first 英 [fɜ:st]   美 [fɜrst]


first  英 [fɜ:st] 美 [fɜrst]

adv. 第一;首先;优先;宁愿  n. 第一;开始;冠军  adj. 第一的;基本的;最早的 


his first wife 他的第一个妻子
When did you first meet him? 你和他初次见面是何时?

  • First is number one, prior to, or before. First comes first, then comes everything else. It's always good to be first in line or in first class. Who wants to be second? Or worse — last?
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  • adv. 第一;首先;优先;宁愿
  • n. 第一;开始;冠军
  • adj. 第一的;基本的;最早的
  • num. 第一
  • 1. his first wife


  • 2. When did you first meet him?


  • 3. Your first duty is to your family.


  • 4. She was the first to arrive.


  • 5. ‘Do you want a drink?’ ‘I'll finish my work first.’


  • first (adj., adv.) Old English fyrst "foremost, going before all others; chief, principal," also (though rarely) as an adverb, "at first, originally," superlative of fore; from Proto-Germanic *furista- "foremost" (source also of Old Saxon fuirst "first," Old High German furist, Old Norse fyrstr, Danish første, Old Frisian ferist, Middle Dutch vorste "prince," Dutch vorst "first," German Fürst "prince"), from PIE *pre-isto-, superlative of *pre-, from root *per- (1) "forward," hence "in front of, before, first, chief."
  • first (n.) 1560s, "that which is first," from first (adj.). Meaning "first day of the month" is by 1590s. In music, "instrument or voice that takes the highest or chief part of its class," 1774. From 1909 as the name of the lowest gear in an engine. In British schools colloquial use, "highest rank in an examination," 1850.
first / fɜːst ; NAmE fɜːrst / determiner , ordinal number , adverb , noun first firsts determiner , ordinal number 1 happening or coming before all other similar things or people; 1st 第一 his first wife 他的第一个妻子 It was the first time they had ever met. 这是他们初次见面。 I didn't take the first bus. 我没有乘坐首班公共汽车。 students in their first year at college 大学一年级学生 your first impressions 你的初步印象 She resolved to do it at the first (= earliest)opportunity. 她决定一有机会就去做。 King Edward I (= pronounced ‘King Edward the First’) 英王爱德华一世 the first of May/May 1st *5 月 1 日 His second book is better than his first. 他的第二部书比第一部好。 2 the most important or best 最重要的;首要的;最优秀的 Your first duty is to your family. 你首要的是对家庭尽责。 She won first prize in the competition. 她在竞赛中获得一等奖。 an issue of the first importance 最重要的问题 IDIOM Most idioms containing firstare at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example on first acquaintanceis at acquaintance. 大多数含有 first 的习语位于该习语中名词和形容词所在的词条,如 first acquaintance 位于 acquaintance 词条。 there's a first time for everything ( saying, humorous) the fact that sth has not happened before does not mean that it will never happen 没有发生的事情并不意味着永远不会发生;什么事情都有第一次 adverb 1 before anyone or anything else; at the beginning 首先;第一;最初 ‘Do you want a drink?’ ‘I'll finish my work first.’ “你想喝杯饮料吗?”“我要先完成工作。” First I had to decide what to wear. 首先我得决定穿什么。 Who came firstin the race (= who won)? 赛跑谁第一? It plunged nose first into the river. 它一头跳入水中。 2 for the first time 第一次;首次 When did you first meet him? 你和他初次见面是何时? 3 used to introduce the first of a list of points you want to make in a speech or piece of writing (列举时用)第一,首先 SYN firstly This method has two advantages: first it is cheaper and second it is quicker. 这个方法有两个优点:一是更便宜,二是较快。 language bank at process 4 used to emphasize that you are determined not to do sth (强调不愿意)宁可,宁愿 She swore that she wouldn't apologize—she'd die first! 她发誓决不道歉,宁死也不! IDIOMS at ˈfirst at or in the beginning 起初;起先 I didn't like the job much at first. 起初我并不很喜欢这个工作。 At first I thought he was shy, but then I discovered he was just not interested in other people. 起先我以为他腼腆,后来才发现他对别人没兴趣。 ( saying) If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. 一次不成功就反复尝试。 note at firstly come ˈfirst to be considered more important than anything else 首要;第一;首先要考虑的 In any decision she makes, her family always comes first. 她作任何决定都是家庭第一。 ˌfirst and ˈforemost more than anything else 首要的是;首先 He does a little teaching, but first and foremost he's a writer. 他干一点教学,但首要的是写作。 ˌfirst and ˈlast in every way that is important; completely 从各方面看;完全地 She regarded herself, first and last, as a musician. 她认为她自己是一个不折不扣的音乐家。 ˌfirst ˈcome, ˌfirst ˈserved ( saying) people will be dealt with, seen, etc. strictly in the order in which they arrive 先来先接待;先到先供应;按先来后到对待 Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. 票先来先买,售完为止。 ˌfirst of ˈall 1 before doing anything else; at the beginning 第一;首先 First of all, let me ask you something. 首先,让我问你一件事。 language bank at process 2 as the most important thing 最重要;首先 The content of any article needs, first of all, to be relevant to the reader. 任何文章的内容都首先要与读者有关。 note at firstly ˌfirst ˈoff ( informal) ( especially BrE) before anything else 首先 First off, let's see how much it'll cost. 首先咱们看看这要花多少钱。 ˌfirst ˈup ( BrE) ( informal) to start with; before anything else 第一;首先 ˌput sb/sth ˈfirst to consider sb/sth to be more important than anyone/anything else 认为…最重要;把…放在第一位 She always puts her children first. 她总是把子女放在第一位。 more at foot n. , head n. , safety noun 1 the first [countable ] ( plural the first ) the first person or thing mentioned; the first person or thing to do a particular thing 第一个人(或事物) I was the first in my family to go to college. 我是我们家第一个大学生。 Sheila and Jim were the first to arrive. 希拉和吉姆最先到的。 I'd be the first to admit (= I will most willingly admit)I might be wrong. 我非常愿意承认我可能错了。 The first I heard aboutthe wedding (= the first time I became aware of it)was when I saw it in the local paper. 我最初知道他们结婚的消息是从当地报纸上看到的。 2 [countable ,  usually singular ] an achievement, event, etc, never done or experienced before 空前的成就;前所未有的事情 We went on a cruise, a first for both of us. 我俩都是平生第一次去海上旅游。 3 ( also ˌfirst ˈgear ) [uncountable ] the lowest gear on a car, bicycle, etc. that you use when you are moving slowly (汽车、自行车等的)头挡,最低挡 He stuck the car in firstand revved. 他挂上了头挡,开动了汽车。 4 [countable ] first(in sth) the highest level of university degree at British universities (英国大学学位)最高成绩,优等成绩 She got a firstin maths at Exeter. 她在埃克塞特大学毕业,获数学一级优等学位。 compare second 1 n.  (7 ) , third n.  (2 ) IDIOMS ˌfirst among ˈequals the person or thing with the highest status in a group 第一把手;首要的事物 from the (very) ˈfirst from the beginning 从一开始 They were attracted to each other from the first. 他俩一见倾心。 from ˌfirst to ˈlast from beginning to end; during the whole time 从头至尾;自始至终 It's a fine performance that commands attention from first to last. 这是个精彩的演出,自始至终都扣人心弦。 LANGUAGE BANK 用语库 first Ordering your points 梳理要点 This study has the followingaims: first,to investigate how international students in the UK use humour; second,to examine how jokes can help to establish social relationships; and, third,to explore the role that humour plays in helping overseas students adjust to life in the UK. 本研究有以下几个目的:第一,调查在英国的留学生如何运用幽默;第二,考察笑话如何帮助建立社交关系;第三,探究幽默对留学生适应英国生活所起的作用。 Let us begin byidentifying some of the popular joke genres in the UK. 首先我们来辨别一下流行于英国的一些笑话类型。 Next, let us turn to/ Next, let us considerthe question of gender differences in the use of humour. 接下来,我们来探讨一下运用幽默的性别差异问题。 Finally/ Lastly,let us briefly examine the role of humour in defining a nation's culture. 最后,我们来简略地探讨一下幽默在界定民族文化中所起的作用。 ➱ notes at firstly, lastly ➱ Language Banks at conclusion, process first / fɜːst ; NAmE fɜːrst /
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