drink 英 [drɪŋk]   美 [drɪŋk]


drink  英 [drɪŋk] 美 [drɪŋk]

v. 喝;饮;  n. 饮料; 

进行时:drinking  过去式:drank  过去分词:drunk  第三人称单数:drinks  名词复数:drinks 

food and drink 食物和饮料
You should drink less. 你应该少喝酒。

  • To drink is to sip, slurp, or gulp a liquid. On extremely hot days, it's important to drink plenty of water.
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  • v. 喝;饮;
  • n. 饮料;
  • 1. food and drink


  • 2. You should drink less.


  • 3. I don't drink coffee.


  • 4. Can I have a drink?


  • 5. They went for a drink.


  • 6. What would you like to drink?


  • drink (v.) Old English drincan "to drink," also "to swallow up, engulf" (class III strong verb; past tense dranc, past participle druncen), from Proto-Germanic *drenkan (source also of Old Saxon drinkan, Old Frisian drinka, Dutch drinken, Old High German trinkan, German trinken, Old Norse drekka, Gothic drigkan "to drink"), which is of uncertain origin or connections, perhaps from a root meaning "to draw."
drink / drɪŋk ; NAmE drɪŋk / noun , verb drink drinks drank drinking drunk noun 1 [countable ,  uncountable ] a liquid for drinking; an amount of a liquid that you drink 饮料;一杯,一份,一口(饮料) Can I have a drink? 给我来一杯饮料好吗? soft drinks (= cold drinks without alcohol) 软饮料(不含酒精) a drink of water 一杯水 food and drink 食物和饮料 She took a drink from the glass and then put it down. 她喝了一口饮料,然后放下杯子。 2 [countable ,  uncountable ] alcohol or an alcoholic drink; sth that you drink on a social occasion 酒;酒精饮料 They went for a drink. 他们去了喝酒。 The drinks are on me (= I'll pay for them). 酒钱由我付。 I need a stiff drink (= a very strong drink). 我要一杯烈酒。 ( BrE) He's got a drink problem. 他有贪杯的毛病。 ( NAmE) He has a drinking problem. 他有贪杯的毛病。 ( humorous) The children are enough to drive me to drink. 这些孩子足以逼得我酗起酒来。 ( BrE) They came home the worse for drink (= drunk). 他们喝得酩酊大醉地回到家里。 She took to drink (= often drank too much alcohol)after her marriage broke up. 婚姻破裂后,她染上了酗酒的恶习。 3 drinks [plural ] ( BrE) a social occasion where you have alcoholic drinks 酒宴;酒会 Would you like to come for drinks on Sunday? 星期天来参加酒宴好吗? a drinks party 酒会 IDIOMsee demon , meat verb ( drank / dræŋk ; NAmE dræŋk / , drunk / drʌŋk ; NAmE drʌŋk / ) 1 [transitive ,  intransitive ] drink(sth) to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it 喝;饮 What would you like to drink? 你想喝点什么? In hot weather, drink plenty of water. 天热时要多喝水。 I don't drink coffee. 我不喝咖啡。 He was drinking straight from the bottle. 他直接对着酒瓶喝酒。 2 [intransitive ,  transitive ] to drink alcohol, especially when it is done regularly 喝酒;(尤指)酗酒 He doesn't drink. 他不喝酒。 Don't drink and drive (= drive a car after drinking alcohol). 切勿酒后驾车。 She's been drinking heavily since she lost her job. 她失业后便常常酗酒。 drinksth I drank far too much last night. 我昨天晚上喝得酩酊大醉。 drinkyourself + adj. He had drunk himself unconscious on vodka. 他喝伏特加酒喝得不省人事。 see also drunk adj.  (1 ) IDIOMS drink sb's ˈhealth ( BrE) to wish sb good health as you lift your glass, and then drink from it 为某人的健康干杯 drink like a ˈfish to drink a lot of alcohol regularly (习惯性)饮酒过度,酗酒,豪饮 ˌdrink sb under the ˈtable ( informal) to drink more alcohol than sb else without becoming as drunk as they are (拚酒量)喝倒某人;喝到使某人醉倒 more at eat , horse n. PHRASAL VERBS ˌdrink sth↔ˈin to look at or listen to sth with great interest and enjoyment 尽情地欣赏;如饥似渴地倾听;陶醉于 We just stood there drinking in the scenery. 我们就站在那儿尽情欣赏景色。 ˈdrink to sb/sth to wish sb good luck, health or success as you lift your glass and then drink from it 为…干杯(或祝酒) SYN toast All raise your glasses and drink to Katie and Tom! 大家举起杯为凯蒂和汤姆祝福吧! ˌdrink ˈup | ˌdrink (sth)↔ˈup to drink all of sth (把…)喝完 Drink up and let's go. 喝完了咱们走吧。 Come on, drink up your juice. 快,把果汁喝完。 drink / drɪŋk ; NAmE drɪŋk / drank / dræŋk ; NAmE dræŋk / drunk / drʌŋk ; NAmE drʌŋk /
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