bring 英 [brɪŋ]   美 [brɪŋ]


bring  英 [brɪŋ] 美 [brɪŋ]

vt. 拿来;带来;促使;引起;使某人处于某种情况或境地 

进行时:bringing  过去式:brought  过去分词:brought  第三人称单数:brings 

Bring Helen a present. 给海伦带件礼物去。
Bring a present for Helen. 给海伦带件礼物去。

  • To bring something is to carry or convey it somewhere. A trained dog will bring back a stick.
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  • vt. 拿来;带来;促使;引起;使某人处于某种情况或境地
  • 1. Bring Helen a present.


  • 2. Bring a present for Helen.


  • 3. The revolution brought many changes.


  • 4. His writing brings him $10 000 a year.

    写作每年为他赚 1 万元。

  • 5. Don't forget to bring your books with you.


  • bring (v.) Old English bringan "to bear, convey, take along in coming; bring forth, produce, present, offer" (past tense brohte, past participle broht), from Proto-Germanic *brengan (source also of Old Frisian brenga, Middle Dutch brenghen, Old High German bringan, German bringen, Gothic briggan). There are no exact cognates outside Germanic, but it appears to be from PIE *bhrengk-, based on root *bher- (1) "to carry," also "to bear children."
bring / brɪŋ ; NAmE brɪŋ / verb ( brought , brought / brɔːt ; NAmE brɔːt / ) come with sb/sth 带来 1 to come to a place with sb/sth 带…到某处;带来;取来 bringsb/sth (with you) Don't forget to bring your books with you. 别忘了把书带来。 bringsb/sth to sth She brought her boyfriend to the party. 她带着男朋友去参加聚会。 bringsth for sb Bring a present for Helen. 给海伦带件礼物去。 bringsb sth Bring Helen a present. 给海伦带件礼物去。 provide 提供 2 to provide sb/sth with sth 提供;供给 bringsb/sth sth His writing brings him $10 000 a year. 写作每年为他赚 1 万元。 bringsth to sb/sth The team's new manager brings ten years' experience to the job. 该队的新经理到任时已有十年的相关经验。 cause 导致 3 bringsth to cause sth 导致;引起 The revolution brought many changes. 这场革命导致很多变化。 The news brought tears to his eyes (= made him cry). 这个消息使他不禁流下泪来。 Retirement usually brings with ita massive drop in income. 收入通常随着退休而大大减少。 4 bringsb/sth + adv./prep. to cause sb/sth to be in a particular condition or place 使处于某种状况;使到某地 to bringa meeting to an end 结束会议 Bringthe water to the boil. 把水烧开。 The article brought her into conflict with the authorities. 这篇文章使她与当局发生冲突。 Hello Simon! What brings you here? 你好,西蒙!什么风把你吹来了? make sb/sth move 移动 5 to make sb/sth move in a particular direction or way 使朝(某方向或按某方式)移动 bringsb/sth + adv./prep. The judge brought his hammer down on the table. 法官在桌子上敲下他的木槌。 bringsb/sth running Her cries brought the neighbours running (= made them run to her). 邻居们听到她的叫喊声便纷纷赶来。 accusation 指控 6 bringsth (against sb) to officially accuse sb of a crime 起诉 to bring a charge/a legal action/an accusationagainst sb 控告某人;对某人起诉;控告某人 force yourself 强迫自己 7 bringyourself to do sth to force yourself to do sth 强迫自己做某事 She could not bring herself to tell him the news. 她难以开口把这个消息告诉他。 IDIOM Idioms containing bringare at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example bring sb/sth to heelis at heel. 含 bring 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 bring sb/sth to heel 在词条 heel 下。 PHRASAL VERBS ˌbring sth↔aˈbout to make sth happen 导致;引起 SYN cause What brought about the change in his attitude? 是什么使他改变了态度? language bank at cause ˌbring sb aˈround ( NAmE) = bring sb round ˌbring sth aˈround to sth ( NAmE) = bring sth round to sth ˌbring sb/sth↔ˈback to return sb/sth 把…送回;归还 Please bring back all library books by the end of the week. 请在周末前把图书馆的书全部归还。 He brought me back (= gave me a ride home)in his car. 他用车把我送回家。 ˌbring sth↔ˈback 1 to make sb remember sth or think about it again 使回忆起;使想起 The photographs brought back many pleasant memories. 那些照片给人带来很多美好的回忆。 2 to make sth that existed before be introduced again 恢复;重新使用 SYN reintroduce Most people are against bringing back the death penalty. 大多数人反对恢复死刑。 ˌbring sb sth↔ˈback | ˌbring sth↔ˈback (for sb) to return with sth for sb 给…带回 What did you bring the kids back from Italy? 你从意大利给孩子们带了什么回来? I brought a T-shirt back for Mark. 我给马克带回来一件 T 恤衫。 ˈbring sb/sth before sb ( formal) to present sb/sth for discussion or judgement 将…提交讨论(或审判等) The matter will be brought before the committee. 这件事将交给委员会讨论。 He was brought before the court and found guilty. 他被送交法庭审判,并被裁定有罪。 ˌbring sb↔ˈdown 1 to make sb lose power or be defeated 打垮;击败 The scandal may bring down the government. 那件丑闻可能使政府垮台。 2 (in sports 体育运动 ) to make sb fall over 使跌倒 He was brought down in the penalty area. 他在罚球区被撞倒。 ˌbring sth↔ˈdown 1 to reduce sth 减少;降低 We aim to bring down prices on all our computers. 我们打算降低我们所有计算机的价格。 2 to land an aircraft 使(飞机)着陆 The pilot managed to bring the plane down in a field. 飞行员设法将飞机降落在一处田里。 3 to make an aircraft fall out of the sky 击落 Twelve enemy fighters had been brought down. 有十二架敌方的战斗机被击落。 4 to make an animal or a bird fall down or fall out of the sky by killing or wounding it 打倒(动物);打落(鸟) He brought down the bear with a single shot. 他一枪就撂倒了那头熊。 ˌbring sb/sth↔ˈforth ( old use or formal) to give birth to sb; to produce sth 生产;产出 She brought forth a son. 她生了个儿子。 trees bringing forth fruit 结果实的树木 ˌbring sth↔ˈforward 1 to move sth to an earlier date or time 将(…的日期或时间)提前 The meeting has been brought forward from 10 May to 3 May. 会议已由 5 月 10 号提前到 5 月 3 号。 2 to suggest sth for discussion 提议;提出讨论 Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting. 请将这事在下次会议上提出。 3 to move a total sum from the bottom of one page or column of numbers to the top of the next 把账目转入次页;承前页 A credit balance of $50 was brought forward from his September account. *50 元的贷方余额是从他九月份的账上转来的。 ˌbring sb↔ˈin 1 to ask sb to do a particular job or to be involved in sth 请…做;让…参与 Local residents were angry at not being brought in on (= asked for their opinion about)the new housing proposal. 新的住房方案未征求当地居民的意见,对此他们感到愤怒。 bringto do sth Experts were brought in to advise the government. 政府请来专家们出谋划策。 2 (of the police 警方 ) to bring sb to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them 将(某人)带到警察局讯问;逮捕 Two men were brought in for questioning. 有两名男子被带到警察局进行讯问。 ˌbring sb/sth↔ˈin 1 to introduce a new law 提出(新法案) They want to bring in a bill to limit arms exports. 他们想提出一项限制武器出口的议案。 2 to attract sb/sth to a place or business 吸引;引入 We need to bring in a lot more new business. 我们需要带来更多的新生意。 3 to give a decision in court 宣布,作出(裁决) The jury brought in a verdict of guilty. 陪审团作出裁决宣判有罪。 ˌbring sb ˈin sth | ˌbring ˈin sth to make or earn a particular amount of money 赚得;挣 His freelance work brings him in about $20 000 a year. 他做特约工作每年大约赚 2 万元。 How much does she bring in now? 她现在挣多少钱? ˌbring sth↔ˈoff to succeed in doing sth difficult 完成,做完(艰难的工作) SYN pull off It was a difficult task but we brought it off. 那是一项艰难的工作,但我们还是完成了。 The goalie brought off a superb save. 守门员扑出了一个高难度的险球。 ˌbring sb↔ˈon to help sb develop or improve while they are learning to do sth 帮助(学习者)进步;促使提高 ˌbring sth↔ˈon 1 to make sth develop, usually sth unpleasant 使发展,导致(通常指坏事) SYN cause He was suffering from stress brought on by overwork. 他正苦于超负荷工作带来的压力。 2 to make crops, fruit, etc. grow well 促使(作物、水果等)成长 ˈbring sth on yourself/sb to be responsible for sth unpleasant that happens to you/sb 使(自己╱他人)遭受… I have no sympathy—you brought it all on yourself. 我根本不同情你 — 这都怪你自己。 ˌbring sb↔ˈout ( BrE) to make people go on strike 使罢工 ˌbring sb ˈout of himself, herself, etc. to help sb to feel more confident 使更加自信 She's a shy girl who needs friends to bring her out of herself. 她是个腼腆的女孩,需要朋友帮助克服羞怯心理。 ˌbring sth↔ˈout 1 to make sth appear 使显现;使表现出 A crisis brings out the best in her. 危机促使她表现得特别出色。 2 to make sth easy to see or understand 使显出;阐明 That dress really brings out the colour of your eyes. 那件衣服果真能衬托出你眼睛的颜色。 3 to produce sth; to publish sth 生产;出版 The band have just brought out their second album. 这个乐队刚刚推出了他们的第二张专辑。 ˌbring sb ˈout in sth to make sb's skin be covered in spots, etc. 使(皮肤)长出(斑点等) The heat brought him out in a rash. 炎热的天气使他浑身长满了痱子。 ˌbring sb ˈround ( BrE) ( NAmE ˌbring sb aˈround ) ( also ˌbring sb ˈto ) to make sb who is unconscious become conscious again 使苏醒 ˌbring sb ˈround (to…) ( BrE) ( NAmE ˌbring sb aˈround ) to bring sb to sb's house 带某人串门 Bring the family round one evening. We'd love to meet them. 哪天晚上带全家人来坐坐吧,我们很想见见他们。 ˌbring sb ˈround (to sth) ( BrE) ( NAmE ˌbring sb aˈround ) to persuade sb to agree to sth 说服某人同意(某事) He didn't like the plan at first, but we managed to bring him round. 他起初并不喜欢这个计划,但我们终于使他回心转意了。 ˌbring sth ˈround to sth ( BrE) ( NAmE ˌbring sth aˈround to sth ) to direct a conversation to a particular subject 将(话题)导向… ˌbring sb ˈto = bring sb round ˌbring A and B toˈgether to help two people or groups to end a disagreement 使双方言和;使双方和好 The loss of their son brought the two of them together. 丧子使他们两人重归于好。 ˌbring sb↔ˈup 1 [often passive ] to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave, etc. 抚养;养育;教养 SYN raise She brought up five children. 她抚育了五个孩子。 He was brought up by his aunt. 他是由姨妈带大的。 a well/badly brought upchild 有教养╱缺乏教养的孩子 bringto do sth They were brought up to (= taught as children to)respect authority. 他们从小就被教导尊敬权威。 + noun I was brought up a Catholic. 我从小就受教养成为天主教徒。 related noun upbringing 2 ( law ) to make sb appear for trial 使出庭受审;传讯 He was brought up on a charge of drunken driving. 他因酒后开车而受到传讯。 ˌbring sth↔ˈup 1 to mention a subject or start to talk about it 提出(讨论等) SYN raise Bring it up at the meeting. 请将此事在会议上提出。 2 ( BrE) to vomit 呕吐 to bring up your lunch 把午饭吐出来 3 to make sth appear on a computer screen 使显示在计算机屏幕上;调出 Click with the right mouse button to bring up a new menu. 单击鼠标的右键,调出一个新选单。 ˌbring sb ˈup against sth to force sb to know about sth and have to deal with it (使)面临,面对 Working in the slums brought her up against the realities of poverty. 在贫民窟工作使她直面了解贫困的现实。 bring brings brought bringing bring / brɪŋ ; NAmE brɪŋ / brought / brɔːt ; NAmE brɔːt /
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