer to sth that has been replaced by sth else (用于指称被替代的东西) 原来的,原先的 We had more room in our old house. 我们原先的房子比较宽敞。 OPP new 7 [only before noun ] known for a long time 相识时间长的;结识久的 She's an old friend of mine (= I have known her for a long time). 她是我的一个老朋友。 We're old rivals. 我们是老对头。 compare recent good old/poor old 可爱;可怜 8 [only before noun ] ( informal) used to show affection or a lack of respect (表示亲昵或不拘礼节) Good oldDad! 可爱的老爸! You poor oldthing! 你这可怜的家伙! I hate her, the silly old cow! 我恨她,那个笨蛋老女人! IDIOMS ˈany old how ( informal) in a careless or untidy way 随便地;凌乱地 The books were piled up all over the floor any old how. 地板上书堆得乱七八糟的,到处都是。 ˈany old… ( informal) any item of the type mentioned (used when it is not important which particular item is chosen) 任何一个;随便哪个 Any old room would have done. 随便哪间屋子都行。 as old as the ˈhills very old; ancient 古老的;悠久的 for ˈold times' sake if you do sth for old times' sake,you do it because it is connected with sth good that happened to you in the past 看在旧日的情分上;念及老交情 the ˈgood/ˈbad old days an earlier period of time in your life or in history that is seen as better/worse than the present 往昔的好╱苦日子 That was in the bad old days of rampant inflation. 那是在物价飞涨、生活艰难的往昔。 of ˈold ( formal or literary) in or since past times 在往昔;从以前 in days of old 从前 We know him of old (= we have known him for a long time). 我们认识他很久了。 old ˈboy, ˈchap, ˈman, etc. ( old-fashioned) ( BrE informal) used by older men of the middle and upper classes as a friendly way of addressing another man (中上阶层男子对其他男子的友好称呼)老兄,伙计,哥们儿 old enough to be sb's ˈfather/ˈmother ( disapproving) very much older than sb (especially used to suggest that a romantic or sexual relationship between the two people is not appropriate) 论年龄足以当某人的爹╱娘(尤指双方在爱情或性关系方面不相配) old enough to know ˈbetter old enough to behave in a more sensible way than you actually did 已长大,该懂事了 (have) an old head on young ˈshoulders used to describe a young person who acts in a more sensible way than you would expect for a person of their age 年轻老练;少年老成 the (ˌsame) old ˈstory what usually happens 惯常的事情;(仍旧是)那么回事 It's the same old story of a badly managed project with inadequate funding. 又是一桩资金短缺、经营不善的老故事。 an old ˈwives' tale ( disapproving) an old idea or belief that has been proved not to be scientific 不经之谈;不科学的陈腐思想 one of the ˈold school an old-fashioned person who likes to do things as they were done in the past 守旧的人;保守派人物 see also old school more at chip n. , fool n. , grand adj. , heave-ho , high adj. , money , ripe , settle v. , teach , tough adj. , trick n. SYNONYMS 同义词辨析 old elderly aged long-lived mature These words all describe sb/sth that has lived for a long time or that usually lives for a long time. 以上各词均形容人年纪大、长寿或事物古老、经久耐用、持久。 old having lived for a long time; no longer young 指年老、年纪大: She's getting old—she's 75 next year. 她上年纪了,明年就 75 岁了。 elderly ( rather formal) used as a polite word for ‘old’ *old 的委婉语,指年纪较大的、上了年纪的: She is very busy caring for two elderly relatives. 她在忙着照顾两个年老的亲戚。 aged ( formal) very old 指年迈的、年老的: Having aged relatives to stay in your house can be quite stressful. 年迈的亲戚住在家里有时压力相当大。 long-lived having a long life; lasting for a long time 指寿命长的、长寿的、经久耐用的、持久的: Everyone in my family is exceptionally long-lived. 我们家每个人都特别长寿。 mature used as a polite or humorous way of saying that sb is no longer young 礼貌或幽默的说法,指某人已成年或不再年轻: clothes for the mature woman 成年妇女的服装 PATTERNS a(n) old/elderly/aged/long-lived/mature man / man a(n) old/elderly/aged/mature gentleman / gentleman WHICH WORD? 词语辨析 older / elder The usual comparative and superlative forms of oldare olderand oldest. *old 的比较级和最高级通常为 older 和 oldest: My brother is older than me. 我哥哥比我大。 The palace is the oldest building in the city. 这宫殿是城里最古老的建筑。 In BrEyou can also use elderand eldestwhen comparing the ages of people, especially members of the same family, although these words are not common in speech now. As adjectives they are only used before a noun and you cannot say ‘elder than’. 在英式英语中,比较人的年龄,尤其是家庭成员的年龄时亦可用 elder 和 eldest,不过这种说法在口语中已不常见;作形容词时它们只能用于名词前,而且不说 elder than: my older/elder sister 我的姐姐 the elder/older of their two children 他们的两个孩子中大的一个 I’m the eldest/oldest in the family. 我是家中最年长的。 old older oldest old / əʊld ; NAmE oʊld /
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