it 英 [ɪt]   美 [ɪt]


it  英 [ɪt] 美 [ɪt]

pron. 它; 


Is it sleeping now? 他睡了吗现在?
Hi, it's me!  嗨,是我!

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  • pron. 它;
  • 1. Is it sleeping now?


  • 2. Hi, it's me!


  • 3. It's ten o'clock.


it / ɪt ; NAmE ɪt / pronoun ( used as the subject or object of a verb or after a preposition 用作动词主语或宾语,或置于介词之后 ) 1 used to refer to an animal or a thing that has already been mentioned or that is being talked about now (指提到过的或正在谈论的动物或事物)它 ‘Where's your car?’ ‘It's in the garage.’ “你的汽车在哪儿?”“在车库里。” Did you see it? 你看见它了吗? Start a new file and put this letter in it. 建立一个新档案,把这封信放进去。 Look! It's going up that tree. 瞧!它正在往那棵树上爬呢。 We have $500. Will it be enough for a deposit? 我们有 500 元。够不够作押金? 2 used to refer to a baby, especially one whose sex is not known (指婴儿,尤指性别不详者) Her baby's due next month. She hopes it will be a boy. 她的孩子该下个月出生。她希望会是个男孩。 3 used to refer to a fact or situation that is already known or happening (指已知或正在发生的事实或情况) When the factory closes, it will mean 500 people losing their jobs. 工厂如果关闭,就意味着 500 人要失业。 Yes, I was at home on Sunday. What about it? (= Why do you ask?) 是的,我星期天待在家里。怎么了? Stop it, you're hurting me! 住手,你把我弄疼了! 4 used to identify a person (用以明确身分) It's your mother on the phone. 是你母亲来的电话。 Hello, Peter, it's Mike here. 喂,彼得,我是迈克。 Hi, it's me! 嗨,是我! Was it you who put these books on my desk? 是你把这些书放在我桌子上的吗? 5 used in the position of the subject or object of a verb when the real subject or object is at the end of the sentence (用作形式主语或形式宾语,而真正的主语或宾语在句末) Does it matter what colour it is? 它是什么颜色重要吗? It's impossible to get there in time. 不可能及时到达那里。 It's no use shouting. 喊也没有用。 She finds it boring at home. 她觉得待在家里无聊。 It appears that the two leaders are holding secret talks. 看来两位领导人正在密谈。 I find it strange that she doesn't want to go. 她居然不想去,我觉得奇怪。 language bank at impersonal 6 used in the position of the subject of a verb when you are talking about time, the date, distance, the weather, etc. (谈论时间、日期、距离、天气等时用作主语) It's ten past twelve. 现在十二点十分。 It's our anniversary. 今天是我们的周年纪念日。 It's two miles to the beach. 距离海滩两英里远。 It's a long time since they left. 他们已经离开很久了。 It was raining this morning. 今天上午在下雨。 It's quite warm at the moment. 现在天气相当暖和。 7 used when you are talking about a situation (谈论情况时用) If it's convenient I can come tomorrow. 方便的话,我可以明天过来。 It's good to talk. 谈一谈很好。 I like it here. 我喜欢这里。 8 used to emphasize any part of a sentence (强调句子的某部份) It's Jim who's the clever one. 就数吉姆聪明。 It's Spain that they're going to, not Portugal. 他们要去的是西班牙,不是葡萄牙。 It was three weeks later that he heard the news. 三个星期之后他才听到这个消息。 9 exactly what is needed 正好是所需的;恰好 In this business, either you've got it or you haven't. 在这件事上,你不是成功了就是失败了。 see also its IDIOMS that is ˈit 1 this/that is the important point, reason, etc. 这(或那)是要点(或重要原因等);正是这样 That's just it—I can't work when you're making so much noise. 问题是,你那么吵,我没法工作。 2 this/that is the end 这(或那)就是终结 I'm afraid that's it—we've lost. 我看就这样了,我们输了。 this is ˈit 1 the expected event is just going to happen (期待的事)就要发生了 Well, this is it! Wish me luck. 好了,要来的已经来了!祝我走运吧。 2 this is the main point 这就是要点 ‘You're doing too much.’ ‘Well, this is it. I can't cope with any more work.’ “你太劳累了。”“哎,你说到点子上了。我什么事都再也干不了了。” it / ɪt ; NAmE ɪt / IT / ˌaɪ ˈtiː ; NAmE ˌaɪ ˈtiː / noun [uncountable ] the abbreviation for information technology (the study and use of electronic processes and equipment to store and send information of all kinds, including words, pictures and numbers) 信息技术,资讯科技(全写为 information technology,对将电子处理程序及设备应用于贮存和发送各类信息的研究和利用) IT / ˌaɪ ˈtiː ; NAmE ˌaɪ ˈtiː /
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