fly 英 [flaɪ]   美 [flai]


fly  英 [flaɪ] 美 [flai]

vi. 飞;  vt. 飞行;  n. 飞行;苍蝇 

进行时:flying  过去式:flew  过去分词:flown  第三人称单数:flies  名词复数:flies 

Bird can fly. 鸟会飞。
children flying kites 放风筝的儿童

  • Fly describes moving through the air, like birds that fly in the sky, or getting something accepted, like your silly excuse that's not going to fly with your history teacher.
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  • vi. 飞;
  • vt. 飞行;
  • n. 飞行;苍蝇
  • 1. Bird can fly.


  • 2. children flying kites


  • 3. He's learning to fly.


  • 4. I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow.


fly / flaɪ ; NAmE flaɪ / verb , noun , adjective fly flys flies verb ( flies , fly·ing , flew / fluː ; NAmE fluː / flown / fləʊn ; NAmE floʊn / ) HELP  In sense 15 fliedis used for the past tense and past participle. 作第 15 义时过去时和过去分词用 flied。 of bird/insect 鸟;昆虫 1 [intransitive ] (+ adv./prep.) to move through the air, using wings 飞;飞翔 A stork flew slowly past. 一只鹳缓缓飞过。 A wasp had flown in through the window. 一只黄蜂从窗口飞了进来。 aircraft/spacecraft 飞行器;航天器 2 [intransitive ] (+ adv./prep.) (of an aircraft or a spacecraft 航空器或航天器 ) to move through air or space (在空中或宇宙)飞行,航行 They were on a plane flying from London to New York. 他们在从伦敦飞往纽约的飞机上。 to fly at the speed of sound 以音速飞行 Lufthansa fly to La Paz from Frankfurt. 汉莎航空公司的飞机从法兰克福飞往拉巴斯。 3 [intransitive ] to travel in an aircraft or a spacecraft (乘飞行器或航天器)航行,飞行 Is this the first time that you've flown? 这是你第一次乘飞机吗? fly(from…) (to…) I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow. 明天我要乘飞机去香港。 + noun I always fly business class. 我搭飞机总是坐商务舱。 We're flying KLM. 我们乘坐荷兰皇家航空公司的飞机。 4 [transitive ,  intransitive ] fly(sth) to control an aircraft, etc. in the air 驾驶(飞机等);操纵(飞行器等) a pilot trained to fly large passenger planes 受过驾驶大型客机训练的飞行员 children flying kites 放风筝的儿童 He's learning to fly. 他在学习驾驶飞机。 5 [transitive ] + adv./prep. to transport goods or passengers in a plane 空运(货物或乘客) The stranded tourists were finally flown home. 滞留的游客终于由飞机送返家园。 He had flowers specially flown in for the ceremony. 他特地为这个典礼空运鲜花来。 6 [transitive ] flysth to travel over an ocean or area of land in an aircraft 乘飞行器飞越(海洋或陆地) to fly the Atlantic 飞越大西洋 move quickly/suddenly 快速╱突然移动 7 [intransitive ] (+ adv./prep.) to go or move quickly 疾驰;疾行;快速移动 The train was flying along. 火车飞驰着。 She gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. 她大口喘气,连忙用手掩着嘴。 It's late—I must fly. 已经晚了,我得赶快走。 8 [intransitive ] (+ adv./prep.) to move suddenly and with force 猛然移动 (+ adv./prep.) A large stone came flying in through the window. 一块大石头飞进了窗户。 Several people were hit by flying glass. 有几个人被飞溅的玻璃击中。 + adj. David gave the door a kick and it flew open. 戴维踢了门一脚,门一下子开了。 of time 时间 9 [intransitive ] to seem to pass very quickly 飞逝 Doesn't time fly? 时间过得真快! flyby/past Summer has just flown by. 夏天一晃就过去了。 flag 旗帜 10 [intransitive ,  transitive ] if a flag flies,or if you flyit, it is displayed, for example on a long pole (旗)飘扬;升,悬挂(旗) Flags were flying at half mast on all public buildings. 所有的公共建筑都降半旗。 flysth to fly the Stars and Stripes 悬挂美国国旗 move freely 自由移动 11 [intransitive ] to move around freely 自由移动 hair flying in the wind 随风飘拂的头发 of stories/rumours 故事;传闻 12 [intransitive ] to be talked about by many people 流传;四处传播 escape 逃跑 13 [transitive ,  intransitive ] fly(sth) ( formal) to escape from sb/sth (从…)逃走,逃跑 Both suspects have flown the country. 两个嫌疑犯都逃到国外了。 compare flee of plan 计划 14 [intransitive ] ( NAmE) to be successful 成功 It remains to be seen whether his project will fly. 他的计划能否成功尚需拭目以待。 in baseball 棒球 15 ( flies , flying , flied , flied ) [intransitive ,  transitive ] fly(sth) to hit a ball high into the air 击(球)腾空 IDIOMS fly the ˈcoop ( informal) ( especially NAmE) to escape from a place 逃走 fly ˈhigh to be successful 成功 fly in the face of ˈsth to oppose or be the opposite of sth that is usual or expected 悍然不顾;公然违抗;与…相悖 Such a proposal is flying in the face of common sense. 这个建议违反常识。 fly into a ˈrage, ˈtemper, etc. to become suddenly very angry 勃然大怒 (go) fly a/your ˈkite ( NAmE) ( informal) used to tell sb to go away and stop annoying you or interfering 走开;别烦人;别打扰人 ˌfly the ˈnest 1 (of a young bird 幼鸟 ) to become able to fly and leave its nest 羽翼已丰可离巢 2 ( informal) (of sb's child 子女 ) to leave home and live somewhere else 另立门户 fly off the ˈhandle ( informal) to suddenly become very angry 大发雷霆 go ˈflying ( BrE) ( informal) to fall, especially as a result of not seeing sth under your feet 跌倒;(尤指)绊了一跤 Someone's going to go flying if you don't pick up these toys. 你要是不捡起这些玩具,就会绊倒别人。 let ˈfly (at sb/sth) (with sth) to attack sb by hitting them or speaking angrily to them (用…)打;(向某人)大发雷霆 He let fly at me with his fist. 他挥拳打我。 She let fly with a stream of abuse. 她破口大骂了一通。 more at bird n. , crow n. , flag n. , pig n. , seat n. , tangent , time n. , window PHRASAL VERB ˈfly at sb (of a person or an animal 人或动物 ) to attack sb suddenly 扑向;猛烈攻击 noun ( plural flies ) insect 昆虫 1 [countable ] a small flying insect with two wings. There are many different types of fly. 蝇;苍蝇 A fly was buzzing against the window. 一只苍蝇嗡嗡地飞着,直撞窗子。 Flies rose in thick black swarms. 苍蝇黑压压地成群飞起。 in fishing 钓鱼 2 [countable ] a flyor sth made to look like a fly,that is put on a hook and used as baitto catch fish (作钓饵的)苍蝇,假蝇 fly fishing 用假蝇作饵钓鱼 on trousers/pants 裤子 3 [singular ] ( BrE also flies ) an opening down the front of a pair of trousers/pants that fastens with a zipor buttons and is usually covered over by a strip of material (裤子的)前裆开口 Your fly is undone! 你的裤子前裆没拉上! Your flies are undone! 你的裤子前裆开着呢! on tent 帐篷 4 [countable ] a piece of material that covers the entrance to a tent 门帘 see also flies IDIOMS die/fall/drop like ˈflies ( informal) to die or fall down in very large numbers 大批死亡;大批倒下 People were dropping like flies in the intense heat. 酷暑中人们成批死去。 a/the fly in the ˈointment a person or thing that spoils a situation or an occasion that is fine in all other ways 扫兴的人;煞风景的事物 a fly on the ˈwall a person who watches others without being noticed 不为人觉察的观察者 I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he tells her the news. 他把这消息告诉她时,我想悄悄在旁观看。 fly-on-the-wall documentaries (= in which people are filmed going about their normal lives as if the camera were not there) 纪实影片 (there are) no flies on ˈsb ( informal) the person mentioned is clever and not easily tricked 某人精明得不会上当 not harm/hurt a ˈfly to be kind and gentle and unwilling to cause unhappiness 连一只苍蝇都不肯伤害;心地善良 on the ˈfly ( informal) if you do sth on the fly,you do it quickly while sth else is happening, and without thinking about it very much 赶紧地;匆忙中 adjective ( informal) 1 ( BrE) clever and showing good judgement about people, especially so that you can get an advantage for yourself 机灵的;机警的;不会上当的 2 ( NAmE) fashionable and attractive 时髦迷人的;漂亮的 fly / flaɪ ; NAmE flaɪ / flew / fluː ; NAmE fluː / flown / fləʊn ; NAmE floʊn /
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