down 英 [daʊn]   美 [daʊn]


down  英 [daʊn] 美 [daʊn]

adv. 向下,下去;在下面  adj. 向下的  n. 软毛,绒毛;[地质] 开阔的高地 

进行时:downing  过去式:downed  过去分词:downed  第三人称单数:downs  名词复数:downs 

A spider is going down 一只蜘蛛正在下来。
She jumped down off the chair. 她跳下椅子。

  • The adverb down means "from a higher place to a lower one," like when a person climbs down a ladder or a waiter puts a tray full of cakes down on a table.
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  • adv. 向下,下去;在下面
  • adj. 向下的
  • n. 软毛,绒毛;[地质] 开阔的高地
  • prep. 沿着,往下
  • vt. 打倒,击败
  • vi. 下降;下去
  • 1. A spider is going down


  • 2. She jumped down off the chair.


  • 3. Please sit down.


  • 4. Prices have gone down recently.


  • 5. Turn the music down!


  • 6. They flew down to Texas.


  • 7. Did you get that down?


  • 8. I always write everything down.


  • 9. I'm just going down to the post office.


  • 10. Tears ran down her face.


  • 11. to down a plane


  • down (adv.) late Old English shortened form of Old English ofdune "downwards," from dune "from the hill," dative of dun "hill" (see down (n.2)). A sense development peculiar to English.
  • down (n.1) "soft feathers," late 14c., from Old Norse dunn, of uncertain origin.
  • down (n.2) Old English dun "down, moor; height, hill, mountain," from Proto-Germanic *dunaz- (source also of Middle Dutch dunen "sandy hill," Dutch duin), "probably a pre-insular loan-word from Celtic" [Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names], in other words, borrowed at a very early period, before the Anglo-Saxon migration, from PIE root *dheue- "to close, finish, come full circle." Meaning "elevated rolling grassland" is from c. 1300.
  • down (v.) 1560s, from down (adv.). Meaning "swallow hastily" is by 1860; football sense of "bring down (an opposing player) by tackling" is attested by 1887. Related: Downed; downing.
down / daʊn ; NAmE daʊn / adverb , preposition , verb , adjective , noun adverb HELP  For the special uses of downin phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example climb downis in the phrasal verb section at climb. *down 在短语动词中的特殊用法见有关动词词条。如 climb down 在词条 climb 的短语动词部份。 1 to or at a lower place or position 向下;朝下;在下面 She jumped down off the chair. 她跳下椅子。 He looked down at her. 他低头看着她。 We watched as the sun went down. 我们看着夕阳西沉。 She bent down to pick up her glove. 她俯身捡起了手套。 Mary's not down yet (= she is still upstairs). 玛丽还没下楼呢。 The baby can't keep any food down (= in her body). 这婴儿吃什么吐什么。 2 from a standing or vertical position to a sitting or horizontal one (坐、倒、躺)下 Please sit down. 请坐。 He had to go and lie down for a while. 他不得不去躺一会儿。 3 at a lower level or rate 在较低水平;下降;下跌 Prices have gone down recently. 最近物价下降了。 We're already two goals down (= the other team has two goals more). 我们已落后对方两球。 language bank at fall 4 used to show that the amount or strength of sth is lower, or that there is less activity (数量、力量、活动等)减少,减弱,降低 Turn the music down! 把音乐声关小点! The class settled down and she began the lesson. 课堂安静下来她便开始上课了。 5 (in a crossword 纵横填字游戏 ) reading from top to bottom, not from side to side 由上至下 I can't do 3 down. 我填不出第 3 个竖行。 6 to or in the south of a country 向南方;在南方 They flew down to Texas. 他们乘飞机南下去得克萨斯州了。 Houses are more expensive down south. 南边的房屋价格要贵些。 7 on paper; on a list (写)在纸上;(列)在表格上 Did you get that down? 你写下来了吗? I always write everything down. 我不管什么事情都记下来。 Have you got me down for the trip? 你把我列入这次旅行的名单了吗? 8 used to show the limits in a range or an order (表示范围或顺序的限度)下至,直至 Everyone will be there, from the Principal down. 从校长下至每个人都将到场。 9 having lost the amount of money mentioned 失去(钱数) At the end of the day we were £20 down. 一天下来我们少了 20 英镑。 10 if you pay an amount of money down,you pay that to start with, and the rest later (钱)先付,预付 11 ( informal) used to say how far you have got in a list of things you have to do 已完成数量(或进度) Well, I've seen six apartments so far. That's six down and four to go! 好啦,到目前为止我已看了六套公寓房。看完六套还有四套要去看呢! 12 ( informal) to or at a local place such as a shop/store, pub, etc. 到,去,在(当地的商店、酒馆等地方) I'm just going down to the post office. 我正要到邮局去。 I saw him down at the shops. 我刚才看到他在那边的商店里。 HELP  In informal British English, toand atare often left out after downin this sense. 在非正式的英式英语中,down 作此义时后面的 to 和 at 经常省略 He's gone down the shops. IDIOMS be down to sb ( informal) to be the responsibility of sb 是某人的责任;由某人负责 It's down to you to check the door. 检查门是否关好是你的事。 be down to sb/sth to be caused by a particular person or thing 由…引起(或造成) She claimed her problems were down to the media. 她声称她的问题是媒体造成的。 be down to sth to have only a little money left 只剩下(一点儿钱) I'm down to my last dollar. 我只剩下最后一块钱了。 be/go down with sth to have or catch an illness 患…病;得…病 down through sth ( formal) during a long period of time 在(相当长的一段)时间内 Down through the years this town has seen many changes. 多年来这座城镇发生了许多变化。 down to the last, smallest, final, etc. sth including every small part or detail of sth 非常详尽地 She organized everything down to the last detail. 她每件事情都安排得滴水不漏。 down ˈunder ( informal) to or in Australia and/or New Zealand 到,向,在(澳大利亚和╱或新西兰) down with sb/sth used to say that you are opposed to sth, or to a person 打倒 The crowds chanted ‘Down with NATO!’ 人群有节奏地反复高喊“打倒北约!” more at man n. preposition 1 from a high or higher point on sth to a lower one (从高处)向下,往下 The stone rolled down the hill. 石头滚下山坡。 Tears ran down her face. 泪水顺着她的脸庞流下来。 Her hair hung down her back to her waist. 她的长发披在背上直垂腰际。 2 along; towards the direction in which you are facing 沿着;顺着;朝着 He lives just down the street. 他就住在街那头。 Go down the road till you reach the traffic lights. 沿着这条路一直走到红绿灯处。 There's a bridge a mile down the river from here. 从这里沿河而下一英里处有座桥。 3 all through a period of time 贯穿…时间;遍及…时期 an exhibition of costumes down the ages (= from all periods of history) 历代服装展览 verb ( informal) 1 downsth to finish a drink or eat sth quickly (一下子)喝下,吃下,咽下 We downed our coffees and left. 我们一口气喝完咖啡就离开了。 2 downsb/sth to force sb/sth down to the ground 使倒下;击倒 to down a plane 击落一架飞机 IDIOM ˌdown ˈtools ( BrE) (of workers 工人 ) to stop work; to go on strike 撂下工作;罢工 adjective [not before noun ] 1 ( informal) sad or depressed 悲哀;沮丧;情绪低落 I feel a bit down today. 我今天有点闷闷不乐。 2 (of a computer or computer system 计算机或计算机系统 ) not working 停机;停止运行 The system was down all morning. 这系统整个上午都停机。 see also downtime  (1 ) IDIOMsee hit v. , kick v. , luck n. , mouth n. noun see also downs 1 [uncountable ] the very fine soft feathers of a bird (鸟的)绒羽,绒毛 duck down 鸭绒 2 [uncountable ] fine soft hair 绒毛;软毛;汗毛 see also downy 3 [countable ] (in American football 美式足球 ) one of a series of four chances to carry the ball forward ten yards that a team is allowed. These series continue until the team loses the ball or fails to go forward ten yards in four downs. 进攻分段,10 码进攻(球队可向前推进 10 码持球进攻的四次机会。球队在连续四次进攻中失球或未能推进 10 码即不能继续) IDIOM have a ˈdown on sb/sth ( BrE) ( informal) to have a bad opinion of a person or thing 对…评价不好;瞧不起;厌恶 more at up n. down / daʊn ; NAmE daʊn /
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