grow 英 [grəʊ]   美 [groʊ]


grow  英 [grəʊ] 美 [groʊ]

v. 发展;生长;种植 

进行时:growing  过去式:grew  过去分词:grown  第三人称单数:grows  名词复数:grows 

Farmers grow rice. 农民种植水稻。
grow old 变老

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  • v. 发展;生长;种植
  • 1. Farmers grow rice.


  • 2. grow old


  • 3. I've decided to grow my hair.


  • 4. The humidity of soil helps to grow.


  • 5. I've decided to let my hair grow.


  • 6. She is growing in confidence all the time.


  • 7. You've grown since the last time I saw you!


  • 8. She grew up in Boston.


  • grow (v.) Old English growan (of plants) "to flourish, increase, develop, get bigger" (class VII strong verb; past tense greow, past participle growen), from Proto-Germanic *gro- (source also of Old Norse groa "to grow" (of vegetation), Old Frisian groia, Dutch groeien, Old High German gruoen), from PIE root *ghre- "to grow, become green" (see grass). Applied in Middle English to human beings (c. 1300) and animals (early 15c.) and their parts, supplanting Old English weaxan (see wax (v.)) in the general sense of "to increase." Transitive sense "cause to grow" is from 1774. To grow on "gain in the estimation of" is from 1712.
grow / ɡrəʊ ; NAmE ɡroʊ / verb ( grew / ɡruː ; NAmE ɡruː / grown / ɡrəʊn ; NAmE ɡroʊn / ) increase 增加 1 [intransitive ] to increase in size, number, strength or quality 扩大;增加;增强 The company profits grew by 5% last year. 去年公司的利润增加了 5%。 Fears are growing for the safety of a teenager who disappeared a week ago. 大家对那一周前失踪少年的安危越来越担忧。 growin sth The family has grown in sizerecently. 这家人最近添丁进口了。 She is growing in confidence all the time. 她的信心在不断增强。 + adj. The company is growing bigger all the time. 这家公司在不断地扩大。 of person/animal 人;动物 2 [intransitive ] to become bigger or taller and develop into an adult 长大;长高;发育;成长 You've grown since the last time I saw you! 自从我上次见到你后,你又见长了! Nick's grown almost an inch in the last month. 尼克这一个月来长高了差不多一英寸。 + adj. to grow bigger/taller 长大╱高了 of plant 植物 3 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to exist and develop in a particular place; to make plants grow (使)生长,发育 The region is too dry for plants to grow. 这地区干燥得草木不生。 Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight. 西红柿在阳光直射下长得最好。 growsth I didn't know they grew rice in France. 我本来不知道法国也种稻子。 see also home-grown of hair/nails 头发;指甲 4 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to become longer; to allow sth to become longer by not cutting it (使)留长,蓄长 I've decided to let my hair grow. 我已决定留长发。 growsth I've decided to grow my hair. 我已决定留长发。 I didn't recognize him—he's grown a beard. 我没认出他来,他留胡子了。 become/begin 变成;开始 5 linking verb + adj. to begin to have a particular quality or feeling over a period of time 逐渐变得;逐渐成为 to grow old/bored/calm 变老;腻烦起来;平静下来 As time went on he grew more and more impatient. 时间长了,他越来越没有耐心。 The skies grew dark and it began to rain. 天渐渐黑了,又下起雨来。 6 [intransitive ] growto do sth to gradually begin to do sth 逐渐开始 I'm sure you'll grow to like her in time. 我肯定你慢慢就会喜欢她了。 develop skills 培养技能 7 [intransitive ] grow(as sth) (of a person ) to develop and improve particular qualities or skills 提升品质;培养技能 She continues to grow as an artist. 她作为艺术家不断有所提高。 business 业务 8 [transitive ] growsth to increase the size, quality or number of sth 扩大;扩展;增加 We are trying to grow the business. 我们正在努力扩展业务。 IDIOM it/money doesn't grow on ˈtrees ( saying) used to tell sb not to use sth or spend money carelessly because you do not have a lot of it 树上长不出钱来,那东西(或钱)来之不易(告诫人不要随便乱用) more at absence , grass n. PHRASAL VERBS ˌgrow aˈpart (from sb) to stop having a close relationship with sb over a period of time (与某人)逐渐疏远,渐渐产生隔阂 ˌgrow aˈway from sb [no passive ] to become less close to sb; to depend on sb or care for sb less 逐渐疏远某人;对某人的依赖(或关心)减少 When she left school she grew away from her mother. 她中学毕业后就不再那么依赖母亲了。 ˌgrow ˈback to begin growing again after being cut off or damaged (砍掉或毁坏后)又生长起来 ˌgrow ˈinto sth [no passive ] 1 to gradually develop into a particular type of person over a period of time 逐渐成长为,变为,长成(某种类型的人) 2 (of a child 孩子 ) to grow big enough to fit into a piece of clothing that used to be too big 长大可以穿以前嫌大的衣服 The dress is too long for her now but she'll grow into it. 这件连衣裙她现在穿太长,不过她长大了可以穿。 3 to become more confident in a new job, etc. and learn to do it better 对(新工作等)更有信心;学着做得更好 She's still growing into her new role as a mother. 她仍在学着适应她作为母亲的新角色。 ˈgrow on sb [no passive ] if sb/sth grows onyou, you start to like them or it more and more 逐渐为某人所喜爱 ˌgrow ˈout (of a hairstyle,etc. 发式等 ) to disappear as your hair grows 因头发长长而消失 I had a perm a year ago and it still hasn't grown out. 我一年前烫的发,现在发型依旧。 ˌgrow sth↔ˈout to allow your hair to grow in order to change the style 让头发长长以变换发型 I've decided to grow my layers out. 我决定留长发好让层次消失。 ˌgrow ˈout of sth [no passive ] 1 (of a child 孩子 ) to become too big to fit into a piece of clothing 长得太大而穿不上衣服 SYN outgrow He's already grown out of his school uniform. 他已长得穿不上他的校服了。 2 to stop doing sth as you become older 因长大而改掉(或革除、戒除)某习惯 SYN outgrow Most children suck their thumbs but they grow out of it. 大多数孩子都吮拇指,大了就好了。 3 to develop from sth 产生于,源于(某事物) The idea for the book grew out of a visit to India. 这本书的构思源于到印度的一次访问。 ˌgrow ˈup 1 (of a person ) to develop into an adult 长大;成熟;成长 She grew up in Boston (= lived there as a child). 她在波士顿长大。 Their children have all grown up and left home now. 他们的孩子都已长大成人离开家了。 growto do sth He grew up to become a famous pianist. 他长大后成了著名的钢琴家。 related noun grown-up 2 2 used to tell sb to stop behaving in a silly way 别那么幼稚;别耍小孩子脾气;变得老成些 Why don't you grow up? 你怎么就长不大呢? It's time you grew up. 你该懂事了。 3 to develop gradually 逐渐发展;形成 A closeness grew up between the two girls. 这两个女孩的关系越来越亲密。 IDIOMsee oak grow grows grew growing grown grow / ɡrəʊ ; NAmE ɡroʊ / grew / ɡruː ; NAmE ɡruː / grown / ɡrəʊn ; NAmE ɡroʊn /
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