here 英 [hɪə(r)]   美 [hɪr]


here  英 [hɪə(r)] 美 [hɪr]

adv. 在这里;此时  n. 这里 


I am here. 我在这里。
Here comes the bus.  公共汽车来了。

  • Here is the opposite of there. There is another place, but here is where you are right now.
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  • adv. 在这里;此时
  • n. 这里
  • 1. I am here.


  • 2. Here comes the bus.


  • 3. I live here.


  • 4. Come over here.


  • 5. Here is your opportunity.


  • here (adv.) Old English her "in this place, where one puts himself; at this time, toward this place," from Proto-Germanic pronominal stem *hi- (from PIE *ki- "this;" see he) + adverbial suffix -r. Cognate with Old Saxon her, Old Norse, Gothic her, Swedish här, Middle Dutch, Dutch hier, Old High German hiar, German hier.
here / hɪə(r) ; NAmE hɪr / adverb , exclamation adverb 1 used after a verb or preposition to mean ‘in, at or to this position or place’ (用于动词或介词之后)在这里,向这里 I live here. 我住这儿。 Put the box here. 把箱子放在这里。 Let's get out of here. 我们离开这里吧。 Come over here. 过来吧。 2 now; at this point 现在;在这一点上 The countdown to Christmas starts here. 现在开始圣诞节倒计时。 Here the speaker paused to have a drink. 讲到这里,演讲人停下来喝了口水。 3 used when you are giving or showing sth to sb (给某人东西或指出某物时说) Here's the money I promised you. 这是我答应给你的钱。 Here's a dish that is simple and quick to make. 这是一道简单易做的菜。 Here is your opportunity. 你的机会来了。 Here comesthe bus. 公共汽车来了。 I can't find my keys. Oh, here they are. 我找不到我的钥匙。哦,原来在这里。 Here we are (= we've arrived). 我们到了。 4 hereto do sth used to show your role in a situation (表示某人的作用) I'm here to help you. 我是来帮助你的。 5 ( used after a noun, for emphasis 用于名词之后,表示强调 ) My friend here saw it happen. 我的这位朋友目睹了事情的经过。 IDIOMS by ˈhere ( WelshE) here; to here 在这里;到这里 Come by here now! 现在到这儿来! ˌhere and ˈthere in various places 在各处;到处 Papers were scattered here and there on the floor. 地板上到处散落着文件。 ˌhere ˈgoes ( informal) used when you are telling people that you are just going to do sth exciting, dangerous, etc. (宣称即将开始令人兴奋或危险的活动)看我的 here's to sb/sth used to wish sb health or success, as you lift a glass and drink a toast (祝酒辞)为…的健康(或胜利)干杯 Here's to your future happiness! 为你今后的幸福干杯! ˌhere, ˌthere and ˈeverywhere in many different places; all around 在很多地方;四处 ˌhere we ˈgo ( informal) said when sth is starting to happen (某事)开始了 ‘Here we go,’ thought Fred, ‘she's sure to say something.’ “这就开始了。”弗雷德想,“她肯定有话要说。” ˌhere we go aˈgain ( informal) said when sth is starting to happen again, especially sth bad (尤指坏事)又开始了,又一次发生了 ˌhere you ˈare ( informal) used when you are giving sth to sb 给你 Here you are. This is what you were asking for. 给你。这就是你一直要的东西。 ˌhere you ˈgo ( informal) used when you are giving sth to sb 给你 Here you go. Four copies, is that right? 给你,四本,对吗? neither ˈhere nor ˈthere not important 不重要 SYN irrelevant What might have happened is neither here nor there. 曾经发生过什么事已经都不重要了。 more at out adv. prep. exclamation 1 ( BrE) used to attract sb's attention (用以引起注意)喂,嘿 Here, where are you going with that ladder? 嘿,你要把梯子搬到哪里? 2 used when offering sth to sb (主动提议时说) Here, let me carry that for you. 来,让我帮你搬吧。 here / hɪə(r) ; NAmE hɪr /
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