eat 英 [i:t]   美 [i:t]


eat  英 [i:t] 美 [i:t]

v. 吃, 

进行时:eating  过去式:ate  过去分词:eaten  第三人称单数:eats  名词复数:eats 

Do you have something to eat? 你有什么可吃的东西吗?
I don't eat meat.  我不吃肉。

  • If you leave an antique flowerpot outside all winter, the snow and rain might eat the paint, making it look even older than it is.
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  • v. 吃,
  • 1. Do you have something to eat?


  • 2. I don't eat meat.


  • 3. Come on. Eat up your potatoes.


  • 4. Where shall we eat tonight?


eat / iːt ; NAmE iːt / verb ( ate / et ; eɪt ; NAmE eɪt / , eaten / ˈiːtn ; NAmE ˈiːtn / ) 1 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to put food in your mouth, chew it and swallow it I was too nervous to eat. 我紧张得饭都吃不下。 She doesn't eat sensibly (= doesn't eat food that is good for her). 她饮食不合理。 eatsth I don't eat meat. 我不吃肉。 Would you like something to eat? 你想吃点什么吗? I couldn't eat another thing (= I have had enough food). 我再也吃不下了。 collocationsat diet 2 [intransitive ] to have a meal 吃饭;用餐 Where shall we eat tonight? 我们今晚在哪儿吃饭? We ate at a pizzeria in town. 我们在城里一家比萨饼店用餐。 IDIOMS ˌeat sb aˈlive ( informal) 1 to criticize or punish sb severely because you are extremely angry with them (对某人极为气愤而)尖锐批评,严厉惩罚,横加指责 2 to defeat sb completely in an argument, a competition, etc. (辩论、比赛等中)大败某人,完全战胜某人 The defence lawyers are going to eat you alive tomorrow. 辩护律师明天一定会彻底打败你们。 3 [usually passive ] (of insects, etc. 昆虫等 ) to bite sb many times (多次)叮,蜇 I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. 蚊子要把我活活吃了。 ˌeat, drink and be ˈmerry ( saying) said to encourage sb to enjoy life now, while they can, and not to think of the future 行乐要及时 eat your ˈheart out! ( informal) used to compare two things and say that one of them is better (比较两事物)比…还好 Look at him dance! Eat your heart out, Fred Astaire (= he dances even better than Fred Astaire). 看看他跳的舞!比弗雷德 · 阿斯泰尔跳得还好。 eat your ˈheart out (for sb/sth) ( especially BrE) to feel very unhappy, especially because you want sb/sth you cannot have (尤因不能拥有所渴求的人或事物而)极度不快 eat humble ˈpie ( BrE) ( NAmE eat ˈcrow ) to say and show that you are sorry for a mistake that you made 认错;道歉;赔罪 ORIGIN From a pun on the old word umbles,meaning ‘offal’, which was considered to be food for poor people. 源自古词 umbles 的双关谐音,意为“内脏”,被认为是穷人的食物。 eat like a ˈhorse ( informal) to eat a lot 吃得很多 She may be thin, but she eats like a horse. 她或许是瘦了点,但吃得却很多。 eat out of your/sb's ˈhand to trust sb and be willing to do what they say 甘愿听命于某人;顺从某人 She'll have them eating out of her hand in no time. 她很快就会让他们俯首帖耳的。 eat sb out of ˌhouse and ˈhome ( informal, often humorous) to eat a lot of sb else's food 把某人吃穷 eat your ˈwords to admit that what you said was wrong 收回前言;承认说错 I could eat a ˈhorse ( informal) used to say that you are very hungry 我饿极了 I'll eat my ˈhat ( informal) used to say that you think sth is very unlikely to happen (认为某事不太可能发生)我才不信,那才怪,绝不可能 If she's here on time, I'll eat my hat! 她要是准时到这儿那才怪咧! what's eating him, etc.? ( informal) used to ask what sb is annoyed or worried about (某人)为何苦恼(或担忧) more at cake n. , dog n. PHRASAL VERBS ˌeat sth↔aˈway to reduce or destroy sth gradually 侵蚀;腐蚀;逐渐破坏 SYN erode The coastline is being eaten away year by year. 海岸线年复一年地被侵蚀着。 ˌeat aˈway at sth/sb 1 to reduce or destroy sth gradually 侵蚀;腐蚀;逐渐破坏 Woodworm had eaten away at the door frame. 木蛀虫将门框一点点蛀坏了。 His constant criticism ate away at her self-confidence. 他不断的批评使她逐渐丧失了自信心。 2 to worry sb over a period of time (一段时间内)使某人苦恼,使某人担心 ˈeat into sth 1 to use up a part of sth, especially sb's money or time 消耗,花掉,耗费(尤指金钱或时间) Those repair bills have really eaten into my savings. 那些修理账单已经耗掉我相当一部份积蓄。 2 to destroy or damage the surface of sth 腐蚀,损坏(物体表面) Rust had eaten into the metal. 这金属已经锈坏。 ˌeat ˈout to have a meal in a restaurant, etc. rather than at home 上馆子吃饭;在外用餐 Do you feel like eating out tonight? 你今晚想下馆子吗? ˌeat ˈup | ˌeat sth↔ˈup to eat all of sth 吃完;吃光 Eat up! We've got to go out soon. 都吃光!我们得马上出去。 Come on. Eat up your potatoes. 快点儿。把土豆都吃掉。 ˌeat sb ˈup [usually passive ] to fill sb with a particular emotion so that they cannot think of anything else (情感)使沉迷,使焦虑,使纠缠 She was eaten up by regrets. 她后悔不已。 ˌeat sth↔ˈup to use sth in large quantities (大量地)耗费,花费,损耗 Legal costs had eaten up all the savings she had. 诉讼费耗掉了她所有的积蓄。 eat eats ate eating eaten eat / iːt ; NAmE iːt / ate / et ; eɪt ; NAmE eɪt / eaten / ˈiːtn ; NAmE ˈiːtn /
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