cut 英 [kʌt]   美 [kʌt]


cut  英 [kʌt] 美 [kʌt]

n. 伤口;削减;切入  v. 切割;削减; 

进行时:cutting  过去式:cut  过去分词:cut  第三人称单数:cuts  名词复数:cuts 

cut your hair/nails 理发;剪指甲
to cut prices/taxes/spending/production 削价;减税;缩减开支;降低产量

  • The verb cut means the act of slicing with a knife or another sharp edge, or the tear, hole, or wound it causes. It's surprising how much a paper cut can hurt.
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  • n. 伤口;削减;切入
  • v. 切割;削减;
  • 1. cut your hair/nails


  • 2. to cut prices/taxes/spending/production


  • 3. I cut them all a piece of cake.


  • 4. She cut her finger on a piece of glass.


  • 5. You need a powerful saw to cut through metal.


  • 6. The bus was cut in two by the train.


  • 7. They had to take a 20% cut in pay.

    他们不得不接受减薪 20%。

cut / kʌt ; NAmE kʌt / verb , noun cut cuts cutting verb ( cut·ting , cut , cut ) wound/hole 伤口;破口 1 [transitive ,  intransitive ] to make an opening or a wound in sth, especially with a sharp tool such as a knife or scissors 切;割;割破;划破 cutsth She cut her finger on a piece of glass. 一块玻璃把她的手指头划破了。 cutyourself He cut himself (= his face)shaving. 他刮胡子把脸刮破了。 cutsth + adj. She had fallen and cuther head open. 她摔了一跤,把头磕破了。 cutthrough sth You need a powerful saw to cut through metal. 切割金属需要用功率大的锯。 ( figurative) The canoe cut through the water. 独木舟划破水面前行。 remove with knife 用刀切下 2 [transitive ] to remove sth or a part of sth, using a knife, etc. (用刀等从某物上)切下,割下 cutsth (from sth) He cut four thick slices from the loaf. 他从一条面包上切下四厚片。 a bunch of cut flowers 一束剪下的花朵 cutsb sth I cut them all a piece of birthday cake. 我给他们每个人都切了一块生日蛋糕。 cutsth for sb I cut a piece of birthday cake for them all. 我给他们每个人都切了一块生日蛋糕。 3 [transitive ] cutsth (in sth) to make or form sth by removing material with a knife, etc. 切成;割成;剪成;削成;凿成 The climbers cut steps in the ice. 攀登者在冰上凿出踩脚处。 Workmen cut a holein the pipe. 工人在管子上切了一个口。 divide 分开 4 [transitive ] to divide sth into two or more pieces with a knife, etc. (用刀等将某物)切成,割成 cutsth Don't cut the string, untie the knots. 不要剪断绳子,把结解开。 cutsth in/into sth He cut the loaf into thick slices. 他把那条面包切成了厚片。 The bus was cut in two by the train. 那辆公共汽车被火车撞成两截。 Now cut the tomatoes in half. 把西红柿都切成两半。 hair/nails/grass, etc. 头发、指甲、草等 5 [transitive ] to make sth shorter by cutting 剪短;修剪 cutsth to cut your hair/nails 理发;剪指甲 to cut the grass/lawn/hedge 修剪草╱草坪╱树篱 cutsth + adj. He's had his hair cutreally short. 他头发理得真短。 release 释放 6 [transitive ] to allow sb to escape from somewhere by cuttingthe rope, object, etc. that is holding them (割断绳子、某物等)让逃跑,释放 cutsb (from sth) The injured driver had to be cut from the wreckage. 受伤的司机不得不等到把汽车残骸拆开才逃出来。 cutsb + adj. Two survivors were cut freeafter being trapped for twenty minutes. 两名幸存者受困二十分钟后才被解救出来。 clothing 服装 7 [transitive ,  usually passive ] cutsth + adj. to design and make a piece of clothing in a particular way 剪裁 The swimsuit was cut high in the leg. 这件游泳衣的腿部开口很高。 able to cut/be cut 可切割;可被切割 8 [intransitive ] to be capable of cutting 可用于切割;能切割 This knife won't cut. 这把刀不快。 9 [intransitive ] to be capable of being cut 可被切割 Sandstone cuts easily. 沙岩容易切割。 reduce 减少 10 [transitive ] to reduce sth by removing a part of it 削减;缩减;裁减 cutsth to cut prices/taxes/spending/production 削价;减税;缩减开支;降低产量 Buyers will bargain hard to cut the cost ofthe house they want. 买主会竭力讨价还价以压低他们想买的房子的价格。 cutsth by… His salary has been cut by ten per cent. 他的薪金减少了百分之十。 cutsth (from…) (to…) Could you cut your essay from 5 000 to 3 000 words? 请把你的文章从 5 000 字删减到 3 000 字好吗? remove 删除 11 [transitive ] cutsth (from sth) to remove sth from sth 删剪;删节 This scene was cut from the final version of the movie. 那部电影的最终版本把这场戏删掉了。 computing 计算机技术 12 [intransitive ,  transitive ] cut(sth) to delete(= remove) part of a text on a computer screen in order to place it somewhere else 剪切 You can cut and pastebetween different programs. 可在不同的程序之间进行剪切和粘贴。 stop 停止 13 [transitive ] cutsth ( informal) used to tell sb to stop doing sth (让人停止做某事) Cut the chatter and get on with your work! 别闲聊了,继续干活吧! end 结束 14 [transitive ] cutsth to completely end a relationship or all communication with sb 断绝(关系);终止(沟通) SYN sever She has cut all ties with her family. 她已经和家人完全断绝关系。 in movie/TV 电影;电视 15 [transitive ] cutsth to prepare a film/movie or tape by removing parts of it or putting them in a different order 剪辑;剪接 SYN edit see also director's cut 16 [intransitive ] ( usually used in orders 通常用于指令 ) to stop filming or recording 停止拍片(或录音、录像) The director shouted ‘Cut!’ “停!”导演大声喊道。 17 [intransitive ] cut(from sth) to sth (in films/movies, radio or television 电影、无线电广播或电视 ) to move quickly from one scene to another 切换画面;转换 The scene cuts from the bedroom to the street. 镜头从卧室转换到街道。 miss class 旷课 18 [transitive ] cutsth ( informal) ( especially NAmE) to stay away from a class that you should go to 旷(课);缺(课);逃学 He's always cutting class. 他总是旷课。 upset 使不安 19 [transitive ] cutsb to hurt sb emotionally (从感情上)伤害 His cruel remarks cut her deeply. 他那些无情的话深深地刺痛了她的心。 in card games 纸牌游戏 20 [intransitive ,  transitive ] cut(sth) to lift and turn up a pack/deckof playing cardsin order to decide who is to play first, etc. (为决定谁先出牌等)切牌,抽牌 Let's cut for dealer. 咱们切牌决定由谁发牌吧。 geometry 几何学 21 [transitive ] cutsth (of a line 一条线 ) to cross another line (与另一条线)相交 The line cuts the circle at two points. 那条线与圆相交于两点。 a tooth 牙齿 22 [transitive ] ~ a tooth to have a new tooth beginning to appear through the gum 开始长(新牙) When did she cut her first tooth? 她什么时候长出了第一颗牙? a disc, etc. 激光唱片等 23 [transitive ] ~ a disc, etc. to make a recording of music on a record, CD, etc. 灌制(唱片);制作(激光唱片等) The Beatles cut their first disc in 1962. 披头士乐队于 1962 年灌制了他们的第一张唱片。 drug 毒品 24 [transitive ] cutsth (with sth) to mix an illegal drug such as heroinwith another substance 把(海洛因等)与另一种物质掺和 IDIOMS Most idioms containing cutare at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example cut your lossesis at loss. 大多数含 cut 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 cut your losses 在词条 loss 下。 cut and ˈrun ( BrE) ( informal) to make a quick or sudden escape 急忙逃走;撒腿就跑 (not) ˈcut it ( informal) to (not) be as good as is expected or needed (不)如预想的一般好;(不)像所需要的那么好 He won't cut it as a professional singer. 他的歌艺未达到专业歌手水平。 PHRASAL VERBS ˌcut aˈcross sth 1 to affect or be true for different groups that usually remain separate 影响,符合,适用于(分离的不同群体) Opinion on this issue cuts across traditional political boundaries. 人们对这个问题的看法超越了传统的政治界限。 2 ( also ˌcut ˈthrough sth ) to go across sth in order to make your route shorter 抄近路穿过;走近路 I usually cut across the park on my way home. 我回家常抄近路,打公园里头走。 ˌcut sth↔aˈway (from sth) to remove sth from sth by cutting 切除;割掉;砍掉;剪去 They cut away all the dead branches from the tree. 他们把这棵树上的枯枝全都砍掉了。 ˌcut sth↔ˈback 1 ( also ˌcut ˈback (on sth) ) to reduce sth 减少;削减;缩减 If we don't sell more we'll have to cut back production. 我们若不能多销,就必须减产。 to cut back on spending 削减开支 related noun cutback 2 to make a bush, etc. smaller by cuttingbranches off 剪枝;修剪 SYN prune to cut back a rose bush 给玫瑰丛剪枝 ˌcut sb↔ˈdown ( formal) to kill sb 杀死(某人) He was cut down by an assassin's bullet. 他被刺客的子弹击中身亡。 ˌcut sth↔ˈdown to make sth fall down by cutting it at the base (自根基部份)砍倒 to cut down a tree 齐根砍倒一棵树 ˌcut sth↔ˈdown (to…) | ˌcut ˈdown (on sth) to reduce the size, amount or number of sth 削减,缩小(尺寸、数量或数目) We need to cut the article down to 1 000 words. 我们得把这篇文章压缩到 1 000 字。 The doctor told him to cut down on his drinking. 医生劝他少喝酒。 I won't have a cigarette, thanks—I'm trying to cut down (= smoke fewer). 谢谢,我不抽了。我现在尽量少抽烟。 ˌcut ˈin 1 if a motor or an engine cuts in,it starts working (马达或发动机)发动 Emergency generators cut in. 应急发电机启动了。 2 ( NAmE) ( BrE ˌpush ˈin ) to go in front of other people who are waiting 加塞儿;插队 ˌcut ˈin (on sb/sth) 1 to interrupt sb when they are speaking 打断(谈话);插嘴 SYN butt in She kept cutting in on our conversation. 我们谈话时她老是插嘴。 + speech ‘Forget it!’ she cut in. “算了吧!”她插嘴道。 2 (of a vehicle or its driver 车辆或驾驶者 ) to move suddenly in front of another vehicle, leaving little space between the two vehicles 超车抢道 ˌcut sb ˈin (on sth) ( informal) to give sb a share of the profit in a business or an activity 让(某人)分享利润 ˌcut sb↔ˈoff 1 [often passive ] to interrupt sb who is speaking on the telephone by breaking the connection 中断(电话通话) We were cut off in the middle of our conversation. 我们电话打到一半就断线了。 2 to refuse to let sb receive any of your property after you die 剥夺继承权 SYN disinherit He cuthis son off without a penny. 他完全剥夺了儿子的继承权。 ˌcut sb/sth↔ˈoff 1 to interrupt sb and stop them from speaking 打断(某人并阻止其讲话) My explanation was cut off by loud protests. 我的解释被强烈的抗议声打断了。 2 [often passive ] to stop the supply of sth to sb 停止,中断(供给) Our water supply has been cut off. 我们断水了。 They were cut off for not paying their phone bill. 他们未付电话费,被停机了。 ˌcut sth↔ˈoff 1 ( also ˌcut sth ˈoff sth ) to remove sth from sth larger by cutting 切掉;割掉;砍掉;剪掉 He had his finger cut off in an accident at work. 他在一次工伤中被切断了手指。 ( figurative) The winner cut ten seconds off (= ran the distance ten seconds faster than)the world record. 获胜者比世界纪录快了十秒。 see also cut-off 2 to block or get in the way of sth 阻碍;阻挡;堵塞 They cut off the enemy's retreat. 他们切断了敌人的退路。 The new factory cuts off our view of the hills. 新建的工厂挡住了我们观山景的视线。 ˌcut sb/sth ˈoff (from sb/sth) [often passive ] to prevent sb/sth from leaving or reaching a place or communicating with people outside a place 切断…的去路(或来路);使…与外界隔绝 The army was cut off from its base. 那支部队与基地失去了联络。 She feels very cut off living in the country. 她住在乡间感到很闭塞。 He cut himself offfrom all human contact. 他断绝了与所有人的联系。 ˌcut ˈout if a motor or an engine cuts out,it suddenly stops working (马达或发动机)突然熄火,停止运转 related noun cut-out ˌcut sb↔ˈout (of sth) to not allow sb to be involved in sth 不让某人参与;把某人排除在…之外 Don't cut your parents out of your lives. 别把父母排除在你的生活之外。 Furious, his mother cut him out of her will (= refused to let him receive any of her property after she died). 他母亲一怒之下,在遗嘱中没有给他任何遗产。 ˌcut sth↔ˈout 1 to make sth by cutting 裁剪 She cut the dress out of some old material. 她用一些旧布料裁剪出了那件连衣裙。 ( figurative) He's cut out a niche for himself (= found a suitable job)in journalism. 他在新闻界找到了一份适合自己的工作。 related noun cut-out 2 to leave sth out of a piece of writing, etc. 删除;删去 SYN omit I would cut out the bit about working as a waitress. 我想删掉有关做女服务员的那段工作经历。 3 ( informal) used to tell sb to stop doing or saying sth annoying (让人停止做或说恼人的事)住口,打住 I'm sick of you two arguing—just cut it out! 你们俩吵来吵去让我烦死了,住口吧! 4 to block sth, especially light 阻挡(尤指光线) Tall trees cut out the sunlight. 高高的树木遮住了阳光。 ˌcut sth↔ˈout (of sth) 1 to remove sth from sth larger by cutting,usually with scissors (通常用剪刀)剪下 I cut this article out of the newspaper. 我从报纸上剪下了这篇文章。 2 to stop doing, using or eating sth 停止做(或使用、食用) I've been advised to cut sugar out of my diet. 有人劝我饮食要忌糖。 be ˌcut ˈout for sth | be ˌcut ˈout to be sth ( informal) to have the qualities and abilities needed for sth 具有所需素质及才能;是…的材料 He's not cut out for teaching. 他不适于做教学工作。 He's not cut out to be a teacher. 他不是当教师的材料。 ˌcut ˈthrough sth 1 = cut across sth 2 ( also ˌcut sth ˈthrough sth ) to make a path or passage through sth by cutting 开辟(出路或通道) They used a machete to cut through the bush. 他们用大砍刀在灌木林中劈出了一条路。 The prisoners cut their way throughthe barbed wire. 囚犯们切断铁丝网开出一条路逃之夭夭。 ˌcut ˈup ( NAmE) ( informal) to behave in a noisy and silly way 胡闹;吵吵嚷嚷地出洋相 ˌcut sb↔ˈup ( informal) 1 to injure sb badly by cuttingor hitting them (严重地)割伤,打伤 He was very badly cut up in the fight. 他在这场斗殴中伤得很重。 2 [usually passive ] to upset sb emotionally 使伤心;使悲伤;使难受 She was pretty cut up about them leaving. 他们这一走使她伤心极了。 ˌcut sb/sth↔ˈup ( BrE) to suddenly drive in front of another vehicle in a dangerous way (危险地)突然超车 ˌcut sth↔ˈup to divide sth into small pieces with a knife, etc. 切碎;剁碎 He cut up the meat on his plate. 他在盘子上把肉切成小块。 noun wound 伤口 1 a wound caused by sth sharp 伤口;划口 cuts and bruises on the face 脸上的伤口和挫伤 Blood poured from the deep cut on his arm. 鲜血从他手臂上深深的伤口中涌出。 hole 开口 2 a hole or an opening in sth, made with sth sharp (锋利物留下的)开口,破口 Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material. 用锋利的剪刀在这块布料上剪一个小口。 reduction 削减 3 cut(in sth) a reduction in amount, size, supply, etc. (数量、尺寸、供应等的)削减,减少,缩减 price/tax/job cuts 减价;减税;裁员 They had to take a 20% cut in pay. 他们不得不接受减薪 20%。 They announced cuts in public spending. 他们宣布缩减公共开支。 see also power cut , short cut of hair 头发 4 [usually singular ] an act of cutting sb's hair; the style in which it is cut 理发;发型 Your hair could do with a cut (= it is too long). 你该理发了。 a cut and blow-dry 理发带吹风 see also buzz cut of clothing 服装 5 [usually singular ] the shape and style that a piece of clothing has because of the way the cloth is cut (剪裁的)款式,式样 the elegant cut of her dress 她的连衣裙的典雅款式 share of money 钱的份额 6 a share in sth, especially money (尤指钱的)份,份额 They were rewarded with a cut of 5% from the profits. 他们得到了占利润 5% 份额的酬报。 of movie/play, etc. 电影、戏剧等 7 cut(in sth) an act of removing part of a film/movie, play, piece of writing, etc. 删剪;删节 The director objected to the cuts ordered by the censor. 导演反对按审查员的指令作删剪。 She made some cuts before handing over the finished novel. 她交定稿之前对小说作了一些删节。 meat 8 a piece of meat cut from an animal (从动物躯体上)割下的一块肉 a lean cut of pork 一块瘦猪肉 cheap cuts of stewing lamb 廉价的炖羊肉块 see also cold cuts IDIOMS a cut above sb/sth better than sb/sth 优于;比…高一等;胜…一筹 His latest novel is a cut above the rest. 他最近出版的小说比其他的小说都好。 the cut and ˈthrust (of sth) ( BrE) the lively or aggressive way that sth is done 激烈交锋 the cut and thrust of political debate 政治辩论中的唇枪舌剑 SYNONYMS 同义词辨析 cut slash cut sth back scale sth back rationalize downsize These words all mean to reduce the amount or size of sth, especially of an amount of money or a business. 以上各词均含减少、缩小之意,尤指削减经费、缩减生意。 cut to reduce sth, especially an amount of money that is demanded, spent, earned, etc. or the size of a business 指削减、缩减、裁减(尤指经费、开支、收入或生意规模): The President has promised to cut taxes significantly. 总统承诺大幅度减税。 Buyers will bargain hard to cut the cost of the house they want. 买主会竭力讨价还价以压低他们想买的房子的价格。 His salary has been cut by ten per cent. 他的薪金减少了百分之十。 Could you cut your essay from 5 000 to 3 000 words? 请把你的文章从 5 000 字删减至 3 000 字好吗? slash [often passive] ( rather informal) (often used in newspapers) to reduce sth by a large amount (常用于报章)指大幅度削减、大大降低: The workforce has been slashed by half. 职工人数裁减了一半。 cut sth back/ cut back on sth to reduce sth, especially an amount of money or business 指削减、缩减、裁减(尤指经费或生意): We had to cut back production. 我们只得减产了。 scale sth back ( especially NAmEor business) to reduce sth, especially an amount of money or business 指削减、缩减、裁减(尤指经费或生意): The IMF has scaled back its growth forecasts for the next decade. 国际货币基金组织已经调低对未来十年的增长预测。 rationalize ( BrE, business) to make changes to a business or system, in order to make it more efficient, especially by spending less money 指对企业或制度进行合理化改革、使合理化、使有经济效益 downsize ( business) to make a company or organization smaller by reducing the number of jobs in it, in order to reduce costs 指公司或机构精简人员以缩小规模,降低成本 NOTE Downsizeis often used by people who want to avoid saying more obvious words like ‘dismiss’ or ‘make redundant’ because they sound too negative. 人们通常使用 downsize 以避免使用 dismiss 或 make redundant 等词义直白的词,因为这些词听起来过于负面。 PATTERNS to cut/slash/cut back on/scale back/rationalize spending / spending to cut/slash/cut back on jobs to cut/slash/downsize the workforce to cut/slash/rationalize the costof sth to cut/slash prices / prices to cut sth/slash sth/cut sth back drastically cut / kʌt ; NAmE kʌt /
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